An animated video passes through several stages before approval of the final product. Throughout this process, the team is always working together ensuring that every step is thoroughly prepared for the next phase. This allows for a smooth development process, leading to the creation of a complete beautiful animated video.

WIP 1 (Sketch to Final)

Brainstorming is the first and most important step before we head to the drawing board. Typically in a brainstorming sessions we talk about the different approaches that we can take to create the video. Whether it was a simple infographic video, with minimal animation or something more complex, such as this video. All that will be decided in the brainstorming session.

Viewers are unaware of the brainstorming process behind the creation of a video. It is the first and most important step to a smooth production process.


WIP 5 (Rejected Concepts)

We understand that the first idea is not necessarily the best. Not all our concepts make it to the final creation. We study different ways to deliver the message before we arrive at the most effective approach.
In the case of this video for example, we were initially working with a very vibrant colour scheme. This was later scrapped after it was deemed too distracting for the viewer.  In the end, we opted for a simple blue theme that made the video more unified.

WIP 2 (Asset Creation)

Assets are created using Adobe Illustrator. Just like setting up the stage in a puppet show, the artist separates each scene into different layers. Parts of the character such as the head, arms and legs have their own layer. Background elements that will be in motion such as clouds are assigned into separate layers as well.

WIP 3 (Animation)

Finally, Adobe Aftereffects breathes life into the different elements. The images move to tell the story. Background music and sound effects are added to enhance the delivery and keep the attention of the viewer.

We hope you enjoyed watching our video as much as we enjoyed creating it!


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