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4 Video Marketing Strategies that Work

Before delving into the details of video marketing strategies, there are 3 concepts you should understand:

What are SMART Goals?

When you have well-defined, realistic goals, it is easier to reach your targeted ambitions. Businesses might occasionally fall short of their goals due to a lack of consensus on what defines success. SMART goals use a set of guidelines to ensure that objectives are explicitly stated and achievable within a given timeframe.

SMART = Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound

What are KPIs?

A KPI, or Key Performance Indicator, is a measurable statistic that demonstrates how successfully a company meets key business objectives. KPIs are used by businesses to track progress toward goals. High-level KPIs are concerned with overall corporate performance, whereas low-level KPIs are concerned with procedures spanning departments such as sales, marketing, human resources, or maintenance.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a method for attracting prospective consumers by guiding them through the whole process, from the moment they first interact with the business until they convert to paying customers. The use of non-invasive approaches is the most significant part of the Inbound Marketing Strategy. It is all about the client approaching the firm rather than the company upsetting the former’s everyday life with aggressive promotional approaches. The importance of inbound marketing is priceless.

Why are these things relevant to video marketing strategies? Well, you can’t form a proper plan without first setting clear, robust goals and determining ways to measure them. Without them, a plan, regardless of how intricate it is, is likely to face challenges that could otherwise be avoided.

What is Video Marketing?

HubSpot defines video marketing as the use of videos to commercialize your product or service, boost interaction on your digital and social platforms, educate your prospects and clients, and reach a new audience. 

Video marketing has become one of the most prominent components of most marketing strategies because of their proven efficiency and versatility. A considerable percentage of consumers prefer video content over textual content because the former delivers the information that said consumers are looking for in a more engaging and less complicated way – speaking is easier than writing, which is another reason why information is delivered in a more effective way through videos.

Why Use Video Marketing?

In addition to what we mentioned in the previous section, video marketing strategies have multiple advantages in addition to the 4 major reasons why explainer videos help your business grow:

Video marketing strategies increase awareness of your brand

It is only natural that people are drawn to the easy way out of their problems. Because videos – particularly explainer videos – deliver information in a concise and succinct way, they have grown to become consumers’ preferred form of media. Thus, the first advantage of video marketing is that it increases interaction on your online and social platforms, informs your audience, and enables you to contact them through a visual medium.

Video marketing generates higher ROI

In a 2020 report by Wyzowl, a few interesting statistics were uncovered:

  • 83% of video marketers claimed that video content assisted them with generating leads.
  • 87% of video marketers said that video content has significantly improved website traffic.
  • 80% of video marketers highlighted that video content has explicitly helped generate sales.
  • 95% of video marketers aim to grow or uphold video content budgeting.
  • 89% of video marketers admitted that video content generated higher ROI.

These statistics are a direct result of the increased attraction and engagement that video content promotes, which inevitably leads to more closed deals, giving you the chance to delight your customers in the long run. 

Videos delight your customers

Delighting existing customers is a key step to retain their loyalty and turn them into brand ambassadors. You can delight customers using video marketing strategies by investing in instructional videos about how to use and maintain the product they purchased, tips-and-tricks / customer service videos that they can follow to solve related issues, product recommendation videos, etc. 

Video Marketing Strategy: the First Steps

Marketing departments use video marketing as a tool to develop, customize, and leverage videos to advertise their offerings to their target audience. The goal is to retain audiences and keep them involved with the company in an uncomplicated and easy-to-digest manner. Thus, the goal of video marketing strategies goes beyond simply attracting customers to your brand.

It’s important to keep in mind that video marketing is specific for, well, marketing initiatives, but there’s another side to explainer videos: eLearning videos to enhance education! But let’s stick to video marketing for now:

Understand the marketing or sales funnel

The first thing to keep in mind is that there are several stages in the marketing funnel, which is also referred to as the sales funnel. In brief, these stages are:

  • Attract. Attracting prospects’ attention to what your brand is offering and how it can resolve their pain points is the foundation of your marketing strategy. (Inbound) video marketing isn’t an intrusive strategy that tries to pitch a product or service at every turn, so it enables prospects to make informed decisions and creates value to their quest of finding the right solution to their problems.
  • Engage. At this stage, prospects have recognized your brand and are becoming more interested in what you have to offer, resulting in leads that you’d want to convert to customers. Generating leads with video marketing strategies, which can be done in a variety of ways, entails tailoring lead communication and increasing sales.
  • Close. This is the most crucial phase of your entire video marketing strategy. This is where your firm must push the boundaries to persuade leads that your company is the answer to their pain points. To close the deal, your company’s sales team must interact with prospects at the appropriate time and at the appropriate speed. Simply said, the closing step is where the entire marketing process comes together.
  • Delight. This stage might be the most under appreciated stage of the entire Inbound Marketing cycle. Developing the business  and increasing market share are intrinsically influenced by a variety of variables, including referrals and sales from existing clients.


Keeping the different stages of the marketing funnel in mind will greatly benefit your ability to create effective video marketing strategies. Creating corporate training videos is a great way to do that. However, under which category does each video fall?

Know your target audience and (SMART) goal

All effective marketing strategies must begin with research – whom are you attempting to reach? What kind of information tends to pique their interest, and where are they more commonly present? Investing in  video content and publishing it on websites that your target audience does not visit is pointless.

Most critically, what are you hoping to achieve with a specific video marketing strategy? Are you attempting to increase brand awareness, sales, traffic, or all of the above? To capitalize on video’s potential to bond with your audience, keep in mind employing the appropriate intonation and theme.

Example: Increase engagement with our millennial audience by 25% using 2 explainer videos by the end of next month.

Experiment and test different strategies and approaches

Remember the chapter on A/B testing you decided to skip at university? You’ll need it here. A/B testing should assist you in determining which aspects of a campaign are working and which are not. Perhaps it’s not the content but the tone, or perhaps it’s the time / hour during which you’re launching your campaign or the channels you’ve chosen. Perhaps your videos are either too long or too short. Whatever it may be, try and ensure you test, test, and test once more to determine the best content and timing for your video marketing strategy.

Video Marketing Strategy Examples that Work

Finding the best explainer video company can be tricky, especially since many sources claim that their video marketing solutions are the best, but we’ve done a considerable amount of research and gathered 4 examples of video marketing strategies that have actually worked. 

Explainer video marketing strategy

Explainer videos are an excellent way to rapidly and clearly explain the value of your product to your target audience. An explainer video is a short clip that uses clear and succinct language to describe a product or service presented in a straightforward, engaging, and persuasive manner. The bulk of explainer videos are animated since they are the most effective way to demonstrate intangible concepts or services. Let’s take a look at 2 such examples:

  1. CWB Maxium Financial

The CWB Maxium Financial Group is a branch under the CWB Financial Group. They take pleasure in being “present, active, and engaged in the markets they finance,” which include healthcare, condominium and strata maintenance and repair, renewable energy, and other services. CWB Maxium Financial approached us to develop a sequence of 2 videos detailing 2 points. The first is the main renovations carried out by condos corporate entities with the constrained contingency fund money available (Condo and Strata Financing), and the second is inventive financing for a newly established business model (Cash Flow Financing).

Click here for more information about them and our collaboration, and check out this animated explainer video we created for them as part of their video marketing campaign – which, by the way, was a success.

  1. AppToPay

AppToPay is a financial service solution that simplifies the hassles of interest-free financing by merging credit approval, monthly payments, budget control, and consumer cover into an one handy app. Consumers can use AppToPay to become pre-approved for a revolving flow of interest-free credit, allowing them to shop without anxiety and shops would avoid spending time on shoppers who don’t have money to spend.

Check out the animated explainer video they published to demonstrate how their application works and what its benefits are:

Landing page video marketing strategy

You have a significantly better chance of retaining visitors’ curiosity about your brand and offering if you quickly capture their attention with an interesting video. A landing page video can also assist to boost the amount of time users spend on your website. A landing page video can also help to alleviate your prospects’ concerns and put them at ease by talking them through precisely what they can anticipate when they land on your website or browse through your offerings.

  1. River Pools

River Pools, operated by IMPACT co-owner Marcus Sheridan and sponsored by the IMPACT team, provides a terrific sample of a landing page video:
  1. Polycultural Immigrant and Community Services

Polycultural Immigrant and Community Services provides a wide range of services and programs for newcomers to Canada, communities, adults, youths, and seniors. Polycultural Immigrant and Community Services approached us to develop a series of videos that would explain their many program offerings and community outreach initiatives. Our videos can be found on their respective landing pages; check out the case study!

Product / service demo video marketing strategy

Marketing with product/service videos is an excellent approach to introduce people to your brand and emphasize its qualities. This is where you may show off your product or service. Demo videos are among  the most effective sales tools that are available. They begin by addressing prospects’ particular product-related worries, perhaps eradicating any preconceived impressions or inaccuracies based on market gossip.

  1. Beirut Duty-Free

Beirut Duty-Free is one of the Middle East’s leading travel retail companies, collaborating with Aer Rianta International, a forerunner in the travel retail market. Because Beirut’s duty-free isn’t as large as those in other nations, it relies heavily on the media to market its products and services. As a result, they approached us about producing an animated demo video to talk about one of the services they offer their clients. Check out the case study here!

  1. Rocketbook

Rocketbook envisions an unlimited future that connects the “cognitive and digital worlds.”  They believe that courageous customer-driven creativity will always launch the best experiences, therefore they design tools to assist their fellow adventurers in “discover[ing] tomorrow’s ideas.”

This Rocketbook product demo video is an excellent example:


Behind-the-scenes video marketing strategy

Behind-the-scenes videos allow you to showcase your company’s individuality. You’re leveraging these marketing videos to invite people in and show them your culture, staff, and procedures. An office tour is a terrific opportunity to exhibit your company and meet your team.

  1. Ski the East

Geoff McDonald and Chris James created Ski the East, a sportswear and accessories firm based in Vermont, in 2005. They deal with lifestyle equipment that energizes and brings the East Coast ski community together. Through their distinctive gear, unforgettable filming, and one-of-a-kind activities, Ski The East has become a mainstay of the winter sports world.

Their behind-the-scenes video was a huge success in the Eastern skiing community:
  1. Nike

Nike makes extensive use of celebrity endorsements to market its items. A behind-the-scenes glance at how Serena Williams went about selecting a design team for her next Nike selection. The shop shared a behind-the-scenes video with its online followers to demonstrate the process of the new partnership with Williams.

There are many similar videos that deserve attention, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best animated commercial videos for you to uncover!

Final Thoughts

If you’re an eCommerce store and you’re wondering what videos you need, we got you covered! Check out our blog post about the 6 eCommerce Marketing Video Styles Your Business Needs.

Now that you’ve gotten a clearer idea on what video marketing is and how video marketing strategies work, we hope that you’re ready to take off! Contact us for your next project and we’ll make sure to wow your audience with videos packed with pizzazz!