People are more likely to buy your product if you include a video explaining what it does.

We create smart, engaging, and memorable Explainer Videos that tell your story.

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Why Videos matter

Explainer Video is your Call-To-Action weapon.

Video compels viewers to take action. Statistically, 80% of people that visit a landing page with a video end up purchasing the product. That is because a video answers a lot of basic FAQs about a product, accelerating the decision making process.

Video makes your email look 200% sexier.

Animated videos are like magnets, people love watching! Embedding a video in your email increases your click-through-rate by 200%. That means, your email is more likely to be opened and shared a lot more than the average email!

Corporate Video tells your story.

Stop using PowerPoint presentations. They’re boring. Transform your corporate report or campaign initiative into a visually stimulating video experience. A corporate video highlights your achievements, projections, and industry trends, in a captivating way that your audience will remember!

People remember what they watch.

More than image and text. That’s because the brain uses a multi-sensory approach that allows it to retain information longer when viewing a video. Combining text, animated images, and voiceover, make for an excellent recipe for your audience to remember your story.

Stories We’ve Told

City of Mississauga

We collaborated with Canada’s 6th largest city, as part of the Mayor’s campaign, “Mississauga Matters”, advocating for residents and encouraging them to vote in the Provincial election.


Hershey’s reached out to us to animate a 170 PowerPoint presentation. The objective of the video was to be shared internally with company executives.  Due to confidentiality, we’re sharing a 30 second snippet.

5 Signs You’re Smarter than Average. Collaborating with, this is one of 3 videos we created based on their blogs that were published to the website.

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