2d animated explainer video

Creating 2D Animated Explainer Videos

The purpose of creating 2D animated explainer videos is to give brands and businesses a leg up in the market, where they have a bigger advantage over their competitors in terms of visibility and awareness.

A brand will have a better shot at being noticed more if they bring in an element of graphic visuals with moving characters and objects, paired with cohesive audio and voiceovers, as well as a well thought-out script that highlights their individual stories and missions.

2D animated explainer videos exist in every aspect of our lives. You can see them in the TV shows that you watch, the video games you play, or the music videos you play in your bedrooms when you’re just chilling out. So, unless you live under a rock, you really can’t go anywhere without seeing any translated version of 2D animated explainer videos at least once or twice in a day.

What is a 2D Animated Explainer Video?

By creating 2D animated explainer videos, you’ll be able to make a real emotional impact on your target audience that will perpetuate their trust and loyalty towards your brand. 

You want to be creating a 2D animated explainer video that delivers a sensory experience that triggers a sense of relatability and introduces real-life problems, followed by your own innovative solutions to let your potential clients know that you know what they’re going through and you can help them overcome it.

We’re pretty sure that what you’ve read so far has sparked an interest in wanting to experiment with creating 2D animated explainer videos, so allow us to explain this technique even further and give you a more vivid understanding of what a 2D animation explainer video is and the whole mapped out plan of how you can create one for your own brand.

Benefits of Creating 2D Animated Explainer Videos

Creating animated explainer videos using 2D animation techniques is not only aesthetically pleasing, but will have more benefits in the long run as well. 

First of all, creating animated explainer videos is a real time saver. How many times have you had to repeat yourself and answer the same questions or explain the same process time and time again? Well, you wouldn’t have to waste your time on that with videos! 

You could provide answers to queries like what renders your business unique, what the advantages of your services or products are, and why you started your company in the first place by creating 2D animated explainer videos.

Second, utilizing the concept of 2D is smart in terms of increasing the chances of your videos visibility because it has a popular ranking on search engines, so when a potential customer is looking for something that is reflective of your brand’s services, your video will be on the top of the search results for sure. 

The more visibility your video gains, the more awareness for your brand and that will ultimately result in higher ROI.

Speaking of money, one of the main luxuries of creating 2D animation explainer videos is that it helps you save money compared to companies that use traditional billboard ads or commercials to promote their business because 2D animation is showcased on social platforms, and the internet is forever!

Another benefit of it being present on social media is that it’s easily shareable because you can just copy its link and spread it to several people in your inner circle of friends, family or colleagues, who can just keep spreading the word for you.

Creating Animated Explainer Videos for B2B

B2B animated explainer videos can help to creatively communicate to the potential businesses you want to partner with on how your services and products will benefit them greatly and why they’re a must! 

B2B animated explainer videos are all about explaining how your services can fix a problem to allow a business to have more efficiency and make more profit, and vice-versa. 

To get a better understanding, here is a perfect example of what an effective B2B partnership could look like, presented right here in this B2B animated explainer video, where a thoughtful business by the name of Vanongo promotes a seamless and speedy delivery service that will contribute to the quality of customer service that other businesses can provide for their clients.

This video had everything that a B2B animated explainer video should have. It introduced a relatable modern day problem with colorful storytelling visuals, flawlessly transitioned to talking about the solution that their service provides and even explained all its thoughtful features with a clearly communicated script and smart audio. 

Creating animated explainer videos is crucial to increase your business awareness and achieve a B2B relationship with another business.

Creating 2D Animated Explainer Videos

Having access to 2D animation explainer videos is pretty easy. If you have a budding business with a lot of potential, then might we suggest you research a couple animated explainer video companies that will certainly encourage you to go down the 2D animation route and help you with creating animated explainer videos that are graphically enticing. 

During your meeting, a company will break down the whole process of creating a 2D animated explainer video, which starts out by hearing your brand’s individual ethos and what you’re all about.

Once the company gets the complete picture of who your brand is, they will use that as a point of departure to start talking color schemes, illustrated character and object ideas, style of texts, audio, and tone, as well as curating a script that translates your products and services in a personal way that speaks to your target audience.

For instance, let’s say your brand was based on a dating app that you created. Your app’s purpose is to save people time by narrowing down the suggested matches to people who perfectly fit their standards, preferences and tastes. It might also have features that suggest what restaurants or coffee shops the matched pair would prefer, planning the beginning of their romantic journey together.

2D Animated Explainer Video
2D Animated Explainer Video

Once that idea is communicated to a company creating 2D animated explainer videos, they could start drawing up a storyboard with illustrated visuals, audio sounds and a brilliant relatable script. The company would also suggest embellishing the video with some complimentary music. All done in the name of  helping their clients achieve that desired goal  and start talking about wedding gowns as soon as possible.

If that scenario really got you excited, then imagine how your potential customers are going to feel once they get the chance to see that magic of work that you and the company you’ve partnered with has been so meticulously and creatively curated. 

If you want to turn your 2D animation explainer video fantasies into a reality, then we are here to help you start creating animated explainer videos that will knock you and your future customers’ socks off.

At Verve Videos, we absorb all the information that you’ve communicated with us about your brand’s ethos and use that knowledge to come up with a fool-proof plan that you’ll get to be building with us, in order to create a 2D animated explainer video that is guaranteed to get you the attention you want.

In addition, our choice of using 2D animation also comes from a pragmatic place because 2D animation allows us to create visuals in 2 to 4 weeks, which will help us and your brand save up a lot of time, leaving both parties with spare time to edit any flaws and guarantee total perfection in the final result.

Final Thoughts

We know we keep repeating this, but it’s’ just so hard to shut up about the exciting factors of 2D animation. At the end of the day, those types of emotional responses are a universally desired addiction. It’s what every person on this planet wants to feel and most importantly, they want to be able to see themselves in that body of work.

To put it in other terms, creating 2D animated explainer videos gives you the chance to show your potential customers what future awaits them and that following a few simple steps with the help of your brands’ guiding system can make it their present reality.

If you’re interested in turning your dreams into reality, then we would love to hear from you! Contact us through this link so that we schedule a meeting and get down to business!