Canadian Western Bank (CWB), Maxium Financial

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This case study is about the Canadian Western Bank (CWB) – Maxium Financial and it serves 2 purposes, being (1) major repairs carried out by condominium corporations with the limited reserve fund money available (Condo and Strata Financing), and (2) creative financing for a business model that has recently been created (Cash Flow Financing). 

Since 1993, CWB Maxium Financial has specialized in mid-market finance and has provided innovative financing services to companies across Canada. As a member of the CWB Financial Group, CWB Maxium Financial offers strong funding resources and capital accessibility.

Direct and Effective​

Introduction to CWB and the Maxium Financial Branch

Whether you want experienced guidance and specialized financial services for your company banking, individual banking, or financial advisory, CWB offers it all.

“We work hard to be not just productive for you, but proactive. You might even say that we’re obsessed with your success.”

CWB’s Services

They specialize in business banking services for small and medium-sized businesses, with an emphasis on:

  • Financing for general commercial 
  • Financing for construction
  • Financing for commercial real estate
  • Real estate development and project finance
  • Leasing and financing of equipment

Their full-service individual banking options include:

  • Accounts for checking and savings
  • Loans
  • Mortgages
  • Investment products

CWB Financial Group

CWB Financial Group is a multi-faceted financial services organization that specializes in banking, trust, and wealth management. They’ve evolved from a single branch in Edmonton, Alberta, to a western-based, federally licensed financial institution with a nationwide presence since 1984.

CWB Maxium Financial Group

The CWB Maxium Financial Group is a branch under the CWB Financial Group. Their financial portfolio today surpasses $2 billion.

They take pleasure in being “present, active, and engaged in the markets they finance,” which include healthcare, condominium and strata maintenance and repair, renewable energy, golf leasing, business acquisition and/or succession, and structured plan funding.

However, all of this workload is balanced out in a way that renders their employees’ work-life balance pleasurable. Check out their Community and Culture Philosophy!

Verve Videos’ Help

Why CWB Maxium Financial Chose Us

CWB Maxium Financial approached us to develop a sequence of 2 videos detailing 2 points:

  • The first is the main renovations carried out by condos corporate entities with the constrained contingency fund money available (Condo and Strata Financing)
  • The second is inventive financing for a newly established business model (Cash Flow Financing)

Everyone who has ever walked the Earth has had an influence on those around them, and that is what we aim to do. CWB Maxium Financials’ philosophy mentioned above works in tandem with our core belief, being that people work best when their personal needs are met. This is why our intuitive and attentive team do their best to meet our clients’ needs in a comfortable and safe-space working environment.

We also believe that even something as simple as a short video can have a significant and profound impact on people who view it and those for whom it is intended, and this is precisely what the CWB Maxium Financial group saw in us.

We’re a modest team of creatives and experts aiming to produce the ideal animated explainer video for any purpose you have and in any industry you belong to.

How Explainer Videos Help Financial Institutions


Financial institutions play critical roles in all economies; they manage financial inclusion and are the major source of credit for large segments of the economy. The financial sector also aids in the movement of resources from those with excess (depositors) to those with a deficit (debtors).

People working at financial institutions have a variety of duties, which include, but are not limited to:




Handling and guiding clients’ financial decisions, encompassing demonstrations on cash flows, for example

Approving and assessing overdraft fees and loans

Describing their organization’s services and products



Expressing proposals within the company (managers + teams)

Educating clients and prospects about financial concepts (website / bank’s TVs [loop] / social media / TV…) and different types of loans in each serviced sector

All of these roles, in addition to certain goals such as reporting to superiors and producing more leads to convert into clients, necessitate connection and engagement with individuals of various ages, backgrounds, and knowledge bases.

As a result, it should come as no surprise that finance professionals face a number of challenges when it comes to carrying out their duties, which will be reviewed next before focusing on how these professionals can use explainer videos to make their lives easier.

As for the CWB Maxium Financial Group, these responsibilities are undertaken in several sectors, as mentioned above, and these sectors include everything from healthcare and condominium repairs to golf leasing.

Pain Points

Because the financial business requires frequent interaction with a variety of individuals, finance professionals encounter a number of problems that must be overcome in order to retain the company’s inherent value and customer happiness.

Some of these hassles are:

  • Competing against other financial institutions
  • Retaining customers
  • Getting fresh leads
  • Monitoring and meeting the needs of customers
  • Managing a loss of faith in financial institutions
  • Upholding the institution’s image and work ethics

This appears to be a lot to cope with, doesn’t it? What you might be keen to know is that we are here to assist you in overcoming these obstacles, as well as most other issues you might bring to us. Continue reading to find out how.​

How Animated Explainer Videos Can Help

It’s no mystery that videos, in general, are an excellent tool for promoting various topics or services, and that they are far more interesting than text, particularly in the business sector. Animated explainer videos, on the other hand, bring a plethora of benefits to financial organizations, and here’s why:

  • Animated explainer videos assist you in presenting your services by discussing them in an easy-to-understand manner.
  • Animated explainer videos can also help you establish trust in your organization thanks to their friendly and transparent approach.
  • Animated explainer videos help you reach out to new clientele on a larger scale because video traffic accounts for 80% of all user Internet content and videos are easily shareable. 

Our Collaboration with CWB Maxium Financial

We worked on 2 videos alongside CWB Maxium Financial. Their goal was to provide clients with a more convenient yet comprehensive way of explaining the most sought-after services that they provide.

Animated Tutorial Videos

Condo and Strata Financing

This first animated explainer video tackles the question of how major repairs are carried out by condominium corporations with the limited reserve funds available. To answer this question, our script began by introducing CWB Maxium Financial after first dropping the aforementioned question. 

We then proceeded by animating the goal of their project, which is helping clients spread out the costs of their projects with little to no increases in condo fees (in most cases).

After that, our animated explainer video depicts the video’s mascot briefly explaining that a condo corporation loan is not the same as a residential mortgage, because many clients tend to mix up the definitions of these 2 notions. This covers the first objective of the first video.

The board that the video’s mascot is using to explain what a condo corporation loan is highlights the most important pieces of information that she mentions.

Our animated explainer video then zooms out to offer a view of the region surrounding the CWB Maxium Financials’ building while the voiceover reassures the viewers that making an investment in a condominium loan is the safest bet for them as well as the condo’s owners.

The first animated explainer video ends with a call-to-action that encourages people to visit CWB Maxium Financials’ website to learn more about the topic that the video discusses alongside their slogan that emphasizes the notion that their obsession is with their clients’ successes.


Cash Flow Financing

The second animated explainer video we created alongside CWB Maxium Financial tackles the issue of creative financing for a business model that has recently been created. 

To grab the target audience’s attention, we began our script with the difficulty that they might be facing: the prospect has recently developed a new business model and is looking for the right type of financing. Right after this, the video mentions CWB Maxium Financials’ Cash Flow Financing service. 

Right off the bat, the voiceover and the displayed animations expose the viewers to the different services that the financial group caters for, being acquisition, ownership succession, or growth initiatives. By being straightforward, the video saves people’s time and makes them eager to watch more. 

Our animated explainer video then begins introducing the service’s aspects, or, in other words, the ways in which it would help the prospects who end up being clients of the CWB Maxium Financial group.

A very important point that the video also highlights is that the financial group deals with tangible as well as intangible assets, alongside animations that fit each.

The last part of the video is about CWB Maxium Financials’ current standings, which serves the purpose of proving their worth to the video’s viewers.

After this, the second animated explainer video ends with the same call-to-action and slogan as the first video.


The economy is divided into several separate components known as sectors. These sectors are made up of various enterprises that offer goods and services to consumers.

A sector is made up of enterprises that offer a comparable product or service. The financial services industry is one of the most significant parts of the economy since it acts as the bedrock for various other sectors.

If you are considering establishing a business or want to improve the efficiency of one you currently own, engaging a financial specialist can be beneficial.

A lot of nuances go into making a business work effectively, and few entrepreneurs have the precise expertise and experience required to respond to all of them adequately.

By working with CWB Maxium Financials, you could save time, anxiety, and the repercussions of mistakes by contacting independent experts on issues such as framework, taxes, and funding.

Their many services are at their clients’ disposal, and your best interests are at the heart of their work.

Last but not least, videos, particularly animated explainer videos in all their types, can greatly boost a business’ reputation and understanding of its services because videos have become an integral part of our society.

This being said, whether you’re a business owner looking to create a video for your company or a member of the financial industry, feel free to contact us for a discussion of your project and a free quote on the costs of collaborating with us!