It’s well established that eCommerce marketing videos build trust and increase engagement levels.  However a lot of companies are confused on which type of video marketing to use. Each eCommerce business has its own needs that must be satisfied to see a revenue uplift. Here, we will discuss six types of eCommerce marketing videos and how to use each of them.

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Product videos: a close-up

eCommerce marketing product videos put buyers in a state where they feel as if they’re holding the product themselves. Close-up product video marketing zooms in on your product and showcases specific features that may not be noticeable to viewers in pictures. Close up product video marketing also demonstrates a function that needs to be observed very closely. It might even be for the sole purpose of displaying a product from different angles.

The most important note on close-up product video marketing videos is that they leave absolutely nothing to the buyer’s imagination. While shooting such an ecommerce marketing video, capture every detail so customers can understand what they’re buying.

Product Video: and overview

An overview product video goes into details more than any other video marketing method. Video marketing product videos go in-depth into the features and benefits of a product. This type of e-commerce marketing video usually features a speaker demonstrating the upsides of the product and why customers need it. This video content marketing strategy builds excitement for a product, especially when the video marketing services set a countdown for the launch date.

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Testimonial Video

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Video testimonials provide powerful and persuasive proof. People will be motivated to buy a product when it has good reviews from customers. It’s essential for a video marketing agency to include video testimonials in their video marketing services.

Consumers believe in recommendations from friends and family more than any other forms of advertising. Most users actually check around 40 online reviews before trusting a website’s star-rating, let alone making a purchase.  

An optimal eCommerce marketing strategy would have your customers describe specifically what they like about the product, how it solved their problem, and how it helped their life.

Product Tutorial Video

A product tutorial video demonstrates how a customer can use the product with step-by-step instructions, unlike product overview videos that highlight the features of a product in broad strokes. Most of these tutorial videos are usually eCommerce animation videos.

These product videos are extremely handy especially when tackling skeptical buyers who worry of being disappointed or frustrated when using the product. When using such eCommerce animation videos buyers will witness their goal getting achieved with your product first hand, and that should be enough to convince them.

Most importantly, with the guidance of tutorial videos, companies can guarantee the success of customers when they use the product. It will save a business from dealing with frustrated customers and give the customer service department one less problem to worry about. 

Video Message from the Founder/CEO

A message from the Founder or the CEO video is the rarest video marketing method, but when executed properly, it can leave the greatest. No video marketing agency should eliminate this type from its eCommerce marketing video. 

Featuring a company’s CEO in a video will perfectly personalize the brand. When a CEO is humble enough to build a relationship with their customers, it will create a deep connection with the company’s audience and customers. 

This underrated eCommerce marketing video strategy can be used for multiple purposes. A CEO can express gratitude to loyal customers, send a holiday blessing or explain more about the product.

All you need for this type of ecommerce marketing video is a photogenic and charismatic CEO and the business is ready to go.

eCommerce Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are a popular and widely used video marketing method. An explainer video explains the product in a video. The video would usually tell a story about a customer’s journey from start to finish. A typical explainer video first shows the problem or challenge that a potential customer might be facing, then it demonstrates how the product solves the issue for them.

A professional video marketing agency usually explains the product within one minute. In the span of barely a minute the agency can hit on the emotional side of customers to show them why they need a certain product.

eCommerce marketing videos first require choosing which type of videos you need. However, the process never really ends. Companies must keep posting the video on social media and interacting with followers. Videos can also be used in retargeting ads, or be embedded on the website Bottom line, videos serve companies throughout the marketing campaign.

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