The Ultimate Guide to Picking the Perfect Explainer Video Company

Are you wondering what explainer video company you should choose for your business? There are hundreds of explainer video companies out there. Feeling frustrated is perfectly normal. In order to discover which explainer video company suits you and fits your needs, you have to go through thorough research on as many as you can of explainer video companies.

It is certainly perplexing when it comes to picking the right explainer video company, and that’s why we will be providing you with crucial pointers on how to determine which explainer video production company is most suitable for you.

Explainer videos have been remarkably successful for businesses. They are concise, boost brand awareness, and increase sales. How do they do that? Explainer videos or whiteboard animation video services narrate a story using content portraying information about your product or service which subsequently attracts new potential clients. Explainer videos should be short so that your audience won’t get bored or distracted.

The average attention span is eight seconds up to a minute, depending on the content, which is why explainer videos and whiteboard services are becoming a trend rapidly. Furthermore, explainer videos must be creative and distinguishable from your competitor explainer video company.

Explainer video production companies are truly tough to choose from, but if you end up selecting the wrong explainer video company, it would be bad for your business.

There are measures you need to pursue which will be arduous once you start the quest for your ideal explainer video company. Worry not, explainer video production services, along with animated explainer videos are what we do best.

Here are some essential prospects you should take into deliberation in order to find the best explainer video company.

Set Your Priorities

Most people forget this very important step when searching for their desired explainer video company. Before even searching for one, you should establish sharp distinct goals. Outline your short term and long term plans, figure out how to set a campaign, interpret the message you need to convey, and so forth. Accordingly, you will have a clearer sense of what kind of explainer video production company you should explore. For example, if you are inquiring about whiteboard animation services, then you should be searching for exemplary whiteboard animation services.

Portfolio or Website

Once you have your eye on one of the video explainer production companies, do your homework! Examine their portfolio and/or website. Inspect the quality of their work, watch as many explainer videos as possible. You have to dig in, in order to take the next step.

Expertise and Experience

In order to know if the explainer video company is professional, and has obtained expertise and experience, notice how many explainer videos they have accumulated over the years. If the explainer video company has experience, you will definitely know whether your idea is doable or not.

Explainer video production companies have unquestionably tons of experience working with both startups and experts, ergo they have undergone a great deal of practice. Know the difference.


Some explainer video companies request quite high prices for explanatory videos. It depends on the intricacy and timing of your explainer video and its campaign. Hence, prices vary. However, keep in mind that explainer video companies are not cheap. Especially if they are decent ones that provide you with the perfect explainer video for your business. A professional explainer company will direct you according to your budget, depicting what options you have, and what packages they have to offer.

Explainer Video Company
Explainer Video Company

Whiteboard Animation Services

Granted that whiteboard animation services are highly praised, one must heed to details because they are eminent for a whiteboard animation to perform the way you want it to be. Whiteboard animation services’ creative crew must know what you expect of a whiteboard animation video to be able to fulfill your inquiries. Beforehand, the team should brainstorm in order to provide you with your expectations regarding your marketing whiteboard animation video.


Before delving into animation or adding music to your explainer video, you need a scriptwriter provided by the explainer video company. Scriptwriters go through a method of writing the explainer video script and that is plausibly the starting point of victory of an adequate explainer video. The answer to a thriving and efficient animated explainer video is a properly written script that engages the audience. The animated video’s script should, at all times, be short and straight to the point, succinct, and addresses the audience in a direct manner.


An explainer video production company has an illustrator whose role is to sketch illustrations that communicate the concept, brand, or service. This visual element goes hand in hand with voice overs that define what is being seen. Both play an important role in whiteboard videos. Illustrations depict complex ideas yet translates them into simple aspects to engage the audience.


A storyboard for explainer videos is imperative. It sets everything in place, organized so that you will have a visual of what your campaign or explainer videos will be like. Usually, an illustrator works on the explainer video’s storyboard and then shares it with the rest of the team of his explainer video company.

Auditory Art

Voiceovers, along with adding background music and sound effects are a core component in explainer videos. The tone of the speaker in the explainer video depicts the message your brand wants to convey. Adding background music and sound effects enrich your explainer video or your animated explainer video.


Explainer video companies have animators ready to work on explainer videos, whiteboard animation services, as well as animated explainer videos which ultimately are a great way to engage with the target audience.

An explainer video animator is an excellent advantage to both excite and promote the bond with you and your audience; explainer video animators help you grasp your objectives and enhance ROI (Return On Investment). An explainer animated video is a surprising way to convey who you are, and what you have to offer. All this knowledge in a short video embellished with animated characters and designs, making potential clients curious to watch.

Unique Creativity

There’s an abundance of explainer video companies, along with whiteboard animation services. The competition is outstanding. The most important aspect of your campaign is to stand up to the crowd and be as creative and genuine as possible. People deter from the cliche and the last thing your explainer video wants to be known as is mediocre. Make sure the team is well equipped with sharp minds.

Reviews, Recommendations, and Ratings

It is vital to check your explainer video company’s reviews from clients, recommendations, and ratings whether on their website or social media. You need to work with a successful explainer production company that has a target audience who takes the time to review, recommend and rate, which means this explainer video company is an A-plus.

Explainer videos convey significant knowledge about your brand, product, and/or service; users easily perceive the content as explainer videos are similar to a short story, highlighting your brand’s product or service in a minute at most.

Concise, problem-solvers, intimate, genuine, creative, customizable, flexible, social media-friendly, and successful. That is what an explainer video company implements in your business. The highlight of your brand. is a Canada based animated explainer video company that has worked with international names including, the City of Mississauga, and Hershey’s.

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explainer video company
Explainer Video Company