How Explainer Videos Fit in Your All-in-one Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategies:

Video marketing strategies must be a part of all in-one-marketing campaigns. All-in-one marketing strategies bring together multiple marketing functions under one comprehensive package.

All-in-one-marketing campaigns accomplish your goals by utilizing several tools efficiently while following an inbound strategy. Inbound marketing generates qualified leads, creates personalized content, and launches tailored marketing campaigns that cater to the prospects’ interests.

Explainer videos increase conversion rates by more than 80%, so it only makes sense to include explainer videos while planning a marketing campaign. But the question is, how?

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Set Goals

Conduct research based on your market and how your competitors in the industry are performing. Based on your research, determine exactly to what extent you’d like to integrate explainer videos into your all-in-one marketing strategy. Also, it’s useful to decide which type of explainer videos would be most useful to your business.

Consistency and sustainability in publishing explainer videos are important, especially on social media where followers expect to see your content on a regular basis. Decide how often you can create explainer video content and be realistic. Ideally, explainer videos should be published on a monthly basis.

Also, estimate how much you’re willing to invest in an explainer video. If you’re planning to have a high quality video, will dedicate their specialists to help you create the perfect content for your business. Having a team of professional videographers, voice-over artists and content writers will achieve a high-quality end result that grabs the attention of your audience.

Marketing Strategies
Marketing Strategies

Choose the Right Type of Explainer Videos

Each type of explainer video serves a unique purpose, so determining which type of explainer videos best suits your brand before writing the content is important,

A common type is 2D Character animated explainer videos. Such videos are based on entertaining 2D characters that explain a product. What makes 2D character explainer videos special is that they’re filled with memorable personalities which prospects can relate to.

2D character animated explainer videos give your audience the chance to build an emotional connection with the persona, situation, and ultimately, the product.

Another type of explainer videos is Motion Graphics; these videos simplify complex ideas to viewers using objects and icons. In order to optimize a motion graphics explainer video it’s preferable to use design elements that your audience engages with, be fun. The key is to stay simple and eye-catching.

Check out this video we created for Global Affairs Canada

Distribute Your Explainer Video

Now that you have a video, you need to decide where to post it on your website. Publishing your explainer video on your landing pages is highly recommended. This choice instantly engages visitors and calls them to action.

Visitors are most likely to make a purchase if you call them to action through a video that shows them how your product solves the problem they are having. So, having an explainer video on your landing page will result in more sales for your business.

Explainer videos can help supplement the content of email campaigns to increase customer’s retention and loyalty. An email that stands out will establish recurring traffic streams to your website.

Distributing explainer videos through email marketing also drives views to your video. Emails notify email subscribers whenever you publish a new video that might interest them.

Also, more than 50% of videos are viewed on mobile platforms. In order to provide a satisfactory user experience, you must plan the creation and distribution of your  explainer video in a mobile friendly method.

Demonstrate Your Skills Live

Live videos add incredible value to your social media platforms which you can leverage by creating long-lasting content for later viewers. Live video streams give you the chance to engage and interact in real time with your followers.

Live explainer videos consist of raw footage, with or without mistakes It humanizes your brand and shows that your business has nothing to hide. The audience will be able to give you positive and reassuring feedback on the spot using Facebook and Instagram live features.

Live videos build a relationship between the brand and the customers. You can also demonstrate to users how they can properly utilize your product. This method assures skeptical buyers and encourages them to make a purchase.

Explainer videos are an excellent addition to all-in-one marketing campaigns as the video can be shared on several platforms with one click. Videos not only improve the user experience, but they are also a great help when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is the target of any marketing strategy. A website that has an explainer video ranks higher on Google’s results page.

If you choose to integrate explainer videos into your all-in-one marketing strategy, we will always be here to guide you through the process. Check out our website to get some inspiration for your next explainer video.