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7 Types of Explainer Videos You Need

The sheer volume of information online can be fuddling. As the human attention span depletes, consumers must be able to comprehend what a product or service is and how it improves their lives right away — this is something known as instant gratification. It basically means that people want to get what they need the minute they think of it, and it’s companies’ responsibility to satisfy said needs. Companies have seconds to grab viewers’ attention.

This is why the many types of explainer videos are among the most successful forms of content a company can create. Explainer videos are concise, typically animated videos that are intended to illustrate and showcase a product or service in a simple manner. Explainer videos can have a big influence on their viewers.

Types of Explainer Videos
Types of Explainer Videos

How explainer videos help businesses

  • Sales explainer video: a secret weapon

As video’s popularity rises, so does the significance of personalizing your content to the needs of your target audience. Businesspeople appreciate it when all important information about a certain product or service they want to buy is delivered in the shortest and most concise manner possible.

They are tremendously busy, and every minute counts. So, if you create an animated explainer video to discuss your product, you’ll be complimented for just taking a few minutes to deliver your message to a prospective customer or superior to whom you’re pitching your concept.


The aggregate client delight determines your company’s success and longevity. Every suggestion, reference, and online review has a direct impact on your organization’s growth, success, and sustainability. You have a company to operate.

This indicates that you are busy, and your most valuable resource is time. Explainer videos help you and your team save time on customer support by conveying information in a concise, consistent, and repeatable fashion. Thus, responding to consumer complaints through explainer videos is fantastic since it allows essential information to be examined on a frequent and large scale basis.

The time saved on addressing inquiries via in-web messaging or phone calls will allow you to focus on creating and upgrading your services. This is a crucial element of the marketing funnel, so be sure to check out our article about the video marketing funnel!


They let your audience become familiar with your brand swiftly and have a better grasp as to just how your product or service may address their current problem. By doing this, your name as an answer to X problem would grow, thus paving the way for people to associate your brand with a positive experience. This in turn substantially boosts sales and enhances ROI. To know more, click here.

Types of explainer videos for your business

There are numerous styles and types of explainer videos, and you must keep in mind that there’s no -one-size-fits-all solution. Explainer videos have recently gained popularity, with 96% of internet users preferring them over other formats. Explainer videos have persuaded 85% of their viewers to buy a product or service. They are an excellent tool for rapidly and simply communicating the value of your product to your target audience.

Here are 7 types of explainer videos that your business needs:


Corporate explainer video

One reason that corporate videos can be differentiated from conventional video marketing is the target market. Corporate videos are frequently targeted towards a specific audience instead of the broader public. A corporate video could be prepared to show stakeholders financial results or to illustrate a new company endeavor. Employee training videos and marketing videos for new products or services are examples of corporate videos. 

Corporate video marketing has become an invaluable tool for business’ marketing strategies, and rightfully so. Corporate videos are a brilliant approach to influence your audience since they are shareable, compelling, and fluid ways of delivering ideas. Corporate videos have become increasingly common as Wi-Fi connectivity and bandwidth speeds improve.

Corporate videos can be of different styles based on the client’s needs, and these styles include (but are not limited to) live-action, infographic, and animated.

To know more about corporate videos, click here.


Animated explainer videos

Animation is a method in which visuals are designed, layouts are added, and picture sequences are used to give the appearance of movement. It can be made clearer as a computation of motion that is generated by showcasing a set of pictures. Animated corporate videos attract viewers and provide an exciting story-telling sensation.

An animated explainer video promotes a product or idea in a brief, memorable, and entertaining manner. It is the preferred route for disseminating new information, and as a result, companies all over the world rely on animated explainer videos to achieve their goals. The following two types of explainer videos are categories of animated explainer videos.

2D explainer video

This is among the most common types of explainer videos, and it works well with nearly everything. The numerous layers of animation give it a true, engaging aesthetic, and it engages the audience with mind-blowing ingenuity. 2D animation, sometimes referred to as “traditional” animation, is developing characters, storyboards, and backdrops in a two-dimensional environment. 2D animation is frequently less costly than 3D animation. However, certain explanation videos may require more depth that may only be achieved by 3D animation.


3D explainer video

This is undoubtedly one of the most elaborate and extravagant types of explainer videos available, but for good cause. Developing this type of explainer video takes a lot of time and effort, with each frame requiring much more time than a conventional one needs, but the outcomes are outstanding. With the greatest engagement and conversion rates due to the mind-blowing creativity poured in it, it’s hard to deny their intrinsic value and benefits they reap.

3D animation entailed animating components in a three-dimensional space. These 3D objects, like actual items, can be spun and manipulated. This is particularly effective for displaying products which are still in creation or are difficult to film in live-action style.


Whiteboard animation explainer video

Whiteboard animation videos are both straightforward and entertaining to watch. It generally comprises a hand painting with colored markers on a whiteboard. The fluidity with which the hand works, generating the ideal drawings alongside a voice-over to assist the spectator, draws them in, resulting in a better engagement rate. 

Dr. Richard Wiseman, a psychology professor, published research confirming that whiteboard videos have a 15% greater memory rate than normal videos. As a result, the minimalistic, straightforward, and extremely engaging structure of whiteboard animation videos is an ideal method to interact with your audience. They will have a better understanding of your products and services and will remember your brand.


Motion graphic explainer video

This type of explainer video is more prevalent in the IT sector since it presents complicated ideas precisely and in a straightforward manner. This look works because it is not overly cluttered and draws the customer’s attention to wherever it intends them to focus.

It’s not obtrusive at all, and it employs motion and drawings to deliver concepts while keeping the customer’s attention centered on it. Motion graphics explainer videos use animation, visuals, and other cinematic methods to bring static images to life. They may entail animating abstract forms, logos, or text and are not always story-based or character-driven.

Live-action explainer video

Live-action explainer videos, like animated explainer videos, achieve the same aims of describing your product or service, but with actual people. When you truly want to connect with the audience on an emotional level, including actual people in an explainer video is a smart alternative. This is frequently a smart option for products and services that are geared at individuals.

Real people are needed to explain a subject or announce a new product or service in live-action explainer videos. They are typically requested when a personal touch is required.



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