Video Marketing for eCommerce: 6 Types of Videos That Will Help You Sell More

It’s well established that eCommerce marketing videos build trust and increase engagement levels. Video can help shoppers understand how products work, how they are worn, or how they are assembled, which can help them make more informed purchasing decisions.

However, many companies tend to get confused about which type of video marketing is best used to help them convert and sell more.

It’s important to understand that each eCommerce business has its own unique needs, and so its marketing strategies must be tailored to its goals to see a revenue uplift.

Before discussing the 6 types of eCommerce marketing videos and how to use each of them, we’ll first remind you WHY your business is yearning for more videos in your marketing strategy!

4 Reasons Why your Business Needs a Video Marketing Strategy

Video converts viewers into customers

Users on numerous digital platforms are increasingly consuming video content with every swipe and every profile they visit. Creating video content for your eCommerce business on your website and on your social media platforms is one of the best ways to organically appear on your target audience’s pages and catch their attention.

By showing off your eCommerce products with video and showing viewers exactly how your products work, you will be answering consumers’ objections head-on and in turn, converting them into customers.

Based on a 2022 video marketing survey, 86% of video marketers have said that video has been effective in generating leads in their campaigns.

And as predicted by Cisco, 82% of global internet traffic will come from either video streaming or video downloads in the coming years.

Video builds trust between you and your audience

In a time when anyone can write text or design a post, people are becoming more skeptical of which brands to trust, especially in the eCommerce industry. This is where video content comes to save the day.

When your brand creates video content from short Instagram Reels to detailed Youtube videos, you are portraying to your customers that you know what you’re doing and you’re confident enough to show them through video.

In addition, video content can help you to show your expertise and knowledge on the topic at hand. When potential customers or clients see that you are an expert in your field, they will be more likely to trust you and work with you.

Video is both a more organic and more interactive type of content than still images and text. Viewers relate more to seeing real faces, or even simply hearing the human voice-over in animated videos.

When creating a video, be sure to focus on building trust with your viewers by talking directly to them and addressing their specific needs.

Mobile users crave video

The rise of video consumption on mobile phones is somewhat undeniable and unmissable. Instead of opening their laptops, users are preferring the ease and convenience of consuming content through their mobile devices. Who can blame them?

Even your eCommerce storefront should adapt to mobile use because an increasing number of consumers are even shopping online through their mobile devices!

To put it into perspective, about 90% of consumers use their mobile devices to watch video content. And according to Youtube, 70% of video consumption on their platform is done via mobile devices. So if you want your business to reach more people, you cannot miss out on creating video content.

Video is the best content for social media

Have you noticed that almost all digital platforms are adopting ‘TikTok style’ video content?

Even Youtube, the home of video content, added a Youtube Shorts section on their platform!

People all over the world are consuming video content on their social media platforms, and more social media platforms are adopting a video-centered algorithm.

If you’ve been on Instagram lately, then you must have noticed how the algorithm is largely pushing video content over image content. And more platforms are following in their footsteps.

The reason behind pushing video content on social media is simple. Users are losing interest due to their decreasing attention spans and the enormous amount of content posted every single day. So video content proved to be attractive, easy to digest, and loved by social media users.

6 types of eCommerce videos you need in your marketing strategy

Close-up Product Videos

Video Creation Done from Scratch​

eCommerce marketing product videos put buyers in a state where they feel as if they’re holding the product themselves.

Close-up product video marketing zooms in on your product and showcases specific features that may not be noticeable to viewers in usual website pictures.

Close-up product video marketing also allows you to demonstrate functions that need to be observed very closely. It might even be used for the sole purpose of displaying a product from different angles or showing its size and dimensions.

The most important note on close-up product video marketing is that they leave absolutely nothing to the buyer’s imagination. After watching a close-up video, consumers are left knowing exactly what they will receive.

While shooting such an eCommerce marketing video, make sure you capture every detail so customers can understand what they’re buying.

Overview Product Videos

An overview product video goes into detail more than any other video marketing method. Video marketing product videos go in-depth into the features and benefits of a product.

This type of eCommerce marketing video usually features a speaker demonstrating the benefits of the product and why customers need it. This video content marketing strategy builds excitement for a product, especially when the video marketing services set a countdown for the launch date.

One of the major objections to eCommerce is the uncertainty of receiving products that look like their pictures online and that actually perform what’s promised online.

Therefore, when potential customers watch an overview product video, they are more likely to make the purchase because they know more about the product and its details.

In your overview product videos, make sure you place the product in a relatable setting to make it more attractive and easier for the customer to imagine what it would look like in their hands.

explainer videos

Testimonial Videos

Video testimonials provide powerful and persuasive proof of your product’s quality and effectiveness. In short, people trust people more than they trust businesses. People are more motivated to buy a product when it has good and detailed reviews from real customers.

It’s essential for a video marketing agency to include video testimonials in their video marketing services to persuade the customer further.

Consumers believe recommendations from their friends and family more than any other form of advertising. In fact, most users actually check around 40 online reviews before trusting a website’s star rating, let alone making a purchase.

An optimal eCommerce marketing strategy would include your customers’ reviews that describe specifically what they like about the product, how it solved their problem, and how it changed their life.

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Product Tutorial Videos

A product tutorial video demonstrates how a customer can use the product with step-by-step instructions, unlike product overview videos that highlight the features of a product in broad strokes. Most of these tutorial videos are usually eCommerce animation videos.

These product videos are extremely handy especially when tackling skeptical buyers who worry about being disappointed or frustrated when using the product. This is also important for advanced digital products or products that require installation.

When using such eCommerce animation videos, buyers will watch their goal getting achieved with your product firsthand and learn how to use all of its features. A thorough tutorial should be enough to convince them!

Most importantly, with the guidance of tutorial videos, companies can guarantee the success of customers when they use the product. It will save a business from dealing with frustrated customers, give the customer service department one less problem to worry about and improve their overall customer experience.

Video Message from the Founder/CEO

A message from the Founder or the CEO video is the best trust tactic a video marketing strategy can implement. Your video marketing agency should prioritize this video in your eCommerce marketing video strategy as it’s a deal breaker for some consumers.

Featuring a company’s CEO in a video will personalize the brand, build more trust, and position the brand as a brand that cares.

When a CEO is humble enough to build a relationship with their customers, it will create a deep connection with the company’s audience and customers.

This underrated eCommerce marketing video strategy can be used for multiple purposes. A CEO can express gratitude to loyal customers, send a holiday blessing, or even explain more about a product.

All you need for this type of eCommerce marketing video is your charismatic and confident CEO and you’re ready to go!

eCommerce Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are a popular and widely used video marketing method. An explainer video goes a step further from overview videos where it shows the customer, the product, and their journey. The video would usually tell a story about a customer’s journey from start to finish.

A typical explainer video first shows the problem or challenge that a potential customer might be facing, then it demonstrates exactly how the product solves the issue for them.

A professional video marketing agency usually explains the product within one minute. In the span of a minute, the agency can work with the emotional side of customers by highlighting their pain points and showing them why they need a certain product to be happy.

Using explained videos allows you to paint the full picture to your audience before they purchase the product. Make sure you answer whatever objections they might have that are stopping them from making the purchase!

eLearning videos

How to implement video in your marketing strategy successfully

Now you might have a great video production company on your side, but how will your videos actually convert leads and make more money?

eCommerce marketing video strategies don’t simply end when you publish a video. In reality, the process never really ends.

Businesses must:

  • Work on understanding the nature of each social media platform and its users.
  • Post suitable video content for each social media platform at hand.
  • Look closely and study the video performance after posting.
  • Continue to interact with viewers and commenters to encourage more views and engagement.
  • Learn from analytics and adjust posting habits like posting time, type of content, and length of copy.

Videos can be used all throughout your marketing plan from posting videos in retargeting ads to wisely embedding them on your website. In all cases, you will need your marketing team to be on their best performance.

The bottom line is, videos serve companies all throughout the marketing campaign if used properly, posted on suitable platforms, and accompanied with the right follow-up.

Final Thoughts

Your eCommerce marketing strategy is not complete without video content and that’s what the numbers show!

Video content is a rapidly growing form of content that both users and social media platforms are loving. So it’s your chance to win over your customers and beat the algorithm!

Particularly in eCommerce marketing, your strategy should ensure that video content is present in almost every customer touch point to help them get a better idea and help smoothly move them along with their buying decision.

If you want a video that will convert leads and help improve your customer journey, contact us at for assistance in any video marketing service you need!

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