Animated Explainer Videos Help Boost Sales in These Six Ways

   Animated explainer videos are inarguably taking over the internet in this fast-paced world where people don’t have the time or energy to even move their eyeballs across a page to read. Consequently, animated explainer videos have become the go-to solution for boosting sales and reaching new markets.

6 Ways Animated Explainer Videos Help Your Brand Sell

Explainer Videos Help Generate More Sales

Nothing feds up customers more than feeling lost or confused. A visitor to your website is more likely to purchase your product or service if there is a video explaining what it is or how it works, instead of getting lost in long, written instructions. According to Unbounce, if a video is included on your landing page, the conversion rate is likely to increase by up to 80%.

Animated Explainer Videos Generate Buzz

Making some noise will undoubtedly get attention. And stats have shown that more than 70% of people surfing online will watch a video at some point; this suggests a huge potential for online businesses! A video can help you take advantage of this massive potential, brand your company or product, explain what you do or sell and make an impact. If it is a fun or interesting explainer video, then it is much more likely to be shared, creating buzz online.

An Explainer Video Showcases Your Brand’s Personality

Explainer videos are an excellent way to get your brand’s personality across so that it becomes easy to relate to. A well-executed explainer video will take away any negative pre-conceived ideas that people may have about your brand and replace them with your take on it, which will positively affect your brand in the long term.

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Animated Explainer Videos
Animated Explainer Videos

Efficiently Deliver Your Message Using Animated Explainer Video

We are all essentially children and thus learn far more quickly with visual content. Explainer videos are the ideal vehicle to overcome short attention spans and get your brand through people’s minds. Make the video engaging, memorable and short. Scientific research pieces of evidence suggest that people recall more than half of the information in a video as opposed to reading an article. So, you would have been able to remember more of this article if it had been a video.

Cement Your Brand’s Presence Online

A great explainer video can create a solid brand identity for your company for much less financial outlay than a paid ad in a newspaper or a magazine. You’re not limited by size or restrictions; they can be as creative as you want them to be. They can express what you want to say about your product or service in a fantastic way to share your message visually without losing people’s attention. Let your marketing team get creative and brainstorm about the product before coming up with the ideal explainer video for your company.

Animated Explainer Video Helps Your Site Rank Better in Google

Websites with written content only do not do well on Google’s search rankings according to Spork Marketing. You need diverse content to retain customers and attract potential ones. Plus, videos are more interactive than images and text. Video integration affects ranking as it’s a healthy indicator that your website is using quality content. This transfers to search engines that you are posting relevant, rich content to the search requests they receive.

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