5 Reasons Why You Should Use Animated Training Videos


Videos are a twinkle of delight, making training much more fun, engaging and approachable, instead of the dreary seminars, with a monotonous spokesman and you need to follow up despite your intense urge to just drop dead. The manuals, the files, all gone when you create animated training videos. Your message will be absorbed and understood due to the fact that animated training videos are as entertaining as they are informative.

Choosing the right animated training video approach for your business video content is crucial if you want to engage and inspire your audience, and subsequently, get excellent results.
To create animated training videos, you need to work with the animated training videos company from the start regarding your main concept which you want to communicate with your audience. In addition, visual style in which you plan to bring the story to life. For instance, whiteboard training videos. Our team will sum up 5 chief reasons why you should implement animated training videos, along with other information that will be if you decide to create animated training videos or whiteboard training videos.

What are the Best Practices to use Animated Training Videos in Corporate Training?

Corporate training includes various types of animated instructional videos. They can be tool training, onboard training, skills training, etc. Starting with sales animated training videos to other occupational skills videos; creating animated training videos will assist HR in diverging their old training methods, especially when it comes to new hires training. Also, when the audience has zero knowledge about what they are about to see.

Moreover, animated instructional videos are a great training method that helps progres

s accessibility to content via well-articulated animated training videos.
For each animated training video, style and visuals might contrast in different ways with respect to company identity, culture, trainers’ preferences, and so on. Here are some of the significant applications where animated training videos help:

Every practice conveys the whys and hows animated training videos are the best to deliver a topic based on successful examples.
For example, policy training can be hard and boring for employees to absorb. Conducting an animated instructional video with specifics, such as telling a fun story of how one must act under such circumstances, will entertain employees. Especially if the storyline is well prepared and clear. The characters in animated training videos are simple and understandable. There will be no distraction whatsoever.

What are 5 Reasons why you should use Animated Training Videos?

When it comes to animated training videos or any other type of video for that matter, you do not need to pay anyone to deliver employee training. You simply press play. There is no need for employees or colleagues to travel either; they can watch their animated instructional videos from the comfort of their desks, anywhere in the world. Additionally, since you’ve indulged in cost-saving benefits when you invest in animated training videos, you are only paying once for a source that is yours, endlessly.

Animated Training Videos make relatable Content with Design Elements

In an era of YouTube and TikTok, “relatable” videos would get more engagement than well-designed videos. Always have concepts that your audience can relate to. What engages them, what makes them laugh, what might distract them. You should keep that in mind when designing content and choosing video themes.

Apply Storytelling Technique and Simulate practical scenarios when creating Animated Training Videos

A clear storyline does not have to be dense. It needs to be well-structured. When you create animated training videos regarding the comprehension of compliances and ethics, which are sensitive topics, one cannot fathom thoroughly. Animated training videos show a similar situation requiring audience to interact and think more about the subject. Whiteboard training videos would be typical for such a serious topic because it breaks through complex ideas and turns them into fun small sections.

Animated Training Videos help explain Complex Messages in a Simple Way

Try explaining Instagram to your Grandma. Hard, isn’t it? In any business, there are complex concepts that you utterly need to explain and get the information through to people who have no clue. Whiteboard training videos or animated training videos are magnificent tools to simplify complex ideas, portraying them in a way that everybody can understand. When you create animated training videos, the sky’s the limit. You are guaranteed that there will be no boredom. Your audience would be at the edge of their seats, taking in all information from the screen.

Animated Training Videos are Unique

You cannot deny how amazing animated instructional videos are. You can design places that don’t exist and show audience invisible parts of your business thus making literal magic happen before their eyes.
With so much video content on the web, designing something new and unique gives you heads up. To create animated training videos and whiteboard training videos is always a wow factor that conveys creativity and has utmost potential in engaging viewers. The fact that you can bring to life any concept you want, tells you that animated training videos are the videos to turn to.

Animated Training Videos can be used as a Tutorial

Sometimes, trying to explain steps to a digital process or to any complicated service can be a tough thing to do. Nevertheless, animated training videos can turn into tutorials, more or less, which are more common than you think, and a very favorable option for the trainee. Why? Because whiteboard training videos, for example, get inside the service and bring it to life. It clings to your viewers as they both enjoy and absorb information simultaneously.


Video Marketing Funnel

The 4 most essential video marketing funnels are the ones to take seriously the most.


At this stage, your potential buyer knows nothing about your business, yet seems to be interested in a product/service of yours. How do you attract your potential client via video? There are many interesting videos that are surely “attractive” to potential buyers. Such as educational videos, infographic videos, explainer videos, whiteboard animation, and much more.


Potential clients are aware of your business and its identity. However, it is not enough. Especially with the other competitions in the market. By providing them with a video campaign, you are engaging them with proper information that is easy to understand, in a short time, and in an amusing way. There are several videos that can be utilized, such as tutorial videos, training videos, interactive videos, etc.


So now buyers know more about your business and what you have to offer, and they are to determine whether they should make a purchase from your company. It is your duty to nurture your leads, and thus pick the right video for just the right person. Testimonial videos or demo videos are two video examples that will assist you in this 3rd stage.


You have reached the last stage. Your customers are delighted with their purchase. Do not stop here. You want to establish trust and a long-lasting relationship between your client and brand. You can use several videos to keep them feeling like they matter – because they do! Thank You Videos and Customer Support videos, to name a few.

Animated training videos visualize your product/service in a whole new light.

To create animated training videos brings a different perspective. Through animated training videos you can bring concepts to life, and your clients will understand who and what you are, hence ending up trusting you.
The 4 stages are preeminent in the process of animated videos for training.
Powerful animated training videos take time and effort to make, but the results are worth every second. Training sessions are supposed to be engaging, not tiring. We are happy to give corporates a hand in educating employees via whiteboard training videos, or animated instructional videos. Contact us to discuss further.
With whiteboard training videos, in particular, you guarantee that your employees will stay attentive, and perhaps in awe, of what they’re watching.

It’s high time to throw out those old manuals along with these banal PowerPoint slides. Get your animated training videos now.

Now that you’re aware of 5 reasons why you should exploit animated training videos or whiteboard training videos for training and development, you are most probably excited to dive right into it. However, there are a few things you should think about first, for instance, what style would be best for me? What makes a good animated training video? What should I focus on?
These questions are not easy to answer. Luckily for you, we have a plethora of information about animated training videos on our site. Visit us today!