• City of Mississauga Case Study – Mississauga Matters


Leading up to Ontario’s provincial elections in June of 2018, the City of Mississauga launched their Mississauga Matters campaign to highlight the City’s top priorities and encourage residents to vote. As the 6th largest city in Canada continues to grow, their goal with the campaign was to call on the help of the provincial government in providing investments to support and maintain this growth. We helped the City of Mississauga do this by creating a series of three animated videos to explain each campaign priority, while also using the videos as a tool to engage residents to vote. Our collaboration with the City of Mississauga was a special one because it is the birthplace of VerveVideos.com.


The Mississauga Matters campaign aimed to achieve the following:

  1. Engage Mississauga residents in the City’s top three priorities: Public Transit, Infrastructure and Affordable Housing.
  2. Position Mississauga residents and businesses at the forefront of the provincial candidates’ priorities.
  3. Drive engagement and encourage residents to make an informed vote for a provincial candidate.

To fulfill the campaign’s goals, the City chose animated videos as their method of reaching, engaging and resonating with residents. The videos would first and foremost serve as an introductory explanation of the priorities. Our goal was to create videos that explain each of the three priorities simply and concisely. Using the videos as a means of communicating with residents, we would be able to increase awareness thus maximizing voter turnout for the provincial elections.


We created a video for each of the City’s priorities – Public Transit, Infrastructure and Affordable Housing. To present these serious issues in a manner that’s easy to absorb, we opted for fun illustrations, giving the videos an overall cheerful theme. We preserved the gravity of the issues by explaining the current state of each in the voiceover, emphasizing the need for support from a provincial partner. The videos were narrated by the City of Mississauga’s Mayor, Bonnie Crombie, encouraging her message to resonate with residents.

Affordable Housing

The video begins by showing the Mississauga skyline, illustrating a cluster of the City’s landmarks, narrating the growing demand to live in this world-class city. The video shows a middle-income couple contemplating buying a house as the video emphasizes their experience being priced out of the housing market. The video then highlights the benefits of families living close together and the sacrifices people make to be able to afford their home, while showing the beautiful diversity of the City of Mississauga. To define affordable housing, we used straightforward motion graphics. This is an important concept, so we ensured to relay it in a clear and memorable way. When introducing the Making Room For The Middle strategy, we set an optimistic tone for the rest of the video with the tonation of the Mayor’s voice as well as the background music. The video presents the potential possibilities for the housing market, then calls for a provincial partner who will make affordable housing a reality. We conclude the video by inspiring residents with a sense of responsibility to the community with ‘we’re all in this together’, empowering them to vote. The video ends with the campaign’s hashtag: #MississaugaMatters.

We illustrated characters that are fun and playful. Throughout the video, you’ll notice a diverse range of characters to represent the City of Mississauga’s multicultural population.

Public Transportation

We began by inserting the iconic City of Mississauga skyline, followed by a growing urban city scene to showcase the City’s growth in residents and businesses. We immediately illustrate the need for improved public transit by showing a scene that resonates with all commuters: the congestion caused by a growing population using private vehicles. The financial repercussions on the economy are grave, which is why we dedicated a scene with a focused illustration with the cost of 11 billion dollars per year. We underline the City’s plan to build transit networks with custom illustrations of routes growing into a network overlaying our Mississauga map. The City has several transit projects in the works; so we created a series of scenes to animate each. After relaying to residents the top transit priorities, we combine the Mayor’s voiceover with the animated ballot box outro scene to wrap up the video.

If you get the chance to visit Mississauga, you’ll notice how accurately we illustrated the detail on the busses, as well the bus stop signs! We also drew the Meadowvale Community Centre and Library, keeping the beautiful backdrop of the Mississauga skyline.


When we were working with the script and drafting a storyboard to create this video, we realized that we’d never seen Infrastructure explained this way, let alone animated. So we took on the challenge! We begin with our custom-made illustration of the Mississauga skyline intro scene. To explain infrastructure, we chose to animate how it’s integrated in residents’ daily lives, with bicycle paths and trails, roads, community centers, libraries, museums, theatres, and sports venues. By doing this, we were able to transform this structural concept into a relevant topic to residents’ day to day quality of life. We illustrate the great discrepancy between what the City can afford versus what the city needs to build and maintain while keeping property taxes affordable. By animating the various ways that a provincial partner would help build and maintain the City, we’re able to clarify what Infrastructure means, and its implications for residents and local businesses. We culminate by encouraging residents to vote in the provincial elections following the consistent theme of the outro used across the three videos.

We combined all the landmarks that make Mississauga unique, to create a beautifully representative skyline. You’ll notice the Port Credit Lighthouse, the Absolute World twin tower skyscrapers (otherwise known as the Marilyn Monroe towers), the iconic Mississauga Celebration Square, and the Mississauga City Hall.

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