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Top 10 Animated Explainer Video Companies in USA


Advertising and marketing agencies, together with various companies throughout the world, have come to the realization that they are required to develop new and creative ways to promote their own and their clients’ brands. In situations like this, an animated explainer video company is the solution.

In terms of marketing, there are golden benchmarks and timeless strategies that are always effective, but certain approaches, like cold calling, become obsolete. Modern consumers have had enough of intrusive marketing strategies; animated explainer videos are lightyears away from this list.

However, video production companies are able to create videos for more than just marketing purposes, so read on to discover the best animated explainer video companies in the USA!

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What are the Main Types of Explainer Videos?

The most common type of explainer video is the animated explainer video. These videos use animation to tell a story or explain a concept. Animated explainer videos are often used to introduce a new product or service, or to explain how to use a new feature on a website or app. Live-action explainer videos are another popular type of explainer video. These videos use real people and settings to explain a concept or tell a story. Live-action explainer videos are often used to show the benefits of a product or service, or to give a tour of a new website or app. Some explainer video services also offer a combination of both animation and live-action. These videos can be used to introduce a new product or service, or to explain how to use a new feature on a website or app.

Animated explainer videos have proved to be more cost-effective and engaging than live-action ones. So if you’re wondering how you can get the best animated explainer videos in the US, keep reading!

Choosing the Best Animated Explainer Video Companies in USA

Although explainer videos are relatively new, they have certainly had a big influence on how we consume content. They are all around us! Businesses utilize them to educate the consumer, promote products and/or services, and demonstrate how things operate. 

Businesses understood how people’s attention spans had shortened and that they were no longer eager to wade through numerous pages of text to learn something, which led to the introduction of animated explainer videos, and consequently the emergence of animated explainer video companies in the USA and worldwide. 

There are many factors to consider when choosing an explainer video company, but the three most important are:

1. Make sure the company has a strong portfolio of work that you can review.

2. Ask for referrals from past clients to get an idea of the company’s quality of work.

3. Make sure the company has a solid understanding of your industry and target audience.

10 of the Best Explainer Video Companies in The USA Market

It might be really difficult to find a skilled and professional explainer video company that can produce your upcoming video. You may find a large number of options with various talents, skills, and services if you conduct some fast exploration online. However, if you are pressed for time like most marketers, finding the one that properly fits your unique needs might be a major hassle.

In order to support you in your quest, we completed all the monotonous work for you. We hand-picked and listed the top 5 animated explainer video companies in the USA that have the greatest know-how, aptitude, and intriguing portfolios – you’re welcome (wink).

Demo Duck — Chicago, Illinois

Demo Duck is, hands-down, one of our favorite animated explainer video companies in the USA. The team’s personality is perfectly captured on their website, and their clients swear by them. Since their foundation in 2011, Demo Duck has grown into a favored destination for top-notch explainer video production.

This animated explainer video company’s services include explainer videos (obviously), educational videos, customer testimonials, and social media videos. If you’re wondering whether your business’ industry can benefit from Demo Duck’s services, you’re in luck because they create videos for companies from different industries, such as nonprofits, corporations, educational establishments, startups, and many more.

Their portfolio and client base are, well, massive, so feel free to check out these explainer video examples! Here’s our favorite one of theirs, anyway:


Sharp Eye Animation — San Francisco, California

Sharp Eye Animation is another one of the amazing animated explainer video companies in the USA. The mission of the explainer video company is to guarantee complete customer satisfaction with both their animations and services.

All of their clients can anticipate a simple production process and great creative abilities because of their expertise in creating videos for “startups to Fortune 50 companies, and everyone in between.”

This animated explainer video company’s services include product videos, brand videos, marketing videos, and, obviously (again), explainer videos. As for the industries they serve, any company from startups to established law firms and SaaS companies can benefit from Sharp Eye Animation’s expertise. 

Their portfolio is equally impressive, but here’s our favorite explainer video example:

Explainify — Fayetteville, Arkansas

Explainify is one of the most renowned animated explainer video companies in the USA, refining their clients’ narrative and driving audience engagement. Their video production process creates durable digital interactions for training, marketing, and sales.

Since its founding in 2012, Explainify has produced a plethora of videos that have received millions of views while catering to several sectors, which include SaaS companies, scientific institutions, healthcare and MedTech establishments, and banking/finance companies.

The services that this animated explainer video company offers range from brand overviews and landing page videos to product videos and videos for sales enablement. What we like most about them, however, is that they give prospects the choice to select which package suits them best, thus enhancing user experience and customization.

We really loved the following video and we think that you should watch it, but feel free to check out their entire portfolio for more explainer video examples!


Video Jeeves — Fremont, California

Video Jeeves put a lot of effort into building a website that perfectly reflects their abilities to transform the dull to lively, and it really pays off! Animated explainer video companies in the USA are plenty, so having a website as alive and informative as theirs really makes them stand out.

For the past ten years, Video Jeeves has produced notable animated videos for organizations from a variety of sectors, being medical, business, educational, eCommerce, and real estate institutions.

The video production company creates videos of different types and styles, which include 3D animations, 2D animations, whiteboard videos, typography animations, and even 5D animations. The list is honestly too long to mention in full, but believe us when we say that there’s virtually nothing that these people can’t do. We’re a little jealous.

Here’s our favorite video of theirs, but be sure to check out their portfolio for more kickass animated explainer video examples!


Helium Films — San Diego, California

Helium Films might not be as well-known as the previously-mentioned animated explainer video companies in the USA, but they’re most definitely contenders to be reckoned with. I mean, they are an award-winning video production company, and their portfolio backs this up quite nicely!

Helium Films, a company with locations in both the US and France, provides businesses and organizations with a wide range of high-quality, reasonably priced creative services. This explainer video company helps brands boost their statuses with compelling and captivating video content, whether for TV commercial production, web promo videos, branded or corporate documentaries, animated videos, or product videos.

Here’s one of their explainer video examples that caught our (and their client’s audience’s) attention:


Epipheo — Cincinnati, Ohio

Since its foundation in 2009, Epipheo offers a variety of video services, from video production to video animation. They have a team of professionals who can help you create a high-quality video that will engage your audience and get your message across. They have experience in a variety of video types including animated video courses, brand videos, educational videos, educational video series, e-learning video courses, internal videos, live-action videos, animated explainer videos, social video ads, and trade show videos. 

Idearocket — New York, New York

Idearocket was founded in 2006 by current CEO William Gadea, and they have since produced hundreds of videos for clients all over the world. They are the only US-based animation firm with a production facility in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Idearocket is an animated video company that specializes in creating engaging, informative videos for businesses and organizations. Their team of animators and storytellers work together to create videos that are both informative and entertaining, and their goal is to help businesses communicate their message in a more effective way.

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Common Craft — Seattle, Washington

Founded in 2007, the animated explainer video company provides a library of templates and downloadable visuals that users can utilize to create their own animated explainer video for their different projects. Being all about fast and accessible videos, they also offer ready-made videos that allow users to explain any idea in under 3 minutes.

Thinkmojo — San Francisco, California

Thinkmojo was established in 2011 in San Francisco, California, and currently has offices in both California and Montreal. They offer a wide variety of video types, including 2D and 3D animation, whiteboard, stop motion, and more. Their team of over 50 professionals has worked with clients like Google, Facebook, and Salesforce.

They aim to help business sell their products and services through attractive and interactive animated and live-action videos.

If you want to check out their previous work, visit their work section.

Sandwich — Los Angeles, California

Sandwich is a production company that is specialized in commercials that include both live-action and animation. They have a creative team of animators, writers, actors, and designers that work toward creating videos that include both humans and animation.

They provide creative and out-of-the-box commercials and videos. This video is a perfect representation of how their videos look like.


Why Use Animated Explainer Videos?

Videos, particularly animated explainer videos , are the ideal approach to interact with viewers due to their familiarity, whether those viewers are consumers, patrons, regular citizens, or anyone in between. 

Videos have the ability to quickly explain and present material in interesting and creative ways that help it stick in our minds, which is a vital quality. More significantly, they can accomplish this while including narrative. Therefore, it makes sense why animated explainer videos are so successful. 

Animations and visual aids ensure that the message or idea stands out dramatically. Unlike dull or drawn-out text, they immediately grab the reader’s eye and help hold it. They captivate the audience’s interest by bringing to life both basic and complicated issues, in addition to even the most tedious information. 

What Are the Benefits of Animated Videos?

As has been established, animated explainer videos have become the most sought-after forms of media thanks to their versatility and adaptability. Search engines also have a knack for pushing video content to the top results, too.

Whether you’re a startup company or a small, medium, or large organization in any industry, ranging from aviation and education to non-governmental and financial, you can reap the benefits of animated explainer videos.

Animated explainer videos are advantageous because they:

Showcase your company’s identity

This allows the audience to quickly become acquainted with your brand and have a better understanding of how your product or service can solve their present problem. Creating interesting and captivating animated explainer videos will help you establish your identity in the minds of your target audience.

Capture the interest of your audience

When a buyer visits a website, it is critical for a company to entice them to learn more. Videos immediately attract your audience’s attention and also provide quicker answers than through writing. Videos are also crucial for the stage preceding them visiting your website and engaging with your brand.

Garner the audience’s trust

Animated explainer videos will earn your audience’s trust by providing them with useful knowledge that they can recall and implement later. What follows your audience believing in your brand? They’ll almost certainly shop with conviction and ultimately become brand ambassadors!

Boost information retention

Psychologically, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster by the human brain than plain text format. Consequently, animated explainer videos help people absorb knowledge by stimulating both their visual and auditory senses. As a result, audiences recall at least 95% of a topic when they watch an animated explainer video, leaving them more interested in the information you give.

Boost your SEO ranking

Having an animated explainer video on your site is expected to boost your SEO ranking, which means more people will find your website. That’s because videos enhance audience engagement and hence increase the time they spend on your website. 

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Both of these are valuable to Google, since their algorithms can detect when people’s search queries have led them to you. Google (and other search engines) would then boost your page, which also substantially increases the likelihood of you closing more deals.

Animated Explainer Video Company
Animated Explainer Video Company

Final Thoughts

Working with a video production company presents multiple advantages over creating a video on your own, mainly because audiences today have gotten bored of cookie-cutter media. What used to pique their interest yesterday isn’t what still does today, which is why we, much like the aforementioned animated explainer video companies in the USA, present clients with custom-made videos fueled by imagination and creativity.

We are an animated explainer video company based in Canada with a decade of experience in creating videos of different types, ranging from corporate videos and demo videos to customer service videos and marketing videos. We also give you the choice to select the style you want, such as 2D animation, whiteboard animation, motion graphic, live-action, and even interactive videos!

After all is said and all is done, the most influential thing in life remains personal experiences. Why don’t you drop us a message to schedule a meeting and discuss your upcoming project idea? We are here to serve, in the end.