Behind the Scene of an Animated Explainer Video Company

Explainer Video Company: Behind the Scenes

The production process of an animated explainer video is an art and science in itself. Visually, the aesthetics, storyline sequence, and how the characters interact with each element – this is an art. The tools that we use to bring this art to life – we have it down to a science.

A mere few seconds that aren’t properly calibrated or coordinated can miss an opportunity. is an animated explainer video company that has perfected a formula that works, simultaneously and deliberately leaving plenty of room for customization, so your product animation video is uniquely yours.

The Production Process of an Animated Explainer Video Company

As your vision for your new animated explainer video is simmering, allow us to introduce you to the production process of creating an animated video for business. Along each stage, we’ll be right there guiding you, keeping you in the loop on what’s currently taking place, what’s next, and how it fits into the overall production process for an animated explainer video.

Stage I: Pre-Production – Planning and Conceptualizing

Whether it’s a product animation video or an animated video for business, conceptualization comes first. With our creative team, we begin by collaboratively forming an idea for the video that speaks to your brand’s goals. With a cohesive concept in mind, we have a defined sense of direction and can proceed – one step closer to video animation.

Research and Planning

We’re experts at video animation, but we know that you know your industry best, so we allow you full liberty to share your industry trends, target audience, and your objectives. Don’t fret, if you’re not sure which direction to take, or who your target audience is, we’ll happily oblige. Planning is key and it’s the perfect backdrop for what’s next.

The Script

We’re putting pen to paper and beginning to build the foundation of your animated explainer video. The script tells your story, so it needs to have equal parts information and creativity. You’ll cover all your selling points in an engaging, persuasive, captivating way. Building a narrative for your video is important because it is the auditory tool used to engage your audience and allow your message to resonate.

The Storyboard

Here’s the fun part – the visuals. The storyboard breaks down your animated explainer video into scenes to complement the script. When you choose, you’re choosing custom-created illustrations, made in-house. What does this mean? It means that, as an animated explainer video company that has created videos for global brands, every time we start a new project, we start over and create all the illustrations from scratch.

Your storyboard is no different – you won’t see generic cookie-cutter visuals. Every character, structure, and graphic is yours and yours only. This allows you to customize your animated explainer video with your brand character and image. The storyboard is an essential prerequisite to video animation because it allows us to align our visual direction. Once we have your go-ahead, we proceed to production.

Explainer Video Company
Explainer Video Company

Stage II: The Production – Where the Magic Happens!

We have the concept in mind, we’ve put down a script and complemented it with a storyboard – we’re ready to start the production process.

Finding Right Voice Talent

Every animated video needs the perfect voiceover to invoke the right emotion, character, and tone. At, the voice talent is important. Whether you prefer a female or male voice, we nail the pace of the narration and deliver the message with personality and integrity.

Background Music

This goes without saying but, background music sets the mood and complements the script to signal your audience’s auditory receptors.

Animation – Where The Real Fun Begins

Time to amalgamate all our creativity! For video animation, the assets created for the storyboard are brought to Adobe After Effects. Each element; planning, script, storyboard, voiceover, and music come together to create the magical experience of a custom animated explainer video.

Although we’re close to culmination, we’re not there yet. The final but crucial step to completion is post-production!

Stage III:  Post-Production – The Finishing Touches

Reviewing and editing are pivotal to delivering animated explainer videos that are second to none. Every transition, movement, and sound bite has to flow for the entire animated explainer video to be seamless. In the post-production phase, to ensure the most pleasurable viewing experience, we refine all aspects of the video.

As an animated explainer video company, we’re committed to taking the time to review every little, nitty-gritty detail and apply edits as needed. Once you have your final cut, your animated explainer video is ready to be shared with the world!

If you have an exciting idea for an animated explainer video project, we’re on standby with our thinking caps on and our creativity flowing. is an animated explainer video company that has created animated explainer videos for globally recognized brands including, Hershey’s and eThink.

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