A brief demonstration of why customized explainer videos will elevate your business and make you stand out of the competition.

Video marketing has become an integral tool for businesses in today’s digital age. If you want to convey ideas easily, deliver your messages effectively, explainer videos are the way to go.

    Creating videos has long been an expensive and a time-consuming process; online video ad expenditures in the U.S. totaled around $775 million back in 2007, according to Forbes. Today, videos are growing to be more affordable and practical than ever, with explainer videos specifically being without a doubt the most competent of all. Explainer videos are concise, relatable, jammed with FAQs and their answers, highly creative,  and more importantly, perfect for showing your brand personality.

According to Wyzowl, statistics suggest that 93 percent of businesses that use video believe it has increased client’s understanding of brands, where 36 percent of brands said they received fewer support queries. Statistics also showed that 45 percent of businesses using video have an explainer video on their homepage; a whopping 83 percent of them believe it made it more convenient.

There are many ways to create compelling animated videos to improve your audience reach, either through cloud-based video builders, software, that use ready-made templates or through video makers who favor customization.

DIY video software allows you to browse a directory of various templates, objects and enable you to customize audio, effect, text and media and even permit you to easily share your videos on social networks. But do they provide creative graphics to keep your audience engaged? With the internet’s video content inevitable takeover, audiences are becoming a lot more demanding. DIY humdrum videos will not win their attention.

   Our approach to video creation is different. We create 2D animation videos that are tailored as per our client’s preferences and market needs. Check our collaborations with brands like Entrepreneur.com and Hershey’s.

    Every video we create is made from scratch; drawn, colored, and animated with precision and attention to details. Therefore, the end video becomes a personalized masterpiece that a ready-made template video can never compete with.

This approach helps clients maximize their benefit of explainer videos. Here’s why:

    To begin with, competition is fierce. Everyone is turning to video to promote their businesses from industry tycoons to startups. That’s why your videos need to stand out from the crowd. Think about how to get your target audience to watch your video over and over without repulsion. We use artistic fine points and colors that capture your brand’s soul and your audience’s hearts.

   Below is a  screenshot from an explainer video we worked on for Hershey’s Kisses. This type of extreme meticulousness cannot be obtained with an average video DIY service.

    Secondly, your brand personality is vital. Explainer video software is suitable for generic ads or topics. They typically have a directory of characters, shapes, and objects available for public usage for a cheap price. But can you imagine the animated characters you inserted to your video being used in someone else’s promotional ad, too? Such a bummer, isn’t it?

The following screenshots illustrate an example of a character used multiple times by different users:

      This kind of accidents will potentially damage your business marketing on the long and short-term alike. It deprives you of establishing a deep-rooted connection with your fans, and winds down your probability in building a fanbase at all.

To maximize the power of storytelling, your video needs a kickass script, a variety of visuals, and most importantly, it needs to be inline with your brand.  According to Cisco, 69 percent of all online traffic will consist of video content by 2017. So, every little detail counts.

A screenshot of Jay having a friendly conversation with Albert for one of the videos for Entrepreneur.com

Professional animated video makers will create videos that best represent your company and reflect your fun, ambitious nature.  We think storytelling can only be conveyed through customized videos that will convey your brand’s personality, showcase your product or service and leave a positive, lasting impressive with your audience. In a nutshell, we believe in telling your brand’s story! Check out our website, we helped other brands tell theirs, let’s tell yours!


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