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Animated Explainer Video Pricing vs Quality

Animated Explainer Video Pricing vs Quality.

Animated explainer video pricing can vary from hundreds to thousands of dollars. You may find this huge gap in pricing of explainer videos somewhat puzzling. We break down the many factors that commonly determine the price tag on your next corporate explainer video. There is a lot that goes into creating a highquality animated explainer video. The price of an animated explainer video reflects the time, effort, and expertise required to produce a video that effectively communicates your message and engages your audience. It is important to get a high quality video because it will be representing your company. A low quality video could make your company look bad and could turn potential customers away. Therefore, you should make sure you are getting a high quality video for a reasonable price.

Animated Explainer Video Pricing vs Quality
Animated Explainer Video Pricing vs Quality

Factors affecting animated explainer video pricing

These elements decide how much you can expect to pay when hiring a company for your product explainer videos.

DIY vs Custom-Created

Your brand demands its own unique aesthetic. To have full control over an animated explainer video, find an animated explainer video studio that custom-creates the illustrations they use. A DIY explainer video falls short of delivering the kind of unique personalization you can expect in a custom animated explainer video.

Using ready-made illustrations – the type found in DIY animated explainer videos – makes for a generic viewing experience, with familiar cookie-cutter templates used by everyone. But you’re not cookie-cutter. Custom-made illustrations in-house are a must for your corporate explainer video to stand out.

The Animation Style

There are plenty of animation styles for an explainer video. The animation style you choose will depend on your audience as well as the theme of the message in your explainer video. The characters, text, graphics and overall animation theme can determine the animated explainer video pricing.

Mapping Your Storyboard

Storyboarding is a key element of custom animated videos. It details each scene to provide you with a visual map of what your animated explainer video will look like. In contrast, a DIY explainer video doesn’t allow for the same kind of hands-on experience since the customization of illustrations is not an option, and control over each scene is limited.

In that sense, planning through a storyboard is important – it sets the tone for the overall quality of your corporate explainer video. Given how much room there is to have your say with a custom animated video, a DIY animation video simply doesn’t measure up.

The Visual and Auditory Experience

Custom animated video doesn’t only mean that illustrations are made from scratch, it also ensures that animation, transitions, and the voiceover are in your control. Haphazardly chosen background music with a low quality voiceover seldom delivers the right brand image. Similarly, animations and transitions in DIY explainer videos don’t deliver the kind of quality visual experience you’d expect to find in a custom animated video.

Refining Your Explainer Video

An animated explainer video is not complete without reviewing, revising, editing – and more refining. Editing is the final stage but one of the most crucial phases. An animated explainer video pricing at a higher point means time well spent editing each transition – by our team of real humans! Taking full control over editing every millisecond and refining is made possible with custom animated explainer videos.

An animated explainer video is great for the video marketing funnel. created over 30 animated explainer videos for different industries, including education and technology. Are you ready to discuss your next animated explainer video project? We’d love to hear from you! Call us at +1-647-948-9393 or drop a message through this link!

Animated Explainer Video Pricing vs Quality