Creating a Business Explainer Video Don't Overlook these Elements

Business Explainer Videos: Valuable Tips for Impactful Video



Making the decision to get a business explainer video is a transformative step in enhancing your marketing campaign. No matter what your marketing objectives are, an explainer video has proven to be a strong advantage. Adding a business explainer video to your landing pages can increase conversion rates by up to 80%, one of many ways how explainer videos help businesses.

But a well-made video can do so much more for your business. It can boost sales, enrich your brand image, and distinguish your business from the competition. The more exceptional the video, the more rewarding the outcome.

What Makes an Exceptional Business Explainer Video?

In order to optimize the effectiveness of your business explainer video, you have to pay attention to every aspect of the animated business video production process. Each feature of the video has its purpose and perfecting all the creative aspects is how the best animated marketing videos for businesses are made.


Building a connection with your page’s visitors turns them into clients. You just need to let them know that you have what they’re looking for, quickly. Most people make up their minds about a website within 10 seconds of browsing it, so you need to establish a connection with them fast. That connection is achieved by showing content to which they can relate.

Having an animated explainer video on your landing page will help you speed up that process. It lets you show relevant content and build a connection with the page’s visitors before they lose interest and leave. One of the companies that managed to do that successfully is Slack. In a video less than one minute long, they successfully captured the attention of companies and employees who had a hard time managing workflow, without even having to add a script to the video.




Once you have a relatable message for your business explainer video, you need to put it into words. Add captivating words to utilize a multisensory approach in engaging the viewers and complement the use of visuals. Words are powerful and a well-written script can be very persuasive.

The script can be used to explain how a product works or just make it look appealing. Wine Country Gift Baskets is an example of a business that used a powerful script in their business explainer video to show people how diverse their products are and convince them of how to gift them to anyone at any time.


You have a good script ready? Great. It’s time to find a narrator to accentuate its power. There’s so much to look for in the narrator’s voice. It has to be strong, attractive, and memorable to help deepen the impact of the explainer video’s message.

You must pay attention to the language and accent too; choosing the right one will guarantee the best communication and enhance the understanding of your target audience. Add matching music to the well-written script and narration and you have got the perfect audio for your business explainer video.




Influencing people’s emotions can go a long way in promoting a brand. A business explainer video can ignite a feeling to make it memorable. It can make the viewer laugh, cry, or think. A smart explainer video would help businesses use humor and wit in increasing conversion rates. The Canadian company Dissolve used this approach very well in one of their widely viewed and shared videos to reach its targeted advertising and marketing audience.



If people make up their minds about landing pages within 10 seconds, they would not like to see longer videos. Most people wouldn’t even consider clicking on a video’s link if they feel it’s too long and the ones who would open the link perhaps wouldn’t keep watching the video to the end.

With a 5-minute video, for example, less than 60% of the people would continue watching more than half the video compared to approximately 75% for a 1- or 2-minute video and 80% for videos less than one minute long. With explainer videos, shorter is often better. The makers of the application Unroll. Me explained the purpose of the app in a 30-second video that didn’t bore its audiences so they ended up watching the entire explainer video.

With so many aspects to remember, you can only trust an excellent explainer video company that understands what you need and knows how to make an animated video for your business tailored those needs, while flawlessly creating every single video feature so you can get optimum results from your business explainer video. is one of the best explainer video companies that has worked with some of the globally recognized brands including and eThink. Are you ready to discuss your next animated explainer video project? We’d love to hear from you! Call us at +1-647-948-9393 or drop an email connect@