2d animated explainer video company

2D Animation Explainer Video Company


2D animation explainer videos are amongst the most popular styles for just about any brand to work with when collaborating with a company. This style of animation is certainly contagious, finding its way to several mediums in several types of industries, whether it’s film, TV, or digital marketing and advertising. 

Many companies are reaping the benefits of working with a 2D animation explainer video company, one of which is assistance with promoting their products and/or services and growing their chances of visibility. 2D animation explainer videos, when executed with the right animated visuals, audio, and scripted messaging can immediately catapult a brand’s success rate. 

A 2D animation explainer video gives companies the chance to convey a brand’s message with moving characters, objects, and backgrounds in a compelling story. They help you to clearly communicate your message in a way that keeps the viewer completely engaged.

Let’s discuss 2D animations and the concept of a 2D animation explainer video company further to help you understand what all the fuss is about and why it’s the perfect approach when developing an explainer video.

2D Animation Explainer Video
2D Animation Explainer Video

What’s the Difference Between 2D Animation and Traditional 2D?

2D is the predecessor for creating films, commercial videos, and several types of promotional videos. Traditional 2D is about using traditional sketches to develop illustrations frame by frame, while 2D animation is the more modern version that uses software instead of by hand human methods.

2D animation and traditional 2D are almost equally utilized to this day by almost any 2D animation explainer video company, but rarely with its traditional counterpart.  With traditional 2D animation, an illusion of movement is created when individual drawings are sequenced together in a quick time motion.

One second of time is usually divided into 24 frames, and thus 24 illustrations are the maximum limit for 1 second of an animation video. Think of how many illustrations a 2D animation explainer video company has to develop for a 60-second animation – it’s mind-blowing!

To understand traditional 2D animation better, let’s talk about the ‘’flipbook’’ technique. The ‘’flipbook’ technique is basically when you take a notepad and draw something on one page and keep drawing that same illustration on the rest of the pages but in a different state. 

When you start turning the pages, you’ll notice a fast-moving tale playing out in front of your eyes, which is why you’re doing that. This is what we would call an illusion story. It’s quite nice, and it’s how classic 2D works but on a digital platform.

In this modern fast paced world, the amount of time that it would take to create a 2D animated explainer video using traditional 2D methods just isn’t practical and it will just leave the company creating it as well as their clients tired and stressed out. This is one of the most valid points as to why modern 2D animation is the best alternative for creating high quality explainer videos that are very aesthetically exciting in a more realistic modern time frame.

This video link down below will show you an example of a 2D animated explainer video that was done in a time frame of 2 to 4 weeks, with lots of time to spare for editing it to perfection! Click the link to see it for yourselves.


Why use 2D Animation Explainer Videos?

 2D animation is trending very well and has made a popular comeback this year, and without even knowing it, you’ve probably seen some quality 2D animation in action. Snapchat has also been following this animation trend by introducing a 2D animated series with snappy 1 – 3 minute episodes. There has even been a recent demand for 2D platform video games, such as Cuphead. 

It’s amazing how just by reading this, you’re learning that 2D animation has been right under your noses and in front of your eyes this entire time. You’ll see it in almost every ad campaign that you stumble upon on social media platforms, such as some 2D animated explainer videos on YouTube. 

This video created by Transpixel Studios is the perfect example of a B2B 2D animated explainer video, where they’re promoting a platform that allows you to have easier and more effective B2B connections with many leads. Click the link down below to check it out.


It’s literally everywhere and now that you know that, you’re probably starting to realize that confiding in a 2D animation explainer video company is the way to go for your business.

A 2D animation explainer video company is always aware of the demand and luxuries of 2D animation that they don’t hesitate to present it to many of their potential clients when discussing a project.

Benefits of 2D Animation Explainer Videos

With 2D animation, there are lots of features that make life so much easier. Here are the list of benefits for utilizing 2D animation explainer videos:

Time Saver:

If parts of a video scene are static, then there is no need to redraw them in every frame. You can simply recycle the same image and place it onto the next one. The point is that modern 2D animation will save you more time in the process of animation.


Compared to dated advertising methods, such as billboards or TV commercials, 2d animation explainer videos can be immortalized by publishing them on digital social platforms.

High Search Engine Ranking:

If you utilize the 2D animation approach for your campaigns, you’ll increase your brands’ visibility for the sole reason that this style is ranked N.2 on the multiple forms of suggested animations list on google.

This means that if people are searching for a specific video of a specific topic, your video will likely be high on their search list because it was executed in 2D animated fashion.


The ends justify the means, and in the case of 2D animation explainer videos, investing in the creation of a video like that for your brand will in the long run increase your brand awareness and result in more profit for your business.

Easily Shareable: 

After posting a 2D animation video on social media, such as Instagram or YouTube, the sharing doesn’t stop there as you’ll of course have the option of copying the video link and sharing it amongst other people you know, who can also spread the word on your brand for you.

Verve Videos, Your 2D Animation Explainer Video Company

Verve Videos is one 2D animation explainer video company that you should look out for because we’ll save you so much time by creating fast and timely 2D animation explainer videos that will not only have great quality in sound, visuals and script, but will also do it so fast that you’ll get the chance to edit all the contents of the video along with them.

Practicing with this style of animation will leave you with nothing less than a high quality 2D animation explainer video that will raise your ranks in your respective industry and optimize your brand’s success.

We highly recommend that you come knocking on our doors to get the very best 2D animation explainer video possible. 

We work with companies from several industries and will be able to create 2D animation explainer videos for corporate, customer service, demo, sales, social media, training, and tutorial concepts.

2D Animation Explainer Video Company
2D Animation Explainer Video Company

Final Thoughts

Overall, a 2D animation explainer video is all the rage in today’s modern world, especially in the world of marketing.

Almost any company you want your brand to work with,  will without a shadow of a doubt help you generate your brand awareness with the magic of its visual motion appeal, especially when it’s topped off with the right script and audio that will only contribute more to your video and give you the strongest results possible!

Now that you’ve uncovered the beauty and benefits of 2D animation explainer videos, why not leave us a message to discuss your ideas and explore the ways in which we could help you boost your ROI?