Demo Videos

Product demo videos and software demo videos that showcase a product or service in action provide definitive proof that it will work. Offering product demo videos and software demo videos to your customers will go a long way in explaining to them how a product or a service works.

What is a Demo Video?

A demo video is a video type that illustrates how a product or a service works by showing it in action. Product demo videos and software demo videos have become the favored means of spreading word on either an emerging technology or a new feature in an existing application, for example.

Demo Videos: Benefits

A demo video is thorough and compelling

Investing in product demo videos and software demo videos is a solid way to communicate your product or your service’s value to viewers. There are a number of different ways for your business to communicate its value proposition to current or potential customers through a demo video. 

The main idea is that these videos demonstrate a real-life use of said product and/or service and provide the customer with visual proof of their functionality.

Animated demo videos are among the best sales tools your business will have at its disposal. In essence, they address prospects’ specific product or service-related concerns by potentially eliminating any preconceived notions or misinformation based on hearsay in the marketplace.

They also generate interest, instill a sense of ownership of the product or service, and  ultimately entice prospects to actually make a purchasing decision in your favor.

A demo video is a key sales pitch enhancer

Since people tend to be visual learners, companies must understand the value of using product demo videos and software demo videos to showcase practical functions.

Demo videos essentially show a product or a service’s worth, instead of just telling your viewers how good it is. Demo videos constitute a crucial point of interaction between your product or your service and the end-user. uses demo videos to help increase its client awareness.

Best Product Demo Videos

Wondering how a product demo video can be the “best?” Well, there are several points to take into consideration. But first, remember this: “show, don’t tell.”

Sometimes, even the best product demo videos fail to establish personal connections with customers is one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome when conducting business online and failing to create the best product demo video.

Your product or service is fantastic, we’re sure. When you sit people down and talk about your product or service, they can hear the excitement in your voice and see the enthusiasm on your face. The passion and intimate connection make for an effective pitch.

That is challenging to duplicate online, especially when striving to make the best product demo video.

Many companies immediately think of making a screencast of themselves using their products and navigating menus when they hear the phrase “demo video.” They demonstrate the product or service, but they do not really present it in a bigger picture.

This produces excellent customer service or product tour videos (where the consumer has already purchased the product), but it does not produce an engaging demo video experience. The best product demo videos explain how the product operates and convince viewers to pay attention. 

They don’t have the same aggressiveness as sales ads, but they do provide context for the viewer to evaluate the benefits. To assist viewers make the connections and understand how each feature might be useful, it only takes a line or two. 

So, what qualifies a “best product demo video?” You tell us! Check out this software demo video we created for Beirut Duty Free for an example of a good demo video.