Qualities of best explainer video company

It isn’t possible to find excellent explainer video company on the web today without doing some deep research into what makes an explainer video company good. On the surface, a good explainer video company can create explainer videos that take the best qualities of the client’s product or service and present them in a short (60 to 90 seconds), concise, and engaging way. In addition to the quality of the explainer videos, however, the way that an explainer video company presents itself also plays a big part in how successful they are and what type of clients they are looking to work with.

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A great explainer video studio makes aesthetically pleasing content.

People watch more video content today than at any other time in history, so no matter how good the content or message of the video is, an explainer video that is going to keep people’s attention needs to look good. In fact, the more of the message that is conveyed using eye-catching imagery rather than auditory or text-based ques, the more effective an explainer video is likely to be.

An article in The Future Academy analyzing the role of aesthetic communication in advertising concluded that “regardless of its value or depiction, any advertising image is expressed through artistic language”, or to put it simply the real meat of an explainer video lies in its style rather than what it represents. The best explainer video company with an effective explainer video studio should produce content that is aesthetically pleasing enough to sell you a vacuum cleaner as effectively as a blockbuster movie.

Audio shouldn’t be ignored in the animated explainer video production cycle.

Just having a visually appealing base won’t make you the best possible explainer video. Stimulating people’s auditory sense is also (although to a lesser extent) a significant part of creating a well-rounded experience for your audience. An explainer video company has the responsibility to appropriately allocate resources to different parts of the animated explainer video production process so that you do not neglect the V.O as well as the audio quality and style of the video, as they play a big role in enhancing the visuals of an explainer video.

If you want proof of the power of audio in ads, just look at the audio ads on music streaming services like Spotify, which are according to marketing-interactive “2x as likely to lift purchase intent and information intent than display ads.” We are bombarded by sounds almost to the same extent as videos, and so the best explainer video companies focus a lot of their effort on integrating audio that elevates all the other parts of an explainer video.

Video company
Video Company

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How the best explainer video maker puts it all together.

The best quality of an explainer video is its ability to present large amounts of information simply yet concisely so that your audience is not overwhelmed by the information in the video but is still fully aware of all of the content. There is a reason why how-to videos are so popular, people don’t want the video form of a manual as they watch an explainer video, so it is the job of an explainer video maker to provide the main points that are relevant to the audience’s needs.

When all is said and done your viewer should be able to tell you what the product or service is, what it does, and why they would want to buy it; if they can’t get all that info from the first time they watch the video, then are most likely to enquire about it any further. That is why an explainer video company acts as the gatekeeper providing a channel for the audience to engage with your client and their product or service.

Good explainer video maker tells a meaningful story.

Besides all the flash of the visual and sound effects, the people who are going to watch the video need a reason to act on what they have seen. A great explanatory video maker doesn’t only research their client and their product or service, but also the current digital climate, including the major issues that people, specifically your target audience, care about. You don’t have much time during an explainer video to establish a detailed connection between what you are trying to sell and the real-world impact based on current events, so the explainer video company needs to use this limited time to stimulate people’s affection.

Creating a custom explainer video that satisfies your client.

While the majority of an explainer video company’s focus should be on the audience and their reactions, they also have to keep in mind that they are working to achieve their client’s vision, not theirs. The best explainer video company knows that it will have to make decisions that it might not agree with if the client asks for it, even if those decisions might not be standard video production procedure.

After all the custom explainer video can only be considered a success if the client believes that they said everything that they wanted in the way that they want, which in turn established trust between the explainer video company and the client making them more likely to work with them in the future.

But how can you find the best explainer video company for you? We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you locate the best explainer video companies in Canada, as well as a guide for finding the best explainer video company wherever you are; you’re welcome.

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