Corporate Video is a phrase used to explain videos that communicate internal and external corporate messages.

The target audience is a specific one as opposed to the general public. It may be for stakeholders in the business to display financial results or to present a new product or initiative within the company, even a new CEO or emerging market. They can also be training videos for different teams to learn new skills relevant to their job, in fact some companies make watching corporate videos mandatory before employment.

In 2015 alone, around 965 of B2B companies were using videos as it can attract more hits to your website, boost your ranking on search engines, particularly if you post the videos on YouTube, and that can help develop and build a relationship with your prospective customers.

People spend a lot more time looking at websites that feature video content as it is easier to understand, does not need a long attention span and can be entertaining. A corporate video can give a lot of information in a relatively short time, and do so in a fun or quirky way that will make the information far more memorable. Corporate videos can be used to promote your business or initiative thus becoming a promotional video. They can be used as training videos for upskilling workers, giving health and safety advice etc. and are much cheaper than having to hire a specialist to deliver the training in person seeing as they only have to be filmed once but can be shown many times.

Corporate videos can also be used to convey internal communication such as information about changes at the company or new products, and are a useful and informative way of delivering current news to the staff.

Conference videos are another form of corporate video, where they deliver information to people in different locations, and can even be played at trade shows.

A new variety of corporate video is social responsibility videos to show the good work that a business does as well as make money. This can be done with supporting charities or recycling initiatives, and help promote a view of your business as being socially responsible and ethically friendly. Whatever type of corporate video your company decides to go for, discuss it amongst the marketing team, work out your theme and budget then speak to a professional video company.

Corporate videos are the future of communication for corporations. They are a great way to communicate with the public or with employees and can be posted on social media sites such as Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook to get more publicity and exposure for the company.

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