Animated Explainer Videos for NGOs

As the world becomes increasingly digitized, so do the methods for marketing and advertising. Online videos are one of the most powerful tools that NGOs have at their disposal, yet many are still not harnessing their full potential. These short, engaging explainer videos for NGOs can be used to communicate complex ideas quickly and effectively to a wide audience.

Non-profit organizations rely on donations to continue their work, which is why marketing is so important. One of the most effective ways to market an NGO is through online videos. Animated explainer videos for NGOs are a great way to get people interested in your cause. NGO promotional videos can be used to show potential donors what your organization does and how their money will be used. Additionally, they can be used to raise awareness about important issues that your NGO works towards solving.

Animated explainer videos use visuals and sound to tell a story in an engaging way that is easy for viewers to understand. This makes them the perfect tool for NGOs, which often need to communicate difficult concepts to people from diverse backgrounds.

Types of Explainer NGO Videos

Internet consumers prefer explainer videos to other formats 96% of the time, which shows how popular they have become. Did you know that 84% of people who watch explainer videos decide to purchase a good or service? This shows that animated explainer videos for NGOs are a great tool to quickly and clearly explain your value to your target audience. However, there are many different types of explainer videos; so which one should you choose? Well, choosing which type of animated explainer videos for NGOs to use depends on your goals.

NGO videos
NGO videos

Demo Videos for NGOs

Demo videos are a means of expressing to viewers the value of your services. Your NGO can use a demo video to explain its value proposition to both existing and new viewers or members in a variety of ways. The basic notion is that explainer videos for NGOs show how an NGO’s initiatives actually translate in the real world, giving the viewer concrete evidence of their viability. For example, the American Red Cross published a share your mission video not long ago. 

The first 20 seconds gave some insight on the history of the Red Cross through pictures and short clips, and then shifted to clips of today’s missions. Afterwards, the video exhibited the Red Cross’ mission. From disaster response to blood collection, and from military support to teaching lifesaving classes, the Red Cross allowed the public to understand what its true mission is through a short explainer video for NGOs.

As for its goal, through the video, they make it clear that delivering civilian humanitarian support and helping others is what they stand by. To conclude, this explainer video has touched many people, and we could see how people are expressing their feelings by liking the video, sharing it, and most importantly writing down what has really touched them in the comment section. 

Share Your Mission videos have been a success in passing on an NGO’s message since they bring people and the organization together. 

Customer Service Videos for NGOs

In the world of marketing, producing customer service videos will help a company build a strong, long-lasting relationship with their target audience. When it comes to NGOs, this type of video can help them connect with viewers more deeply and cut down on the amount of time that the latter spend looking for answers about how an NGO functions, for example, or how an NGO handles donations and funds. 

If your NGO chooses to incorporate videos into its “customer service” strategy, it will unquestionably give you an advantage over the less-innovative nonprofit organizations. 

“Customer service” NGO videos show the audience that they are a part of this organization and thus breaks the barrier that is set between an establishment and civilians. 

For instance, if we speak of an organization that aims at delivering humanitarian support, knowing who is behind this support and who delivers this support creates a stronger bond and more trust so that such individuals feel more comfortable receiving help from you. 

In addition, this type of video allows the organization to give the public an idea of the values it works on. It is also an opportunity to show diversity if the organization has it. Knowing that an organization harbors equality in-house will give the public a good impression of it.

“Customer service” explainer videos for NGOs will allow people to believe that if the organization employs diverse individuals, then the help that will be received will also target diverse populations and reduce inequality. 

Explainer Videos for NGOs

An explainer video is a brief video that uses straightforward, captivating language to briefly describe a product or service being offered in the world of business. The vast majority of explainer videos are animated since this format works best for showcasing ethereal goods and services. Such videos are a good method used by organizations to show the public what projects they work on. 

Explainer videos also double as a method to show transparency. Often, the public will not trust many organizations in fear of corruption, therefore such videos will slowly break away this fear and show people that everything invested in this NGO is being put to good use. In addition, explainer videos for NGOs allow the public to see your work in its raw form, unedited and unpolished. 

Explainer videos for NGOs create a sort of purity to the cause because the individuals performing these missions are human just as the public is, and they are using their time in order to better the lives of others. In addition, such videos shed light on the impact your NGO can make. 

This type of videos also appeals to the pathos of the public. It is one thing to show what your organization’s missions look like, but it is another thing to show the impact of such missions on beneficiaries. Emotional appeal is a powerful way to bond with the public, and such type of video targets just that. 

Styles of Explainer NGO Videos

By conveying the value of your service in an emotionally-compelling visual style, an explainer video for NGOs can have a significant beneficial influence on your organization. The style of explainer video that is most appropriate for your NGO will mostly depend on the nature of your services. Different styles of explainer videos for NGOs may be adopted based on the liking of each NGO, and each style may serve a different purpose. Below are some examples of explainer video styles that your NGO could adopt. 

Animated Explainer Videos for NGOs

In the business world, a product or idea is presented in an animated explainer video in a clear, memorable, and interesting way because it is the preferred medium for disseminating new information. Explainer videos can be utilized in a wide range of contexts, including brand introduction (NGO promotional video), product demonstration, internal and external training sessions, and much more. An explainer video for NGOs is the best option if you want to be both educational and engaging. 

This style of video is one of the most widely used styles out there. Such videos are used in order to explain concepts that may be considered intangible or would be much simpler if explained using this style of video. For instance, NGOs such as the Red Cross could use the video to explain their monetary distribution to its different factions. 

This distribution of money is not a concept that can be recorded on tape, therefore animations are used in order to present this concept. This style also renders the video lighter and breezier with a pinch of creativity. In addition, this style involves creating characters, storyboards, and backgrounds in a two dimensional setting. The only limit to an animated explainer video’s ingenuity is a person’s creativity.

Interactive Videos for NGOs

Digital video that requires viewer interaction is known as interactive video. Many different types of user interaction are possible, including clicks, touches, and taps. This style of NGO video features more than just play and/or pause buttons. It calls for active spectator participation in the production of the content. 

These NGO videos are worth it because they can showcase a whole idea as if it was being presented live. Interactive videos may be effective for NGOs because they can be utilized to exhibit a new project before it has been completed. For example, if an NGO specializes in building schools in less-fortunate countries, an interactive 3D animation video could be created to showcase the school even before it has been built. 

Whiteboard Animation Videos for NGOs

The whiteboard animation style is a fun way to deliver an explanation. It employs animation that gives the impression that an actual individual is drawing on a whiteboard while the video is being compiled. 

On the other hand, if NGOs choose to go with this style of video making, they should be careful because there is a fine line between a cheap homemade video, and a professionally animated one.  This is why we recommend that you contact a professional, especially for whiteboard NGO videos, for your production ideas.

How to create a Red Cross Animated Video

Animation is the practice of creating the illusion of movement by using static images in a two-dimensional setting. The storyboards, avatars, and backdrops all feature custom visuals.

We have developed and improved a tried-and-true video production method over the years, which has resulted in the production of excellent NGO video material. 

You would be able to keep up with the entire process since, as per our collaborative philosophy, you are at the center of each NGO video production level.

Even though each animation video project we work on is distinct, they all pass through 7 stages, as will be discussed below. Check out this video we created for Polycultural Immigrant and Community Services before reading about how the magic happens!

Polycultural Immigrant and Community Services NGO Video – Property of

Gathering Information

The basis of a good animated video is an understanding of the client’s business and project. At this stage, we work with our clients to set clear expectations for their video productions.

For example, Polycultural Immigrant and Community Services, a non-governmental organization based in Canada, came to us in order to prepare an explainer video. In order to gather the information needed for their NGO video series, we set up a meeting with one of their representatives and gathered all of the ideas needed in order to procure a successful video.

The data we gather includes things like the NGO video’s goal, their identity, the benefits they want to highlight, the target market, etc. 

Script and Concept

The core of any video is its idea and script. Any notion that best suits the video production for our client, whether it will be philosophical, character-driven, moving, or conversational, will be brainstormed in this section. 

As you can see in the Polycultural Immigrant and Community Services video, we made sure that the client agrees on everything said in the adjacent presentation. As for the concept, the client requested it to be an animated explainer video and that is what we did. We wrote a script in accordance to the client’s liking and went forth with it.

Recording the Voiceover

You should be aware that a voiceover serves as the key success for your NGO video. When selecting a voiceover, we would make sure that the speaker is qualified to transmit the appropriate tone and utterances because it may make or break a video’s success. 

For the Polycultural Immigrant and Community Services NGO video, we made sure to choose a very professional speaker who is well-versed in transmitting information related to NGOs. The speaker’s voice is warm and uses the perfect pitch and tonality that match the NGO’s style.


In essence, storyboards are a visual representation of your NGO video screenplay. They consist of a number of sketches that depict how your video will seem. These boxes containing visuals will be accompanied by brief explanations, giving them the look of a comic book page. Along with conversation and narrations, the description goes into great detail about how the scene would unfold.

In the above video, the storyboard has been worked on in order to draw down the ideas to build this video. This graphic organizer is like an outline and sketch for the results.

Visual Design

At this stage of the animation NGO video production, a visual style is created utilizing the brand standards of our customer. It may be described as a vibrant storyboard. They are one-of-a-kind, full-color renderings that show how the final video will look. Text, background color, icons, striking visuals, and character customization are all included. 

We chose the adjacent colors in reference to the brand. In this way we build a connection between the brand and the video. 


At this stage, the animated explainer NGO video starts to take shape. Here, our animators breathe life into the established visual aesthetic. It is also well-timed, has excellent narration, and makes for an engaging animated explainer NGO video.

The idea of using animation in Polycultural Immigrant and Community Services’ video is that it helps deepen visual understanding better than traditional diagrams. Animation omits unnecessary verbiage and visuals and it also allows an NGO to communicate ideas quickly and sharply as it did in the video we created.


We can now add the right soundtrack and sound effects after the mood of the video has been set. The animation process’ final step is essential for giving the NGO video life and a little extra vigor.

As you can hear in the video above, we have used background music in order to provide texture and aural interest that will engage your audience and capture their attention.

Videos for ngo
Videos for ngo

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, NGOs need to communicate with the public in order to achieve success, and a very efficient way to do so is through the types and styles of videos that were listed above.  Furthermore, in order to execute these types and styles, the section on how to create such videos will give NGOs an idea of how a successful video looks like. In the end, the work that NGOs do is crucial. However, showing the public this work through animated explainer videos for NGOs furthers the propagation of the positive impact that said NGOs are committed to deliver.