Animated Explainer Video Pricing

Explainer videos are fast becoming the number one go-to solution to promote products or services. The most popular approach adopted to create your animated explainer video consists in using custom animated illustrations and graphics. In this article we are going to take a look at the different pricing ranges to creating animated explainer videos, the factors behind said pricing, and why it is the best format available to promote your business, your corporate image, and your brand.

Types of animation used to create Animated Explainer Videos:

There are many types of animated explainer videos, all of which are considered a beneficial addition to an online marketing strategy. They vary according to the type of animation used. They include 2D character animation, 2D motion graphics animation, 2.5D animation, whiteboard animation videos and of course, 3D animation. Animated explainer video pricing is especially determined by the quality and complexity of the animations and motion graphics. And according to the type of animation used, the price of an animated explainer video is determined. For example, a 3D-animated video would typically cost three to four times more than a 2D-animated video. Which brings us to our next key topic: the factors.

Factors affecting Animated Explainer Video Pricing:

There are several variables that are taken into consideration when creating an animated explainer video that will dictate the overall cost:

  • The quality and complexity of the animation and motion graphics. 
  • The cost of producing the script and storyboard.
  • The cost of hiring a voice artist to record the voiceover. 
  • If it is made by a freelancer or a company.

Price range of an explainer video and the reasons behind it:

Typical animated explainer video costs anywhere between $2,000 to $4,000 per minute. There are cheaper alternatives, such as using a DIY software-based video creator, however, don’t expect to create the same quality video as an animated explainer video company creates.

A DIY videos come at the expense of quality:

The reason behind that assessment is rather simple: DIY software-based video creators use templates that have been used by many other users on its platform, making your video look less unique. Another reason we would caution from using is translating your brand personality. As these DIY videos are copy/paste – you are unable to show your brand or highlight it during the video.

Custom Animated Explainer Videos showcase brand identity:

Switch to animated explainer video company and this whole approach is no more. Creating custom Animated Explainer Videos abide by the concept of “often imitated, never duplicated”. As a creative studio, we understand that being unique is important and that brand personality has to be translated in every marketing material you produce, including videos. 

Which is why our animated explainer videos are custom made from scratch. Never borrowed from the internet and never recycled. We differentiate ourselves from the rest by following those steps and thinking outside the box. 

Therefore, there is more creativity displayed within an animated explainer video, thereby attracting more consumers and forging a tangible connection with them. You are no longer stuck within the confines of a person or two standing in front of a green-screen and reading lines from cue cards. That second option is unoriginal, has been repeated perhaps a million times over, and is no longer creating this spark with your customers and potential customers that will encourage them to buy and consume your products. 

Last but not least, that approach will not be able to provide you with an adequate brand identity the way an animated explainer video does; let’s face it, brand identity is almost the be-all and end-all of increased sales revenues and profit margins, and will help you distinguish yourself from your competitors. Animated explainer videos are dependent on many variables (such as the work of the cameraman, the actor(s), the production crew, the editing team, animation techniques) that will ensure to highlight the uniqueness of your product and/or the service that you are trying to sell. 

The Choice is yours:

Therefore, the choice is yours. Animated explainer video pricing has two routes: either the cheap one with a less compelling video that your audience will “meh” about, or the second route produced by an animated explainer video company that will sure to “wow!” your audience. 

How would your business benefit from an Animated Explainer Video?

Long story short, it can provide an enjoyable and more attractive image of your product or service and can be a great addition to your social media pages.