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Videos nowadays are perhaps the most powerful marketing tools available to both businesses and marketers. 82% of Twitter users watch video content on Twitter. YouTube has over a billion users, almost one-third of total internet users and more than 500 million hours of video content per day are watched and consumed on the platform. 45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week.

Animated videos are one of the different formats used. It is visual content that can be used for multiple platforms (TV, online sharing platforms such as social media and YouTube) as campaigns, advertisements, and PR material.

They can be utilized either by an individual representing his/her own brand, or businesses and commercial entities that intend to promote the products and services that they sell.

They are a highly-engaging form of media, and are ideal for introducing a new product or a service into the market, while offering minimal information to maintain customer curiosity. This is why the ideal length of animated commercial videos range between 1 and 2 minutes.

We have compiled together a list of 10 high-quality examples that may inspire your business to team up with us to produce a compelling and entertaining animated commercial video.

Honda – Paper

Back in 2015, Japanese automotive company Honda Motor Company Ltd. unveiled a beautiful commercial titled “Paper”.

Honda harnessed the power of nostalgia to illustrate the evolution of the company over a 60-year period, in the form of a flipbook story. This story format resonates with the target audience, as they remember their childhood, and the commercial is unlike most adverts from a stylistic standpoint. They are thus immediately interested in the commercial.

What is more significant is that the purpose of the ad isn’t to sell a brand-new Honda Civic or Honda Accord. The sole purpose of that commercial is to generate brand awareness. It serves as a reminder of who Honda is as a brand and where the company has come from, which further increases the trust factor between the company and the viewers.

Chipotle – Back the Start

Chipotle is an American chain of fast casual restaurants, and is mostly known for preparing burritos made from real ingredients. It is an alternative to typical fast-food meals.

The ad titled “Back The Start” used childlike imagery to convey a story about the use of healthy farming practices and how a farmer adjusts his approach to maintain a high-quality output of food.

The ad is able to keep viewers on their toes, since they will not be able to know what is its purpose until the last quarter of the video. It is a story that is gradually unraveling, thus increasing the viewer’s curiosity.

Aesthetically-speaking, the commercial is visually intriguing and conveys an easily understandable narrative, which is a huge advantage of utilizing animated commercial videos.

Google – Project Sunroof

Google’s “Project Sunroof” commercial is a testament to the ability of animated commercial videos to simplify complex stories and convey them in a visually-pleasing manner to the audience. 

This commercial was produced back in 2015 to promote Google’s initiative to integrate solar power generation estimates with Google Maps, to tell homeowners how much money they could save in their electricity bills if they opted to use solar power.

While the idea may be difficult to outline, Google is able to tell the story in a precise and concise manner in barely a minute-and-a-half. The video has almost 3 million views on YouTube, which underlines its popularity with viewers, and the level of ease in which the video’s message was delivered.

Slack – Traffic

Slack is a business communication platform that can help teams communicate in a more efficient way. The 3D-animated video titled “Traffic”, is a fast-paced and entertaining video, that outlines cartoon characters communicating from one point of a highway to one person in an office, and eventually, to an entire factory.

All this smooth and seamless communication ultimately leads to the creation of the creation of the first flying car.

The combination of high-quality design, animations, catchy music, and the overall concept makes for a great way to encourage prospects to start using Slack as a communication tool.

McDonalds – The New McDonalds App

This commercial is made for one of the most known fast-food brands in the world. The advert itself targets the Singaporean market and outlines how the company’s new application operates. 

Again, one of the most notable advantages of using animated commercial videos is the straightforward manner in which they explain what can be new or complicated ideas in an easy and understandable manner.

This commercial clearly underlines the value of simplicity and minimalism in the production of commercial videos. The combination of simple strong colors and animation can work very well to promote a product or a service, thus better highlighting their potential value to viewers.

Sherwin Williams – Where will Color Take You?

Sherwin Williams is a Fortune 500 paint and decorating company. In the commercial titled “Where will Color Take you?”, the key objective is to show paint colors, by combining them with the vibrancy of nature.

The advert also utilizes smooth transitions, captivating animation, and the perfect soundtrack to match the background, all come together to create an enthralling visual experience.

All the colors employed come in various shades. The combination of several palettes to create the animals and the ecosystem of the jungle sends a clear message that Sherwin-Williams offers a multitude of options for viewers that want to decorate, or redecorate their houses.

Wimbledon – In Pursuit of Greatness

This advert celebrates one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world, the Wimbledon Championships. It was launched in 2018 and captures the evolution of Wimbledon as a single continuous tennis story beginning in 1877.

Owing to the tournament’s lengthy history, every generation of tennis fan can relate to the video, since they are bound to recognize at least one of the legendary players that were featured in it.

Additionally, the tennis ball is the main focus of the animated video. It is cleverly used to create smooth transitions as every new era is depicted, and the illustrations are gradually modernized in the process.

The commercial video underlines the importance of combining relatable illustrations and emotionally-connecting music, in order to further grab the attention of the viewers and captivate them.

Nestlé – Nestle’s Commitments to Society and the Environment

Launched in 2015, the commercial outlines the nutrition company’s efforts to ensure that they produce and deliver high-quality products.

By using stunning animations, Nestlé is able to deliver complex information about their commitments to society and safe environment practices in less than two minutes.

It is a short, concise advert that does not try too hard to accomplish too much, hence the emphasis on keeping things as simple as possible when producing animated commercial videos.

The carefully-curated sound design and eye-catching motion graphic animation also add some spice to the overall viewing experience.

Cadbury – Cadbury Screme Egg: They’re Here

Cadbury’s limited-edition product called Crème Eggs was depicted in a 2013 commercial that spoofs horror movies Dawn of the Dead and Poltergeist.

The commercial tries to entice viewers in a humorous way to try the Screme Egg and harness the power of popular culture to further convince the audience to do so.

For all intents and purposes, the confectionary company was able to do so, as the commercial video has over 4 million views on YouTube.

Skirmish.io – Join Skirmish

Skirmish is a platform whose main aim is to match game developers and the gaming community in general with employers.

The commercial launched in 2017 illustrates a great example of how all elements of a commercial video can work cohesively: For instance, the advert combines a sci-fi animation style, cinematic music, and deep voiceover work to create a captivating viewing experience.

One of the main traits of commercial videos Is choosing the type of energy that is intended to be projected, and selecting elements that support that vibe.

Well-executed animated commercial videos have the ability to create plenty of opportunities for your business. They combine compelling stories, well-thought-out illustrations and designs, captivating music and the adequate voiceover for your business to outline its brand identity, and engage with the target audience.

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