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Video and COVID-19: A story of disruption
August 12, 2020

Video and COVID-19: A story of disruption COVID-19 has changed the way we perceive the world in every way possible. Our…

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Four reasons why your business needs an Explainer Video
May 23, 2020

Four reasons why your business needs an Explainer Video If you are looking to improve your business’ online presence, unveiling your…

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Finding the best explainer video company
April 8, 2020

Finding the best explainer video company has expanded very rapidly ever since the birth of social media and online advertisements which…

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Exploring Canada’s explainer video market
March 1, 2020

Canada’s growing economy has been home to all kinds of established businesses and new startups competing for customers’ attention. Some of…

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Qualities of best explainer video company
February 23, 2020

It isn’t possible to find excellent explainer video company on the web today without doing some deep research into what makes…

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Tips Finding Best Explainer Video Company in Canada
February 8, 2020

Finding an explainer video company in Edmonton Canada is a lot easier than searching for one worldwide, but that doesn’t mean…

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Customized Animated Explainer Videos Highlight Brand Personality, DIY Videos Don’t
May 26, 2017

A brief demonstration of why customized explainer videos will elevate your business and make you stand out of the competition. Video…

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The Pedagogical Benefits of Using Animated Explainer Video for Learning
May 24, 2017

The connection between video and education is not new.  Many researchers, starting from the 1980s till now have linked visual clues…

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How Explainer Videos Enhance the eLearning Process
May 24, 2017

Watching videos dominates our daily internet consumption. Cisco’s research suggests that online videos account for 68 percent of internet traffic. This…

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Animated Explainer Video
The Amazing Evolution Leading to Animated Explainer Video Making
April 6, 2017

   From the world’s first cinematograph to chip-based camcorders, and finally to today’s GoPro, video-making has taken fascinating turns and developed to…

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