We at VerveVideos.com are best known for coming up with light-hearted and whimsical videos with such vigor and verve, it has ultimately become our trademark.

We inject humor and highlight the brand’s personality throughout the presentation, like what we did in the explainer video for Hershey’s, or in our collaborative projects with Entrepreneur. But this video that we created for MEBAA has a different backstory.

MEBAAwhich stands for The Middle East & North Africa Business Aviation Association, required an explainer video that would serve as their elevator pitch: a short and succinct video presentation that gives an overview of what their organization is all about; what it does, how it benefits its members, and how to become one. As an official corporate presentation, this video required a more corporate and formal tone that effectively underlines its important content. We decided to do away with whimsy, and focus on the verve instead.


During the initial stage of conceptualizing the video, we took time to get to know MEBAA well, and dig deep into their mission and vision. This helped us determine the kind of tone we will use, and the design that we will apply.

MEBAA wants their video to discuss these important things in chronological order, beginning in 2006, when they were officially founded. These became our key talking points:

1. Foundation in 2006
2. Showcase its purpose:

– to provide a platform for business aviation in the Middle East and North Africa
– to become the principal forum for business aviation in the region
– to serve its members by helping them enhance their safety, security, and efficiency

3. Highlight membership benefits:

– access to MAIS, or the MEBAA Aviation Insurance Scheme
– exclusive access and participation to the MEBAA Show: its official biannual event

4. How to join MEBAA

This frame shows the number of past attendees to the MEBAA Show.

Our team discussed in great depth the creative elements that best complement the message we are delivering. We decided on a minimalistic and elegant design, as it appeals to the corporate audience that we are targeting.


This was how we planned how the video will look like.

For the design elements, we considered the cultural background of the organization and its members. We carefully animated line patterns throughout the video, and we took cues from how they designed their company website and their communication materials. The color scheme, the background music, and the many design details are all carefully crafted to ensure that they best represent the client.


The movement signified by the designs are a nod to the Middle Eastern aesthetics, making the video more relatable to its target audience.

The video also required important data to be presented. We wanted to deliver the information in an engaging format that is also easy to remember, so we used graphs and charts. The graph scene of the numerical data of the MEBAA video is very technical in content.  Multiple rework in the presentation was done before we achieved a scene that was informational yet fun to watch.


Graphs help deliver data and statistics better.

The MEBAA Corporate Video is one of our most formal, corporate videos, and also one of the most challenging and most engrossing projects we have had. Our main task there was how we can make business aviation and joining a related organization sound interesting, and so far, the response has been nothing but positive.


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  • Wow! I love aviation, I’m so glad I came across this video for MEBAA!

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