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How and Why eLearning Videos are Essential

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For thousands of years, Humanity resorted to teaching ideas, theories and concepts of all kinds in-person. In the Digital Age, a host of new technologies became available, and have brought with them a vast array of changes all across the learning landscape. One of the most popular methods lies in harnessing the power of the Internet and use it as a learning tool. This particular method is commonly known as e-learning.

E-learning is a method that is on the ascendency. It has introduced various mediums that can enrich, enhance, and optimize the learning experience, whether it is for students, trainees, and/or employees, and even companies that want to explain and demonstrate how their products and/or services work..

More particularly, e-learning videos have become very efficient training  and educational tools, and are increasingly becoming the preferred method of learners who are growing up in the age of online video sharing platforms such as YouTube , or massive online course providers (MOOC) providers such as Udemy.

Simply put, e-learning videos offer the ability to deliver a fully immersive learning experience for practically all concepts and skills, regardless of whom the provider may be, such as schools, universities, startups, and even corporations. Here are some of the benefits videos offer to make the e-learning process a smoother and more engaging process.

E-learning Videos Enhance Interactivity and Enable Viewers to Become More Proactive

Interactivity can be defined as the process of two people, or two entities, working and communicating together. From an e-learning standpoint, it is a two-way communication between e-trainers and the learners themselves.

For instance, Live training sessions can be a stressful experience for slow learners who cannot ask the trainer to constantly repeat himself when teaching a certain concept.

E-learning videos eliminate that stress, since learners can rewind or replay certain parts of the video as many times as they see fit, to get a better grasp of the concept that they are trying to learn. 

Thus, e-learning videos can also be regarded as interactive videos, since they can lead to increase the productivity levels of learners, who are more drawn toward the video since it is offering a practical solution to their learning problems.

E-learning Videos Can be Accessible Via Multiple Devices

Any device that supports different multimedia platforms can be used for e-learning videos. Learners and employees can access the e-learning videos via their PC, laptops, or mobile phones. 

E-learning videos thus offer flexibility to the users and enable them to keep in touch with e-learning content on a constant basis.

E-learning Videos are both Cost and Time-Effective

A video-based format offers ease and flexibility to both the trainer and the learner. An e-learning video provides the opportunity to communicate a certain message succinctly and more effectively, can be accessed anywhere and anytime, and can drastically reduce costs.

For example, a learner does not need to drive to a particular learning center to learn a particular course. Employees do not have to stay extra hours at the workplace to be trained on a new software or a new production method.

From a time-effectiveness perspective, videos can be delivered with relative ease. More specifically, they are only a few clicks, or a few swipes away, from being accessed across multiple devices.

Additionally, videos can deliver short, intensive bursts of information that are generally consumed in less time than it would take to read.

E-learning Videos Optimize the Gamification Process

E-learning videos can harness the power of interactive techniques and increase gamification. They can employ the strategies used in games, such as scoreboards, bonus points, quizzes and feedback, to engage learners for longer periods of time and help them solve complex problems more easily. 

According to a study by Deloitte, 80% of learners claim to be more productive if the e-learning videos incorporate elements related to gamification.

E-learning Videos are Easily Shareable

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One of the biggest benefits of videos is their shareability. In today’s connected, social-media-driven world, videos that are interesting and engaging have the ability to reach a huge audience.

For instance, e-learning videos can be easily integrated on Facebook, Twitter, or even YouTube. They constitute great platforms for addressing complex and difficult topics, and can be re-watched as many times as necessary by viewers.

On top of that, social media platforms contain comment sections. This means that a well-executed e-learning video can generate online discussions and help viewers who were unable to fully grasp concepts outlined in those videos, to understand them via that comment section. Social media platforms thus fuel productive discussions and encourage audience participation.

E-learning Videos Enable Micro-learning

Microlearning is the process of the process of breaking large pieces of information into smaller, bite-sized content to learners. Microlearning thus deals with smaller learning units and short-term learning activities.

E-learning videos can effectively dissect large, complex topics into smaller modules. Learners will have time to watch these smaller modules to better absorb them, thus increasing memory retention, and shorten the learning curve for viewers.

eLearning videos

All in all, video is an omnipresent, ubiquitous technological medium at the disposal of learners and employees. Additionally, they are here to stay, since they are one of the fastest growing areas of the internet. According to a study by Cisco, video content will account for a staggering 82% of all internet traffic by 2022.

Well-executed, carefully-curated e-learning videos  act as vehicles, or catalysts that help transform current learning practices to better address the needs and expectations of today’s learners. is a Canada based animated explainer video production company that has worked with international names including, and Hershey’s. Are you ready to discuss your next animated explainer video project? We’d love to hear from you! Call us at +1-833-333-2578 or drop an email [email protected]

eLearning videos

eLearning videos

eLearning videos

eLearning videos

eLearning videos

eLearning videos

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