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    Behind every great video is a well written script, and this is the first pre-production phase in our video development process.

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    Production Outline

    A production outline helps us map out what every scene needs and of course keeps us all organized and on track.

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    Story Boards

    A storyboard is the process of creating different sketches of the scenes we mentioned. These sketches help us better visualize the video’s art style and is an instrumental part for Asset Design Development, which is also the first step of the production phase.


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    Asset Design Development

    Using the storyboard as a guide, our team begins illustrating all the necessary visuals.

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    Sound Design & Voiceover

    Voiceover recording begins. It is important we choose the right voiceover talent for the right story we’re telling. Voiceover play a great role conveying the emotion and setting the tone.

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    The last task in our production phase is probably our favourite, animation!
    Our team brings the project files to Adobe After Effects.


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    Video Editing

    We are now ready to edit the video. Editing is the process of stitching the scenes together. Here we can slow or speed up a scene for dramatic or emphasis effects as well as artfully transitioning from one scene to the next.

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    Sound Effects

    Finally, all what’s left is adding sound effects.

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    Final Output

    We give the video a once over before it’s finally ready to be premiered to the world!