Canada Government Explainer Videos

What are Explainer Videos?

An Explainer Video is a short clip that uses clear and succinct language to describe a complex concept in a straightforward, engaging, and appealing manner. Because animated explainer videos are the finest way to display abstract concepts, they have become one of the most-favored means of communication.

Typically, the holy grail for explainer videos is roughly 90 seconds, but they can reach 2 minutes depending on the client’s needs and ideas. That length is premised on the assertion that shorter videos generate better results because of people’s dwindling attention spans  and hence garner more interest.

Many governmental organizations struggle to explain topics to their audiences, and explainer videos tackle this problem by employing visually attractive graphics that rapidly capture and retain the viewer’s attention.

Why are Explainer Videos Relevant to the Government?

Explainer videos are an excellent method of engaging and communicating with the general audience. They demonstrate how government institutions and agencies work by breaking down complicated operations into simple animations. The government owes it to the people to make them knowledgeable of concerns and supply them with useful information.   

It is their obligation to do so in an effective and relevant manner, which is why animated explainer videos are among the most essential tools for doing so. Animated videos could greatly assist fundraisers, wellness campaigns, public gatherings, and a variety of other initiatives

Governments frequently use videos to train educators, police officers, firefighters, and other government officials. Using animated videos to communicate changes or enhancements to existing policies is also something that governmental organizations tend to use explainer videos for.

Live-Action Corporate Videos​
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Animated videos are ideal resources for any government body when they are required. They are meant to be simple to understand and lasting, making them one of most effective approaches to communicate with the general audience. 

People no longer need to look for a customer service desk, ask around, or even second-guess any publicly available information; they can just view animated explainer videos crafted by expert production companies like Verve Videos and published by official governmental pages. An entertaining video would contain all details, incorporating safety measures, timetables, and other relevant information.

Check out this video we created for the Government of Canada during the 2021 National Public Service Week!

Since 1985, the third week of June has been designated as Public Service Recognition Week, a period to recognize and honor devoted public officials from federal, state, and local governments around the country.

The video voiced in English and French serves as a “thank you” message to all people who had made sacrifices and put in extra effort post-pandemic in hopes of making the living conditions more bearable.

Types of Videos that a Government Can Use

Corporate Videos

A corporate video is a wonderful way to educate your audiences about your organization, announce changes that benefit them, or even announce a new major business that has opened. 

However, the phrase “Corporate Video” is kind of used as an umbrella term to represent all sorts of video communication your organization would generate for the general public.

Most of the time, video content is easier on the eyes than articles, books, eBooks, and whitepapers. Simply said, your organization has a great chance to reap the tremendous advantages of including corporate videos into your communications approach.

Corporate Video Styles

Live-Action Videos

A live-action video is a media style that focuses on visual motion, such as photography, rather than animation. Producing a Live-Action Video might be a difficult procedure, but it can also provide excellent outcomes due to its multiple benefits.

Live-action Corporate Videos humanize your organization and its identity, and they engage viewers in a direct way since your organization will be dealing and connecting with them firsthand, which can aid in the development of trust and credibility.

Having a real person on video can help your audience bond with the image of your organization. Live-action videos can be used on social media platforms, in training sessions, for sales, and even demo videos.

In short, live-action videos, when used for governmental purposes, have a huge potential to reach the deepest parts of your audience’s hearts to make them feel more connected to different campaigns and issues that your institution is trying to shed the light on, portray, or work towards improving.

Infographic Videos

Infographic videos are an excellent method to summarize data, such as organizational outcomes and high-value financial statements relevant to your organization. Infographic videos are simply graphics and data presented to viewers in an engaging manner.  

We’ve always stated that explainer videos are wonderful for explaining difficult topics, and that couldn’t be more accurate. Infographic videos streamline information that is important for your targets but tough to understand.

Since few people are able to grasp relevant textual information, especially dense data, data visualized in a graphically-appealing manner will most likely forge an emotional connection between your audience and the message that your organization is conveying.

People are more inclined to share and respond to easily explained data and statistics, increasing your visibility and helping your organization flourish. In short, infographic videos, when used for governmental purposes, have the ability to make your audience more tuned in to the results or outcomes of the campaigns you’re trying to popularize. 

Whiteboard Animation Videos

A whiteboard animated video is created by progressively drawing the creative tale on a white canvas. The videos might include either static photos or animated drawings.  

The plot unfolds in front of the audience’s eyes. For example, if your organization wishes to narrate its mission statement, whiteboard animated videos are a fantastic choice. Because they offer information progressively, whiteboard animated videos are an excellent technique for delivering comprehensive information.

The pictures and thoughts emerge one after the other, which does not overwhelm the viewer and also keeps their attention considering that there are no other figures to distract them.

In short, when used for governmental purposes, whiteboard videos can easily deliver your desired content to the masses in a way that greatly grabs their attention to the topics and allows them to engage with your plans.

Motion Graphic Videos

A motion graphic video would assist bring notions to life in order to capture the attention of your audience. They can achieve excellent results by awakening curiosity and interest.   

Motion graphic videos are essentially animations with text as a significant component. They are, in other words, animated graphic compositions. Motion graphic videos  are an effective tool for expanding the depth of narrative and engaging with the audience.

First and foremost, this video format is designed to be visually appealing. The power of animations paired with succinct text will help services that require lengthy and complex explanations to be more understandable. Figures, statistics, and other numerical data can also be easily absorbed using motion graphic videos.

In short, when used for governmental purposes, motion graphic videos are able to make the public more invested in the data your organization is providing to render information on official matters more relatable and simpler to understand.

Training Videos

When you first hear the term “training video,” your mind might immediately drift to internal organizational training sessions that a business or non-governmental organization hosts to make a specific group of people skilled in a certain field. However, what you might not realize is that governments and official organizations use training videos for a wide array of purposes.

First and foremost, governments could (and do) make use of animated training videos to educate the public on the processes of voting, for example. Governments also sometimes publish a series of training videos to their websites in an attempt to make viewers aware of the “how-to” processes of different government or municipal-related policies or procedures.  

In addition, governments also use these animated videos for internal training, by nature. The most complicated task that training professionals confront in the workplace is capturing the audience’s attention and compelling them to sit up and take in new information, regardless of their ages and profession or skillset.

Videos have been evidenced to be particularly successful owing to their user friendliness and use as refresher training via a notion known as the picture-superiority phenomenon. This impact suggests that mixing pictures and words improves enhanced knowledge retention and recall, particularly when published, because they may be viewed as many times as a person may require. 

Social Media Videos

Almost everyone is on at least 1 social media platform. What better way to promote ideas than through social media videos? The beauty of this category is that any style of video can be curated for social media use. 

Whether it’s keeping people informed amid a global catastrophe or amusing and raising awareness, government and social media don’t have to be “uninteresting.” There’s no disputing the difficulties of maintaining a government account in an era when faith in government is dwindling.

Having said that, engaging citizens is more than simply a need for official accounts: it’s a civic obligation. Some of the advantages of governments utilizing videos on social media platforms include building trust with the population, replying to comments and queries from followers to increase credibility and popularity, and keeping supporters informed at all times on any developments. 

Verve Videos and Governmental Institutions

We pride ourselves on the amazing work we’ve done in collaboration with governmental agencies and municipalities, especially with the City of Mississauga, Canada. Mississauga is one of the largest cities in Canada, and we’ve had the privilege to collaborate with its Mayor, Bonnie Crombie, as well as the Mississauga Business Entrepreneur Center (MBEC) for projects that have gained quite a popularity.

We firmly believe that governmental cooperation with video production companies can yield several positive results, especially when the collaboration is based on mutual trust and professionalism.  

Our first collaboration was with Mayor Crombie, with whom we created a series of 3 videos aimed at raising awareness of certain issues that Mississauga faces and promoting solutions that could counter the negative parts. Check out the Mississauga Case Study we’ve made on this collaboration which also includes the videos related to each of the Mississauga issues discussed.


As you’ve discovered from this page, there are multiple ways that a government can use and benefit from explainer videos that come in a wide array of types and styles. From the simple but loved animated whiteboard video style to the more sophisticated and human live-action video style, there rarely is a shortage of types and styles of videos to choose from.

However, choosing the right video for your organization or governmental project can often be confusing, so don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your idea and help you bring it to life after getting a free quote!