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Animated Product Explainer Videos – Benefits and Uses

If we’re being honest with each other, the world doesn’t really need new products. I mean, you could buy a pillow with Nicholas Cage’s face printed on it. Did you know that wooden bathing suits are a thing, too? Heck, you could even rent a goat – yes, rent a goat – from the comfort of your home. Plainly put, the Internet is a weird, weird place oversaturated with products and services of – literally – all sorts.

However, while some products are rather useless, others are invaluable. This article is dedicated to businesses looking to promote their products online, regardless of what they are, in appealing and engaging ways. Don’t fret, though; our clients (most probably) won’t be selling you goats or invisible boyfriends (yes, that’s a thing as well).

On a more serious note, animated product explainer videos are an outstanding means of promoting your company’s offerings, and we’ll be providing you with everything you need to know about this type of video – and hopefully convince you why you must create animated explainer videos.

Product Explainer Video
Product Explainer Video

What is a Product Video?

The purpose of an animated product explainer video is to clearly convey the merits of a product in a creative way. Although many product videos stress on the product’s characteristics, we lay emphasis on how the product alleviates the pain points that your clients would have.

Although your product will steal the show, the most valuable product videos focus more on how the qualities enrich the existences of your potential buyers than on the features themselves. This is what lends product videos their inherent potency when you’re in the market to create animated explainer videos for your marketing.

By telling a compelling and intriguing tale that explains how your product works in practice and what sort of influence it has, a product video dramatically boosts conversion rates, but we’ll get more into that later.

Why Use Animated Product Explainer Videos?

An impactful animated product explainer video affords you the ability to escape the bounds of the physical universe and clarify intricate concepts or functions using whatever scenery, character, and artwork you can muster up, contrasting live-action explainer videos. The latter, while extremely advantageous in several contexts, rarely allows for appealing creativity and ingenuity. 

In addition to them being a platform for unlimited imagination, animated product explainer videos deliver multiple other advantages to those who are wise enough to leverage them. When you create animated explainer videos, you:

Grab and retain your target audience’s attention

In today’s world, it is more difficult to sell products than it was before. This is because consumers come across multiple advertisements each day, most of which look almost identical. With nothing to make those advertisements or products stand out, brands are losing opportune chances to do the opposite.

When a brand markets its products with the use of animated explainer videos, they are improving the likelihood of viewers engaging with their marketing efforts. Why is that? Well, animated product explainer videos revolve around stimulating a viewer’s auditory and visual senses.

When these senses are triggered, the brain would want more of them, thus making viewers watch the video advertising the company’s product.

Boost your ranking on search engines

The phrase search engine optimization (SEO) has probably been used a million times by now. However, did you know that incorporating an animated product explainer video into your website would significantly boost your SEO initiatives and bring in more visitors?

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People are more inclined to interact with a search result when Google displays a video sample next to it, which happens for 26% of search engine results, according to BrightEdge. The result is a “rich snippet” since the thumbnail is included, and rich snippets often have greater click-through rates than normal samples.

The amount of time consumers spend on your website or page and the volume of backlinks pointing to your brand are two among the most crucial SEO indicators, and videos practically always increase both of these numbers.

When these factors are enhanced, so will your ranking on search engines be.

Increase brand awareness

There are several possibilities when deciding what kind of video you want to produce to raise awareness of your company. Before making an animated product explainer video, there are a few things you should focus on to ensure your brand’s success in raising awareness:

  • Understanding your target audience. Your audience should be your first consideration when making a video to promote your company. After all, it is for them that you are creating your video. By developing buyer personas, you will know exactly whom to target and what to include in your video.
  • Being unique. On YouTube alone, 1 billion hours of material are watched day in day out. The competition is fierce, therefore it’s critical to create unique videos. To accomplish this, all you need to do is observe what your competitors are doing and take better action, like investing in animated product explainer videos!
  • Taking it up with an animated explainer video production company. Even though many services are available for DIY videos, collaborating with an explainer video company will yield results you might not achieve with your own video, mainly because of the experience involved.

Fit in all the marketing funnel’s stages

We’ve lost track of how many times we’ve said it already, but we’ll say it again: animated videos are the most versatile and adaptable means of marketing out there. This means that you can have an animated explainer video production for each stage of your marketing funnel:

  • Attract. The first stage of the marketing funnel is all about drawing people in, which is a video’s area of expertise. Animated product explainer videos aren’t usually found at this stage when the video is solely talking about the product, but since we, as an animated explainer video company, place emphasis on pain points, you will be able to use your animated product explainer video for this stage – you’ll be explaining to your audience why they’re facing this problem.
  • Engage. In the second stage of the marketing funnel, you have to entice your audience to interact with your brand. This can be done in a variety of ways, one of which is by using a training animated product explainer video. Once they’re familiarized with the root of their problem (awareness – attract), they’re moving on to hunting for solutions (consideration – engage). Training product videos work wonders in this area.
  • Close. The third stage of the marketing funnel is where the sales takes place, which means that this is the primary hotspot for animated product explainer videos. The effectiveness of an animated video in marketing and sales comes from the fact that it is the newest, most popular, and most sought-after medium for presenting your ideas. Did you know that 84% of customers report that seeing a brand’s animated product explainer video persuaded them to make a purchasing decision in favor of that company?
  • Delight. The fourth stage of the marketing funnel revolves around delighting your customers, which in essence refers to making them happy after they have completed a purchase. Animated product explainer videos can be manipulated to answer certain customer service questions as well as to highlight how the product works, which consumers simply love.

Sell, without being too “salesy”

Perhaps the best thing about animated product explainer videos is their ability to sell your offerings without being too “in-your-face.” A pillar of inbound marketing, which is a form of digital marketing that revolves around drawing your audience in rather than inconveniently burdening them with ads, is video marketing.

Thanks to animated product explainer videos’ non-intrusive approach and friendly, familiar nature, advertising your products is rendered much smoother. Therefore, since your video marketing strategy blends in with your audience’s online lives, it pitches your products without making it obvious that you want to sell – hello, enhanced user experience.

Animated Explainer Video Production

There is more to engaging with your audience and breaking through the clutter than simply releasing another hackneyed PR campaign or posting advertisements. There is also more to it than just disseminating information and hoping that your sales and return will go up.

You must make the crucial transition from being acknowledged to being understood, and, eventually, being trusted.

As an animated explainer video production company, we will pave the way for you to do just that. As an animated explainer video production company, we create outstanding narratives to demystify your message and engage your audience in an eccentric way.

Final Thoughts

Verve Videos offers clients more than simply conventional services, going above and beyond the typical responsibilities of an animated explainer video production company.  We provide clients with a distinctive experience that not only has positive effects on their businesses but also leaves them completely delighted in the process to create animated explainer videos.

Our track record attests to this strategy, devotion, and reliability. Our diverse team of experts has a wealth of expertise producing videos for clients from a variety of industries, including government, corporate, finance, education, NGOs, and more.

Drop us a message to discuss your future video ideas!