Custom Animated Explainer Videos

Never underestimate the power of storytelling: share your story with the world through an animated explainer video.

What Is A Custom Animated Explainer Video?

Establishing and maintaining a company’s place in the market has been increasingly challenging, especially since the dawn of the digital era. A company’s survival is linked to its uniqueness, and the key to standing out is customization. Every single aspect of your marketing must be exceptionally compelling to make sure your product or service maintains its place in the competitive market. That is exactly what custom animated explainer videos do for your company. A professional animated video production company designs and creates a custom animated explainer video for your company’s marketing or training purposes. Always ask the company to create an animated video which bodes well with your company’s branding and core message delivery needs.

Why Use a Custom Animated Video?

The internet is swarming with free software to create animated videos, so why would you hire a professional animated video production company to create a custom animated video? A lot of companies ask why would they pay for something to get made when they could do it themselves for free? If Dropbox had asked that question, perhaps they would not have reached the same level of success they are at now. When Dropbox first started out, their landing page had nothing on it but an explainer video and a download button. In fact, Dropbox raised more than $48,000,000 as a result of posting that explainer video, which cost them only $50,000 to create!

Benefits of Using a Custom Animated Explainer Video


Brand Personalization

Custom animated explainer videos help you create a personality for your brand and effectively control how customers feel and what they think when they hear your brand’s name. Your customers need to get the feeling that your product or service was designed exclusively for them. That feeling stems from a well-designed product, targeted marketing, and custom advertising, which together create a connection with the customers, and that connection becomes a solid relationship that you build with the customers. A custom animated video made with personalization in mind provokes the positive feelings you want in customers. Even more, it ensures that these feelings are etched in their memories and reignited every time they see or hear the name of your brand.


Customized Explanation

A well-designed animated explainer video easily shows your customers exactly how to use your product or service, and it accelerates understanding and facilitates retention of information. Understanding comes before purchasing. Customers are more likely to build a connection with a product or a service after they fully understand how to use it. A custom explainer video is an ideal tool for this purpose. I the end, this, in turn, translates to a boost in sales numbers. People are watching video content online instead of on television. Studies show that most people could give up on a website within 10 seconds of opening it, so you have that long to convince them to stay. An enjoyable custom animated explainer video serves that purpose, while also increasing traffic on websites, reactions, and shares on social media pages.


Increase Traffic

More and more people are watching video content online instead of on television. But people don’t linger on websites and social media pages for anything; you must give them attractive, entertaining content that makes them want to stay. You do not have a lot of time to do that though. Studies show that most people could give up on a website within 10 seconds of opening it, so you have that long to convince them to stay. An enjoyable custom animated explainer video serves that purpose, while also increasing traffic on websites and reactions and shares on social media pages.


Increase Conversions

The conversion of leads into customers is the purpose of most websites. Having a custom explainer video on your landing page can help you meet that target by first capturing the attention of visitors and then convincing them that just like the explainer video was custom-made for your product or service, your product or service is tailor-made for them.


Highly Influential

Research shows that video is the most persuasive form of advertising. When you have so little time to convince a customer to purchase your product or service, you need something persuasive, brief, and exclusively designed for your business. 96% of shoppers said that they found videos helpful in making decisions while shopping online. A custom explainer video providing a 360-degree view of your product or service can go a long way in making up a customer’s tentative mind.

What Makes a Great Custom Animated Explainer Video

A unique animated explainer video needs special elements to emphasize its message and optimize its outcome. Perfecting all these aspects helps you get the most out of your custom animated explainer video.

A Stimulating Script

Words influence minds, and the right words can stimulate action. That is why a well-written script is the first step in creating animated videos. A professional animated video production company verbalizes your core message and translates your company’s vision into an emotion-stirring script that prompts action from the customers.

Professional Animation

Throughout this stage, it becomes evident that hiring a professional video production company to make you a custom animated video really pays off. The quality of your explainer video’s animation reflects the quality of your product or service. High-quality animation links excellence to your brand and builds a connection between your business and superiority in customers’ minds.

Complementary Elements

To complete the perfect animated explainer video, you need to pay close attention when choosing and designing every element. Outstanding animation and a great script are highlighted by adding matching music and a voiceover that reflects your brand’s identity and provides narration in the right language, dialect, and tone that would help your target audience relate to your brand. You also need to consider adding subtitles to give your explainer video an edge on social media pages where most videos are watched on mute. Every animated explainer video that has been created by VerveVideos was tailor-made to fit every marketing requirement our clients requested. Our VerveVideos team pays special attention to every aspect of each explainer video and designs it with perfection to make sure that the final result exceeds their clients’ expectations and helps them achieve the goals for which they have created a custom animated explainer video.