How to Create an Amazing Corporate Training Video


YouTube has become the second go-to search engine after Google, and the reason is that it has more videos! Videos have become the main source of connecting humans since the huge shift in our lifestyles after the pandemic.

Nowadays, from individuals to establishments, people are both consuming and creating diverse video channels. This is where detaching quality video content from mainstream ones available online demands.

Competition is escalating daily, and to diverge, you need to work contrastively and shrewdly. Particularly when it comes to corporate training videos. You need to hire a professional corporate training video company, or else you will be outpaced.

But before we get into the details, let us remind you of training videos and their importance.

What Is a Training Video?

In simple terms, a training video is an educational video that is designed to teach someone how to do something. Training videos can be about anything, from how to use a software program, to how to fix a car engine. They are a great way to learn new skills quickly, affordably, and virtually.

Training videos are famous in corporate settings in particular for many reasons. At the present time, videos are the best training tools procurable in today’s corporate world. They bring ideas to life and engage with audiences on a whole different level.

A well-trained team is essential for any business. Employees who are properly trained can handle any situation that may arise, while those who are not will only create chaos. In order to ensure that your employees are able to handle whatever comes their way, it is important to provide them with the proper training.

Before we jump into the details of training videos, here are the benefits of providing enough resources and qualified personnel for employee training.

  • Save time and money by training existing talents.
  • Maintain a high level of outcome and business goals.
  • Allow employees to learn at their own pace, on their own schedule.
  • Equip your employees with the skills they need to be successful.
  • Empower your employees to feel more confident in their abilities.
  • Help your employees achieve their personal goals.

Why Create Training Videos?

The importance of creating training videos for your employees cannot be overstated. Not only do they provide a valuable resource for your team, but they can also help reduce the number of mistakes and accidents that might arise in the workplace.

By taking the time to create engaging and informative training videos, you can ensure that your employees have the knowledge and skills they need to effectively do their jobs and maintain your set outcome level.

Unfortunately, many employees have had bad experiences with training programs. Mainly because of the boring nature of the pieces of training and the inconvenience they inflict on their day-to-day tasks and overall goals. That’s why interactive and attractive training videos are the best way to give employees their training material.

Here are a few reasons why you should create interactive training videos instead of boring training pamphlets.

Training videos are more compelling and engaging than bulky text

Would you rather read a perplexing booklet on how to fix your broken sink, or watch a three-minute YouTube tutorial and get the job done? We probably know your answer because the majority of people can relate!

Employees already stare at their screens all day, read important text, and analyze high-level data in their day-to-day tasks. So presenting them with a training booklet will only make their lives harder. Not to mention, the training material will probably never reach their long-term memory, making it a useless tactic.

Training videos on the other hand help employees to actually focus and learn by catching their attention and engaging them. The vivid visuals, the smooth voice-over, and the constant change of scenery allow viewers to stay focused on the video for more time and actually pay attention to the information presented!

Training videos improve knowledge retention

You don’t want your training to simply be heard, you actually want the viewer to learn and retain the information mentioned. Luckily, people retain 95% of a video’s message compared to 10% when reading text.

If your employees are reading tons of text every day, chances are your written training material will soon lose its way outside of their brains. However, when people associate the information with the visuals presented in the video and with the narration, it’s easier for them to remember them and actually use them.

Always keep in mind that the training material aims to upskill and benefit your employees in the long run. So receiving the training material is not enough. Make sure they will be able to remember it and implement it in their everyday lives and especially in their tasks.

Training videos can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

People are not robots, they are prone to forget, lose focus, or simply miss important information. That’s why having training videos saved and labeled is a great way to enrich your training archives and make them accessible to new and existing employees.

Planning and automating your training process will make your life a whole lot easier. For example, new recruits can view your training videos during their onboarding and view them again once they get working.

The best part is, your training videos can be referenced constantly and for years! So there is no need for you to keep creating new videos or simply giving the same workshops every single year to new and existing employees.

Training videos can reduce training costs

It is methodically more practical, not to mention cost-effective to produce a corporate training video than to organize a training session with individuals scattered around, getting bored; particularly if you’re managing audiences spread across different locations, time zones, etc.

Setting up a new training session every year or with every new employee will cost more money and energy from your team. Video training allows you to reuse the training material and automate your training process. But worry not about having old content, animated training videos are easy to edit and update!

What are Presenter-Style Training Videos?

Presenter-style training videos are the number one way companies use present video training. It’s a great way to present information, but it’s not the best for keeping your employees engaged and learning. They can be used to train new employees on company policies and procedures or to give refresher courses to employees who have been with the company for a while.

In presenter-style training videos, the speaker is typically shown on-screen, and the video is edited to make it look like they are giving a live presentation. This style of video can be very effective in getting your point across, as it allows employees to see and hear the speaker’s facial expressions and body language.

If you’re thinking about creating presenter-style training videos for your company, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure that the speaker is well-prepared and knows the material inside out. Second, make sure that the video is edited well and looks professional. Finally, make sure that the videos are engaging, and that employees will want to watch them.

Benefits of presenter-style training videos

People want to see other people and interact with them. Research shows that presenter-style training videos are more effective at teaching new material than other video formats.

First, learners can see and hear the trainer’s voice and facial expressions, which helps them to better understand the material. This is due to the fact that body language and facial expressions can communicate a lot of information that is not conveyed through words alone. Additionally, presenter-style videos create a sense of community among learners, as they can see and hear others taking the course as well.

This can help learners feel more connected to the material and to other people in the course, leading to a better overall learning experience.

Equipment needed to record employee training videos

For low-cost, and usually low-quality, training videos, you can record right in the office or even at home with a video camera and a tripod. There are a few different options for video cameras that can be used for employee training videos. A basic digital video camera or webcam can be used, or a more advanced camera such as a DSLR or mirrorless camera. The tripod is essential to keep the camera stable during the recording and to avoid any unwanted movement.

However, keep in mind that filming such videos in the office or at home might render the final footage to resemble yet another virtual meeting. Which in turn will not give you the benefits mentioned above, or the benefits of training videos in general.

With that being said, let us explore your options for a high-quality engaging training video.

Training Video Software

 Professionally designed videos are something many businesses take for granted. They shouldn’t. This is truly an investment because these videos will subsequently help employees to learn brisker and portray better output.

Here are a few of the recommended video software that can help you edit your training videos:

Choosing software, or better yet, an agency to handle your video training needs is the best way to approach your training needs.

Because let’s face it, if your training videos are not well done, then they will not attract, educate, or even teach your employees anything. Add to that, if you waste your precious time filming and editing, you will end up neglecting your core responsibilities at your business. We can help you! Reach out to our team at Verve videos here, and let’s talk about your training video needs!

Now that we’ve offered to lend you a hand, let’s tell you more about creating amazing corporate training videos.

6 Tips for creating an amazing corporate training video

So where to start with your high-quality corporate training video? Once you’ve decided that a corporate training video is a pertinent solution or method for your audience, how do you start with the process of creating a corporate training video?

Below is everything you need to know on how to create an amazing corporate training video. Read on!

1. Establish your core message

Ask yourself what precisely you want your audience to perceive by the end of your corporate training video. Establish succinct and doable key messages. Keep in mind that the training video will be short, hence your message needs to be conveyed in a swift and smart way.

  • Know your objective in order to identify what you need to achieve.
  • Set a fundamental goal to indicate a narrative based on that goal.

Your corporate training video must flow as a consistent unit with the main objective emphasized via the presentation.

Moreover, question yourself where your employees will watch the video and whether they engage with online videos or in-person corporate training videos. Will they presumably watch your video on work computers, or on their mobile? Answering these inquiries should lead you to how your corporate training video is supposed to be developed for utmost engagement.

Briefly, conducting a strategic plan is vital, despite the fact that corporate training videos diversify widely depending on your business and audience. Incorporate the above, and the efficacy of your training video will go sky-high.

2. Know your audience

Viewers require a connection with the information being presented for it to be engrossed in their long-term memory. Therefore, it is of utter gravity to know your target audience and use suitable language when creating a corporate training video to keep viewers well engaged. Videos can be used for various kinds of corporate training. For instance, orientation, skill or communication development, etc.

Today’s employees include both younger generations and older ones. Each has discrepant skills and exposure levels. Moreover, your team can be made up of people from diverse backgrounds, different cultures, and different orientations. So you have to keep in mind not to offend anyone and to make sure to include everyone. Accordingly, take into account the multiple layers of your target audience before creating your corporate training video.

A video well-tailored to your audience’s needs will not only help the information get through, but will also make your team feel seen and appreciated.

3. Keep videos short

Your video length is crucial. Corporate training videos should be short. Nobody favors watching long videos. In case you have various topics, it is advisable to divide them into parts, and develop a video series. Although this process is burdensome, it’s much more efficient for employees to preserve information. The ideal length for a training video is two to five minutes; a minute longer and you risk losing your audience’s attention. The sooner your employees are trained, the sooner they start being productive and nourishing your establishment.

Further, you must avoid overwhelming your audience by overloading way too much information in one short video. People have short attention spans and substantially highly busy schedules. According to Vidyard, videos that are less than 90 seconds see an average retention rate of 59%.

Contrariwise, videos above 30 minutes get only 14% of viewers. Nevertheless, if your training video is on how to create a website, it cannot possibly be wrapped up in a 3-minute session. So, whether your video content is short or a bit longer is a choice you should make keeping your target audience in mind, by using amusing and engaging material to help them learn while entertained.

4. Engage in storyline

Similarly to a good movie, your corporate training video must have a cohesive strong storyline or script. Brainstorming with your video company team and fabricating imaginative concepts to demonstrate ideas in a powerful manner. Make sure your video’s intro is captivating because viewers judge videos based on the first few seconds. Don’t we all? Once captured, you are obliged to maintain it.

Hiring talent, an engaging script will not be hard. It will be unique, especially if your video company has experience to take on this task.

Going professional is the only way. Corporate training video production is usually for internal use, nonetheless, it should still be adept. Defective scriptwriting, audio, etc will null impact on your primary objective. Influence of your corporate training videos reaches beyond exclusively educating your employees; videos further impact brand image and emotional connection your employees are conveyed via your company.

corporate training videos
corporate training videos

5. Choose your style

There are various styles for corporate training videos. Once you’ve determined your key message, it is easy to pick a style. Of course, professionals make it even easier for you. You can use video animations, whiteboard animation, infographic videos, animated explainer videos, and so forth. As long as you keep your audience feeling connected, it’s a win-win.

Additionally, you can try to mix and match a couple of different styles. Discuss with your video company how you want the audio to be, whether using eloquent language in a serious tone, or an energetic and upbeat one, etc.

To sum it up, your corporate training video is no longer a compilation of PowerPoint slides and bullet points. You communicate with audiences via various styles and types of training videos to make your concept more compelling and delightful.

6. Seek professionals for striking results

It is paramount to hire a decent video company that can create high-quality corporate training videos. They will assist you with everything, from A to Z. They will help you design a suitable training video for your business, all while handling post-production work, such as cutting scenes, editing, voice-overs, and the list goes on. Correspondingly, take notice of your company’s reputation.

A good quality video shows that you have made an effort to put together such a resourceful, effective, and engaging training video for your employees. On the other hand, a dull video proves indifference and irresponsibility.

The purpose of corporate training videos is to inform and teach employees, whilst keeping them entertained. Integrating video with some fun elements, such as animation, not only grasps employees’ attention, it also aids them to comprehend concepts way better. In essence, the chief objective of corporate training videos is to make employees skilled and prolific in carrying out their daily tasks. No one but a professional video company can help you with that mission.

Final Recommendations

Businesses are seeking ways to enrich corporate training programs, making them more intriguing and engaging simultaneously. Displaying employees with PDF course material will do nothing but make them weary.

Today, organizations are attempting to incorporate videos into their training programs because moving visuals communicate better than stagnant texts. Corporate training videos sound like an efficient way to captivate employees’ interests, keeping them immersed throughout the training process.

In 2017, 74% of online traffic was video content. This proves that individuals today are more prone to video-watching than content-reading. With all engaging and amusing videos out there, you should definitely utilize them in your business.

Producing a corporate training video is a convenient way to disperse information to large groups of people. It’s a time-saver, cost-effective, and includes way much less effort in contrast to going through tedious training sessions that are to be reworked either annually or even a multiplicity of times a year.

If you follow the above 6 steps, you can create awesome first-class corporate training videos that fascinate your viewers and allow them to conserve knowledge as much as is feasible.

If you’re looking to go a step further with your corporate training videos, reach out to us here, and we’ll talk about your video needs!