The Difference Between Animated Explainer Videos and Whiteboard Explainer Videos

There is a miscellany of methods you can do to promote your business. However, no other marketing content is as eminent as video. Videos will presumably appear on your Google searches, though they are as well effectively promoted as a favored type of content on social media platforms. Incorporating a video on your business’s landing page will also drive traffic, where viewers will spend 88% extra time on your website. Consequently boosting search ranking, and your business itself.
Though cut from the same cloth, both animated explainer videos and whiteboard animation videos have two crucial differences. Those peculiarities make it harder, yet more interesting, for clients to choose from.

What are animated explainer videos?

We’re going to need an in-depth understanding of what animated explainer videos are, along with what animated explainer video companies actually are.

An animated explainer video production captures the essence of your brand within an ideal length of 30 seconds to 2 minutes, for utmost engagement.
Further, animated explainer video services can animate numbers, texts, charts, graphical concept representations – anything goes. Hence, animated video productions shift a potentially dull topic into a dynamic, colorful, and engaging visual experience. All are adjustable in style, according to your concept.
Animated explainer video companies simplify complex ideas into simpler ones, helping viewers comprehend your product/service efficiently. This also helps them hang on to your message effortlessly. Animated explainer videos for businesses generate a shareable piece of content. Additionally, animated explainer videos are extremely flexible in concept creation.

Animated explainer video companies give you boundless possibilities.
Though expensive, edits in animations are possible. Ergo, a professional animation company is of chief importance. An animated explainer video is a fantastic tool for educating leads but also employed to guide audience down your marketing funnel.

Motion Graphics Animated Explainer Video
Animated Explainer Videos

How are animated videos made?

The process can be simple or complex, it all depends on how much time and content you wish to invest.

There are endless possibilities in terms of visual style, and animation explainer videos have many types, including whiteboard animation. Undeniably, both have congruent prospects, with whiteboard animation being one type of animation explainer video. As long as a professional and talented animated explainer company is hired to create videos, things can’t go wrong.

So how is it done? Truth be told, it takes time.

First, we have to set a distinctive objective; it gives the process a clear plan.

Second, our researchers will examine the audience and market. Research is a vital part of any project. We employ your data with analysis for your target audience.

Third, we decide, together, what the foundation of your message is. To make your goal aligned with your service/product and engage with your clients.

Fourth, our creative team will come up with a creative idea and story. With a fusion of creativity and imagination, we develop a unique concept for your video. Once the idea is completed, our copywriter builds a narrative.

Fifth, our scriptwriter writes a compelling script integrating your message and story. We also provide you with a storyboard, helping you visualize the final, polished piece.

Sixth, our production team manages filming. Next, our editors work on editing, and our animators work on animation-frame by frame. The number of frames an animated explainer video company offer depends on the package you opt for.

It is indeed a tiresome job, but once creative ideas are brought to life, it will all be worth it.

Finally, audio comes in! In a studio, music is added, background music too if needed, sound effects, and of course, narration or voice-overs. Often the sound is just as crucial as explaining your product visually.

You will now have a fantastic piece of media to share with the world, enabling you to educate your target audience more effectively and enjoy a stream of high-quality leads.

Animation explainer videos for business request high-quality graphic design animations to illustrate your concept and that is why you need to hire an animated explainer video company.

What are whiteboard animated videos?

Whiteboard animation video is a type of animation explainer video, done by the same company. Although not as visually appealing as some other explainer styles, whiteboard animations make it easier for audiences to learn as they mimic how we learn in educational classes. This makes whiteboard animation terrific for pitching concepts and ideas, and also corporate training videos. It resembles a man who draws on a whiteboard. Difference is that instead of a man, we see a hand; the whole material is enriched with music, sound, and additional effect.
Drawings can be simplified or symbolic to get the audience’s attention on the product itself. The obvious advantage of animation of all kinds is that they stand out.

Drawing style enables shortening the video, hence perfect for the short attention span we have. It is also a little warmer, and could also be funnier and pleasant. Whiteboard animation services make it beneficial when you want to portray a product somehow complicated by showing its elements only; it turns boring into amusing.

Whiteboard animation services manage to cover a lot of information in a short amount of time. Therefore, these videos help in apprising any kind of concept, regardless of how complex; whiteboard animation services use the power of storytelling, joined by unconventional graphics making it visually compelling. They utilize animated characters, designed after your buyer personas, to unify the story and give your video unique human touch.

Our process allows clients to control what they want, and our job is to get them as involved as possible to obtain their vision. Whiteboard animation services need to learn from clients what resources they need for their business plan, and their potential clients.

Work with a professional animated explainer company

Before we delve into the differences between animated explainer videos and whiteboard animation videos, it is substantially important to understand a few things. Animated explainer video productions you are working with must have expertise and acts professionally. You will need an animated explainer video company with experience in designing videos. Plus, in creating animated videos, that can represent your brand in the best possible way-with an impactful message grasping your target audience’s attention. Animated explainer video companies must have expert storytellers, artists who illuminate the color of your brand, a team that gets things done on time and on-budget.
If you would like us to help produce your video, our team would love to work with you. Check out our website to know all about us, and feel free to contact us any time!

Animated explainer videos VS. whiteboard animated videos

Like two peas in a pod, whiteboard animated videos are a type of animated explainer video. However, they have only 2 yet pivotal differences that significantly matter.


Animated explainer videos fill a whole screen; it normally consists of a background and a foreground with character animation, with lifelike motion. Production time takes 4 to 6 weeks.

Why? Animated explainer video companies need to write a video script, which is the vital element in creating a brilliant explainer video. Then comes voiceover recordings, explainer video production, music, and sounds effects. All this needs time. Animated explainer video production uses high-quality graphic design animation to illustrate a concept. Thus, they have vast styles one can pick from.

On the other hand, whiteboard animation videos are sketched on a white background with animations often added in. Its format is quite simple, less complicated for choices to make, which takes less time than animated explainer videos. Whiteboard animation services start the video with a story. Unlike explainer videos who work frame by frame. Hence making it very easy to modify. Lines are clean and crisp, making the actual product extremely easy trouble-free to edit if changes need to be made. Afterward, it is edited with video production software to speed up the movement. This method takes very little time compared to explainer videos, approximately 2 to 4 weeks.


The complexity of animated explainer videos which takes more time, costs higher than whiteboard animation. The latter’s format is much less complex, as discussed above, which makes it cheaper. Animated explainer videos are rich with lifelike interaction as compared to the simple eye-catching presentation drawn on a whiteboard. The production time plays a great role in pricing as well. Animated explainer videos are extremely time-consuming to create which can make them more expensive. Each frame of action is drawn into animation videos before things are put together in motion. Individual frame shots would be taken for each small movement before it can be put together. That is not cheap.

With all that being said, you might think the differences between the two videos are trivial. It definitely isn’t. True, both animated explainer videos and whiteboard animation videos serve somewhat distinctive purposes, yet clients have a budget, have a plan, and those differences support business owners’ decisions. Either way, we at would love to work with you and help you decide which animated video for business is the suitable one for you. One click away!