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Aviation contributes to the advancement of the contemporary world. A web of airlines, airports, and air traffic regulation agencies connect big cities and smaller towns with increasingly sophisticated aircraft 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This case study is about the Middle East and North Africa Aviation Association (MEBAA), the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region’s designated business aviation industry group and a staunch supporter of the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC). 

Direct and Effective​

Introduction to the aviation industry

The aviation industry encompasses almost all aspects of air travel and the programs that support them. This includes the entire airline industry, as well as aircraft manufacturing, research companies, military aviation, and much more.

Aviation connects people, cultures, and industries on every landmass. It promotes economic progress, increases international trade, and promotes tourism. The importance of the aviation sector cannot be overstated, although it accounts for around 4.1% of global GDP. If the aviation industry were a nation, it would be the 17th largest one in terms of GDP.

The Air Transport Aviation Group (ATAG) published the most recent edition of its flagship review, Aviation: Benefits Beyond Borders, in September 2020, which examines the multiple ways in which aviation makes a significant contribution to the economic development, careers, and the lives of millions of people worldwide, as well as how it promotes sustainable advancement.

The study, which was created in collaboration with Oxford Economics, has become an important reference tool for business and governments, and it has been regularly quoted in the media. It gives policymakers a worldwide perspective on how air travel generates employment and fosters economic growth.

The Middle East Business Aviation Association

Who they are

The Middle East Business Aviation Association is a nonprofit organization founded in 2006 with the purpose of providing a forum for representatives of the business aviation sector in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, as well as gathering, understanding, and communicating the industry’s requirements and merits.

The Middle East Business Aviation Association’s mission is to represent the demands of MEBAA delegates in ways that improve the security, safety, efficiency, and acknowledgement of business aviation all across the MENA region, and their mission is to be the primary platform for assembling, recognizing, and conveying the requirements and desires of business aviation to industries, authorities, and media in the MENA region.

As per MENAA’s official website, they have 6 main objectives, being:




To achieve an effective means for communicating the concerns of Middle East business aviation operators and suppliers to governments within the region and thereby positively influencing government response.

To share perspectives and best practices with other world-class business aviation associations.

To establish a database for gathering useful and relevant industry data for MEBAA members and interested parties.




To improve the welfare of MEBAA members and associates through work-shop/training, conferences, shows, networking events and more.

To establish codes of conduct amongst MEBAA members, handlers, agents and other business aviation operators throughout the region.

To benefit MEBAA members through dialogue with, and representation to, suppliers and vendors worldwide.

What they do

MEBAA hold several activities, the details of which can be found here, but here’s an outline of some of said activities:

  1. Shows
  2. Conferences
  3. Networking events
  4. Workshops and training
  5. Global charity events

Middle East Business Aviation Association and Verve Videos

How explainer videos fit in

It’s no secret that videos, in general, are an excellent tool for promoting various themes and are far more interesting than text, particularly in the business sector.

However, animated explainer videos offer several advantages to aviation organizations:




Explainer videos are an excellent method to describe what you do. The Verve Videos team cares to capture your identity and present it in a way that would showcase your identity and values in a way that perfectly encapsulates who you are.

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An explainer video will assist you in filling this void. Corporate explainer animation videos transform dull, inherent material into an engaging, amusing, educational, and memorable adventure. Using a video explainer to supplement your site content is critical for generating additional leads.

Why MEBAA chose us

MEBAA approached us for a series of 3 videos that have different purposes as will be discussed below in more detail, but they basically introduce who MEBAA is, celebrate their 10th birthday (in 2016), and promote the membership types they have.

Our team regards it as a pleasure and a passion to closely collaborate with our clients to develop an engaging explainer video for you, which allows you to effortlessly interact with your community in just the sense you want. Explainer videos, motion graphics, whiteboard animation, and other corporate video creation capabilities are all at your disposal with us.

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Our collaboration with MEBAA

We created 3 videos for the Middle East and North Africa Aviation Association to stress the importance of who they are and what they do as a nonprofit aviation organization. MEBAA is the biggest name in the MENA region’s aviation industry, and they are the biggest advocates for the rights of aviation personnel.


What is MEBAA?

The first explainer video we created for MEBAA talks about who MEBAA are and how they came to be. The video starts by welcoming the viewers to MEBAA and then the timeline unfolds, guided by an animated plane that is the “mascot” of the video – it flies the viewer through the timeline.

The explainer video shows a picture of the association’s patron, Sheikh Ahmad Bin Saeed Al Maktoum with the year of foundation 2006, and then a picture of the founder, Ali Ahmed Al Nakbi, is shown in succession.

The narrative here tells the purpose of the founding of the Middle East Business Aviation Association, which is to provide a platform for the members of the aviation industry in the Middle East and North Africa. 

The video then highlights the purposes that the organization holds close to heart in a keyword-by-word format with suitable line art animation, which is the same style used through the majority of the video, notably in the next section of it. This next section highlights what the association’s mission is.

Then, the video brings to life the different ways in which the aforementioned sections are executed, i.e. through the activities mentioned in a previous section of this case study. The Middle East Business Aviation Association show, as the video then highlights, is the 3rd largest business aviation show worldwide. 

The narrator in the last part of the video entices viewers to join MEBAA to make the most of the benefits they provide, before ending with the association’s promise of making the viewers’ membership a rewarding one. 

Middle East Business Aviation Association

MEBAA Membership Types and Benefits

Even though the second video has no voice over, it still compels people to watch it thanks to the upbeat tune in the background and lively professional animation.

The second animated explainer video we created for the Middle East Business Aviation Association begins by welcoming viewers to MEBAA by guiding a banner across the screen with the use of cartoon airplanes, which will act as the guides throughout the video, similar to the other 2.

The next thing that appears is the core principles of the association, being safety, security, efficiency, and acceptance. The third scene entices viewers to join MEBAA by stressing that the aviation association perfectly addresses members’ needs and would help MEBAA grow to better serve the community.

Next, the explainer video describes the 3 different membership types by outlining how each one helps and what each entails, before detailing the benefits that each provides to the membership holders as well as to the aviation association as a whole.

Lastly, the second Middle East Business Aviation Association video states their philosophy, being that they hold the members at heart and work to improve their experiences in the aviation industry. The video ends with a call-to-action that compels viewers and prospects to join the team to assist in building the future of the aviation industry.


MEBAA’s 10th Anniversary Achievements

The third video we created for the Middle East Business Aviation Association begins by thanking the aviation association’s members for their loyalty with a voiceover that uses a warm and homey tone. The animation of this video is mostly line-art that poises professionalism and elegance, following the Middle East Business Aviation Association’s color schemes. 

The voiceover and video then state the association’s core values accompanied by art that complements each. The video then lists the aviation association’s achievements since its conception followed by the impressive ways in which MEBAA operates to fully benefit its members and the aviation industry in the MENA region as a whole. 

The video and voiceover then highlight what the aviation association has been able to accomplish, from reducing illegal chartering to fulfilling market trends in the MENA region. This is followed by praising the Middle East Business Aviation Association show which is one of the biggest and most important aviation shows worldwide. 

The video ends by thanking affiliates, operators, and supporters for being part of a family that strives to improve the aviation industry’s status and success, featuring a live-action picture of the founder.