Corporate Video

A Corporate video is an excellent channel to raise awareness about your corporation, share quarterly results, or even launch a new product to your stakeholders.

Corporate videos can be created to help with any stage of your marketing funnel: Attract, Engage, Close, and Delight

These videos have the power to increase your website traffic organically, boost sales, and help your brand grow.

What is a Corporate Video?

A Corporate Video is the production of a video by a business or an organization. However, the term “Corporate Video” is actually used as an umbrella to define all types of video communication your business would make to advertise your brand to the masses.

There was a time when animated corporate videos were considered a luxury if companies wanted to include them as part of their marketing strategy. This is no longer the case. Videos are now considered to be an integral part of a broad, comprehensive marketing plan, for both SMEs and large, multinational corporations.

 The preferred video format to produce for companies of all sizes would be corporate videos. They are a smart, efficient way for you to grow your business. Video content is easy on the eye, as they are more comfortable to watch than reading articles on the internet, books, e-books, or whitepapers.

As important as reading is, videos are a more enjoyable and entertaining format that allow the viewer to better identify who you are as a company, and what it is that you do.

A corporate explainer video is a communication format that enables your business to advertise your brand to the masses, the target audience, a nd B2Bpartners.

Simply put, your business has a golden opportunity to harness the immense benefits that corporate videos can provide, whether it is for expanding your customer base, your brand image, your marketing strategy, and your ROI.

Five Key Benefits of Corporate Videos


Corporate Videos Generate Brand Awareness and Build Trust ​

When the target audience can see your business’ efforts to outline who it is as a company, what are the products and/or services it sells and how they can address their pain points and purchasing dilemmas, alongside the efforts to make your brand stand out from the competition, they can feel the passion and the sentiment. They can see the dedication demonstrated by your business to address their problems and cater to their needs.

A corporate video intended for advertising will help your target audience to know more about your brand identity, your mission statement, your values and the overall corporate culture prevalent within the company.

Thus, your business generates brand awareness, builds its brand image, bolsters its credibility, and earns the target audience’s trust.


Corporate Videos Add Personality to Your Business

Videos in general are an amalgamation of music, pictures, visuals, and narratives that build a compelling storyline for your business that grab the attention of the viewers.

For instance, a behind-the-scenes tour of your company’s offices can portray both your passion, gives an insight to customers on how the company operates, and advertise it all at once.

The more passion and enthusiasm a behind-the-scenes corporate video can convey, the more engagement your business can generate with both prospects and customers.

Corporate videos can thus be a mix of both style and substance that add a little more personality to your brand.


Corporate Videos Boost Sales and Lead to a Higher ROI

Videos in general can be an extremely effective tool that improve conversion rates. A corporate video that can answer in details FAQs regarding your company can go a long way to accelerate the cadence of conversion rates and increase sales.

When it comes to increase sales, corporate videos are not strictly confined to a live format. For instance, an animated video that explains who your business is and showcases your product or services in a visually appealing way, can appeal to buyers and prompt them to make a purchasing decision in your favor.

Carefully crafted corporate videos can attract more people towards your brand by describing the way you do customer service, describing the benefits of your products or service, yield higher ROIs and enable your business to boost sales.



Corporate Videos Act as Strong Call-to-Action for Customers

The compelling and clear message that is being sent via a corporate video generates powerful emotions from prospects and customers. Corporate videos thus have the ability to prompt customers to take it to the next level through a call to action.

A call-to-action can signify a lot of things depending on the customer’s position in the sales funnel: it can mean buying your product, subscribing to your newsletter feed, or signing up for a free trial.

Through corporate videos, your business creates solid calls-to-action, and the opportunity to inspire the viewers and generate qualified leads, and increasing the number of paying customers.


Corporate Videos Enhance Your Website’s SEO Rankings

Search engines consistently try to provide the most valuable results in their search queries.

Corporate videos are primarily educational in nature, and are thus extremely valuable to consumers who are constantly seeking answers.

Let’s say for example that a prospect is looking on a search engine for a product within your business’ market segment. Your business’ corporate video is very likely to figure among the top results on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Additionally, from a statistical standpoint, your business’ website is 53 times more likely to show up on the first page of Google if it has any video format embedded on it.

Simply put, a corporate video will do wonders SEO-wise, and will undoubtedly contribute in increasing your business’ digital visibility.

What are the Types of Corporate Videos?

Corporate Training Videos

Corporate videos are a cost and time-effective medium to train your employees and orient them at the their new job. Corporate animated videos are reusable making them a great budget-friendly method that keeps your staff entertained and can lead to an increase in productivity.

Corporate videos can reflect multiple training scenarios, and are also a great method to demonstrate any safety information. 

Corporate Communication Videos

They can serve as a fantastic tool to communicate with the working staff and deliver the message quickly and effectively. These videos are also more engaging than a simple newsletter or an email.

Corporate communication videos can also reflect positively on your image as a leader at your company. It shows that you are more engaged and more accessible to your staff, and that you understand them. 

Communication videos are also a good opportunity to create a safe environment for communication among employees to express their ideas or concerns.

faq image

Corporate FAQ Videos

If your business sells a vast array of products and receives a lot of questions on how to use them, a short FAQ video addresses those questions. These videos enable consumers to gain access to your FAQs and save your employees’ time trying to answer them. This will lead to an increased productivity in the workplace.

What are the Styles of Corporate Videos?

Live Action Video

A live-action video is a format that relies on visual motion, or photography, instead of animation. Creative Corporate Videos humanize your business and its brand identity, and aim to connect with customers in a direct way since your business is directly engaging and interacting with them.

Live Action Videos can be very humanizing which, for a corporate brand video, can be beneficial in building trust and credibility. Seeing a real person on camera can help your audience better connect with your brand.

animated explainer videos

Animated Explainer Videos

An animated explainer video relies on animated motion and allows your business to expand the creative envelope to better outline your brand image, the company policies, the products and services using creative visuals that may be real or not.

Animate corporate videos establish your company as creative and innovative. Unlike live action styles, animation has no limits, not even the sky. Animation is also easier for your audience to process. The human brain processes images 60,000 faster than it does texts.

Infographic Videos

Infographic Videos are great way to outline data, such as corporate results and high-value financial that are related to your business. Infographic videos are essentially visuals and numbers put together in an appealing way for viewers.

We’ve always said that explainer videos are great at simplifying complex ideas and that statement has never been more true. Infographic videos simplify data that is essential for your prospects but too difficult to grasp. 

Easily explained numbers and statistics are also more likely to be shared and linked by readers, boosting your visibility and helping your brand grow.

Whiteboard Animated Videos

A whiteboard animated video is a process where the creative story is gradually being drawn on a white canvas. The videos can either showcase static images or animated drawings. The story unfolds before the viewers’ very eyes. For instance, if your business want to narrate its mission statement and how its brand identity came about through use cases, then using whiteboard animated videos is a viable option.

Whiteboard animated videos are a great tool for memorization as they present information gradually. The images and concepts appear one after the other which doesn’t overwhelm the audience. It also maintains their focus since there aren’t any additional graphics to distract them.

Motion Graphic Videos

Motion Graphic Videos are basically Animated Graphic Design: animation, but with text as a major component. They are a powerful storytelling and communication tool.

Motion Graphic Videos bring static images to life almost like magic. They are an excellent medium for awakening curiosity and interest.

Their ability to grab the viewer’s attention, keep them entertained, and engage them emotionally and mentally with your message makes them an efficient branding solution for your company.

If you are aiming to promote your business, raise brand awareness, outline company policies and provide the viewers with other valuable information, well-executed corporate videos will do the trick. 

Corporate Video Examples

CWB Maxium logo
Beirut Duty Free Logo - Corporate Video

Making a Corporate Video

Corporate video productions are similar to any explainer video making process.

It is comprised of the usual pre-production phase, production, and post.


When creating a corporate video, pre-production meetings with your brand are essential. They allow us to understand your company’s values and the message you would like to convey so we can create the video in your image and your voice. Here, you can also choose the style of video you’re looking for: whiteboard, infographic, or motion graphic. Our videos are after all a reflection of you. 

 With this information, we can then proceed with our usual process. Our team brainstorms and writes the script then creates the storyboards, visualizing every scene. Our production outline is next, based on the storyboards, deciding what we need for every scene and setting our deadlines.


The first step of our production phase is creating the illustrations according to the storyboards we previously created. They’re the perfect guide for our artists to stay on track. 

Voiceovers are next, a critical element in our opinion. The personality of the video depends so much on the tone in that recording.

Once the illustrations and sounds are ready, our animators can work their magic and bring it all to life.


Our final step is to edit the video. Here, sound and motion effects are added, leaving us with the final video form.

All that’s left is premiering and delivering the video knowing it is up to your satisfaction.

Why Customizes Animated Explainer Videos

Custom-made animated videos allow you to realize your idea with no bounds or limitations. As a corporate video production agency, we custom-create all our illustrations in-house. We believe in doing this because each brand deserves to be creative, limitless, and unique. We know how much your brand means to you and your clients, so that when you’re putting your name on a video, we want for you to fully embrace it by standing with it. You can only do this if your animated video is uniquely yours and accurately represents everything your brand is about. Let’s ditch the generic cookie-cutter templates and create something as special as your brand.

Let’s put it this way: box cake mix or homemade from scratch? Isn’t it obvious? When we begin creating your video, we’re starting from scratch. This allows us to customize all our illustrations to perfectly align with your brand character. We have boundless limits in creating the theme of the story, the tone of the message, and the overall mood of the video.

With an animated explainer video that is creative and timeless, the cost is miniscule in contrast with your return. Whether it’s through increasing client traffic, boosting product sales, or building trust with clients, our videos will maximize your ROI because we know your bottom line matters beyond everything else. Optimizes Search Visibility and Customer Engagement

We don’t just make the perfect video for you, we go the extra mile to ensure wide reach and optimal search visibility. Our videos aim to personify your brand, familiarize people with it, and increase customer engagement with your website and pages by building brand loyalty and intimacy. Simplifies Complex Ideas

No idea is too complex for us to animate. No matter how big your imagination is, we translate it into visual form, ready-to-deliver to your audience. That’s the beauty of customization – we don’t believe in limiting creativity, nor do we want to deliver an explainer video that your clients may have seen somewhere else. The bigger your idea, all the more memorable your explainer video will be!