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7 Best Animated Explainer Video Companies – Canada & Europe

In a world of ever-growing competition, standing out from the crowd has become a difficult feat. However, there is a solution designed to help your company reach new heights, and it’s leveraging the power of videos for any and all purposes you have in mind. The best animated explainer companies know that and are here to help.

The use of animated explainer videos all around the world has witnessed an unparalleled boom in the past few years. The main reason behind this is that companies have found that by injecting elements of animation into a promotional explainer video for a brand, that it will give them a game changing advantage over their competitors.

By creating digital content that embodies stimulating and engaging experiences, your business will have a guaranteed success rate. If you still need more convincing, here are some examples of the best animated explainer video companies in Canada and Europe that have skyrocketed their clients’ businesses with incredible animated explainer video content.

Animated Explainer Video Company
Animated Explainer Video Company

Verve Videos – Canada

Based in Canada, Verve Videos is one of the best animated explainer video companies with a decade of experience in creating videos of different types, such as corporate, demo, customer service and marketing videos. 

This company will help you tell your brand’s story through animated explainer videos in a clear and engaging way; conceptualizing ideas for scripts and making the right choices pertaining to sound and animated visuals that reflect your business’ ethos in an exciting way.

 Apart from that, they also give you the option to customize your video by presenting you with different styles that you can choose from, such as 2D animation, whiteboard animation, motion graphic, live-action, and even interactive videos!

This one of the best animated explainer video companies’ clients have highlighted the fact that their brand exposure and engagement rates have greatly increased as a result of the video production company’s professionalism, dedication, and skills.

Among the video services they provide are corporate videos, demo videos, social media videos, infographics, whiteboard animations, and even live-action videos. Any company, whether B2B or B2C, can benefit from Verve Videos’ services, regardless of the industry it belongs to: healthcare, education, government, NGO, corporate, financial… 

Check out this video that one of the best animated explainer video companies created to explain the animated explainer video process of production!

Armaan Productions – Canada

Based in Canada and India, Armaan Productions’ slogan is about ‘’imaging your imagination’’, where they utilize 2D or 3D animation, as well as other services to curate exciting and affordable graphic content for businesses in several industries.

They have made a ton of aesthetically and acoustically engaging videos for brands’ YouTube commercials using their own creative vision. The content is extremely educational and is delivered in a way that evokes a sense of hope, trust, and comfort that would entice a large number of viewers to interact with the company.

Among the video services they provide are TV commercials, corporate videos, documentariesweb videos, music videos, educational videos and promotional videos. They have a wide, loyal, and satisfied client base from different industries, whether it’s legal, health and wellness, finance, education, or entertainment.

To give one example, they’ve worked with a brand across the pond called NutriSense, a health and wellness company in Chicago that’s keen on helping people understand their bodies better so that they may live longer and healthier lives.

With the help of Armaan Productions, NutriSenses’ message was meticulously translated into a charming video with a tasteful story and hopeful information. See this masterful work for yourself!

Flikli – Canada

Fliklis’ website claims that your business will skyrocket with their animated explainer videos and boy are they right! We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, although we did say it in the introduction because this company has an impressive international clientele list, ranging from Walmart to Panasonic.

This Ontario-based company’s’ goal is to help their clients optimize their marketing performance and increase customer engagement, and they have been truly successful in doing that by creating aesthetically-pleasing videos that are exciting to the human eye and mind.

Among the video services they provide are marketing campaign videos, go-to-market videos, customer service videos, corporate brand videos and employee engagement videos. They have a well-rounded client base from different fields, such as medical, educational and retail.

They truly have one of the best animated explainer video websites we’ve ever seen, with a body of work that includes a video entitled “How to Give and Request Feedback,” where they introduced the topic in a heartfelt way, using colorful shapes, joyful patterns of movement, and playful music that fills the space wonderfully!

Creamy Animation – Canada

Creamy Animation is a company located in Vancouver that helps brands and businesses optimize their chances of visibility. Among their body of work is a very bright portfolio of explainer videos, educational videos, motion graphic videos, whiteboard animations, training videos, product demos, marketing videos, and corporate videos. All their videos are executed by instrumenting 2D and/or 3D animation to relay information in a compelling fashion to successfully meet all their clients needs and standards.

Speaking of fashion, you should really check out this amazing promotional video they made for ME, an interactive personal shopping app that basically plays the role of the fashion guru we all need in our lives. It is your personal stylist,  shopper, and augmented reality fitting room, all in one!

How can we describe this app so well? It’s because one of the best animated explainer video websites in existence was able to perfectly communicate the app’s features in a direct, informative, and exuberayting way.

Apart from ME, they also work with other satisfied clients that pertain to other fields, such as education, industrial, non-profit, tech, and sales.

Check out their extensive portfolio for multiple, well-produced animated explainer video examples.

Operary – Spain

Located in beautiful Madrid, it’s only fitting that Operary has a beautiful body of artistic work pertaining to whiteboard videos, animated videos, and corporate videos that have helped many brands of the likes of Porsche and Peugeot achieve great success and content.

Their animated explainer videos speak for themselves, containing fun character illustrations with exaggerated silhouettes and a vibrant color story. Their portfolio collection of work definitely puts them at the top of our list as one of the best animated explainer video websites and companies we’ve ever seen.

Speaking of their work, let’s dive into some of their digital creations. We should start by mentioning how they assisted their client, Sofanea, by telling a brief real-life scenario using 3D animation to explain how to make it easier to purchase on of their comfortable products.

Another one of their lucky clients is Neur-Okuidate, a food supplement brand that promotes vigorous health and helps fight viruses. This animation explainer video was promoting good health and was promoting laughter too, by portraying the pills in the video as a cartoon that kills all the evil viruses inside your immune system.

They also work for clients that are involved in industries such as customer service, medical, food, and financial industries.

Pigeon Studio – Poland

Pigeon Studio is a Polish company that has the best animated explainer video website. From the moment you enter the website, you’re greeted by bold moving texts, surreal visuals, and artistic digital aesthetics. As you keep scrolling through the page, you’ll also find that they create videos of multiple types and styles, such as corporate, explainer, commercial, training, business, medical, non profit, and animation.

One of their clients, Articy, created a program that helps you organize your artistic work in a very structured system. Pigeon Studio really went all out with the graphic content for this explainer video because it was extra times 10 with all the surreal elements. Because of that, the viewer is 100% invested; see for yourself!

2 Factory Motion Design – France

Based in Paris, 2 Factory is a motion design, 2D, and 3D animation agency that creates a lot of exciting graphic content translated into advertising films, illustrated motion design, brand content, educational videos and interactive films.

Some of their content includes a short tutorial on SEO that is visually exciting with a very bright and bold color palette, a beautiful pattern of movement, and some cohesive music in the background. Other works from their archive include aquatic-inspired videos for environmental companies and an animated winter campaign for Dior

Other clients include companies from the commercial, media, TV advertising, and fashion industries.

How to Choose the Best Animated Explainer Video Company

In the process of looking for an animated explainer video company, it is important that you be cautious so that you can get the best one that will serve you well. With the many companies that are in the market, it is not an easy process to identify the right one that will be able to serve you well. The fact that the number of companies that are offering animated explainer video services is high, it is important that you use the following tips to find a reliable one in the market.


One of the things that you need to consider when you are looking for an animated explainer video company is the reputation of the company. The company’s reputation is important as you are assured that you will get quality services from the company. In the market, there are many companies that are offering animated explainer video services, in order for you to get the best company, you will have to conduct thorough research. With the reviews and testimonials, you will be able to know what other people are saying about the services that they received from the company. The best company that you should hire is the one that is highly rated with positive reviews as that will be an indication that they offer the best services.

Quality of work

In the process of looking for a company, don’t only rely on word of mouth and reviews, it is also important that you visit their websites and check the quality of the videos that they have. This is vital because you will be able to identify the company that is capable of delivering engaging, creative, and high-quality videos that you are looking for. Any company can tell you that they deliver high quality videos, but unless you see their previous work and notice the quality yourself, don’t jump in and regret it!


Another important thing that you need to consider when choosing an animated explainer video company is the budget that you have. In the market, you will realize that the kind of services that the companies are offering are not the same and the prices differ from one company to another. It is important that you get to consider having a budget as that will help you in looking for the right company that will be affordable to you. When you decide on the budget that you have, it will be easy for you to look for the company that will be affordable to you.

The best step you can take is to ask for a quote. This is important because you will be able to know the exact amount of money that it takes to pay for the video that you have in mind. In addition, you can ask for a sample video so that you can see the quality and decide if it’s worth the pay.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, companies across the globe, which include Canada and Europe, are taking full advantage of the artistic liberty that animated explainer videos give them and produce amazing work that rewards them with having an edge in this industry.

At the end of the day, nothing has the power to influence more than sharing your own personal experiences and bringing that aspect of vulnerability to your work, especially in a video that shares your brand’s message and its mission.

And in the spirit of that, we encourage you to reach out to us for a scheduled meeting, so that we can hear your brand’s story and help you spread it.