Healthcare Explainer Videos: Types and Benefits

The healthcare industry (also known as the medical industry) is an overall economic assemblage and unification of sectors that supply products or services to help patients with rehabilitative, preventative, therapeutic, and hospice care.

The quantity of healthcare videos has increased significantly during the Coronavirus epidemic. Healthcare explainer videos incorporating COVID-19 safety advice have gone viral. Medical explainer video companies raised the stakes, and the pandemic revealed how dependent the healthcare industry is on video content.

Explainer Video
Explainer Video

Healthcare Explainer Videos

For a myriad of purposes, hospitals need animated healthcare videos. To begin with, healthcare explainer videos help hospitals and medical practitioners clarify complex medical notions to their patients and keep them up to date on health-related issues.

Second, healthcare explainer videos are a novel way to keep medical staff updated on medical developments and to train them. A solid digital footprint will help a healthcare provider’s branding, but in order to be robust, an interesting feature must be present to attract an audience.

Explainer videos are useful in this situation since a healthcare explainer video places the service provider at the forefront of people’s minds. It can be tough at times to convey important concerns and complications in healthcare, but professional animated videos can help.

Medical groups, for example, can utilize these videos to demonstrate new practices to medical and nursing staff, or to train sales personnel on how to market pharmaceutical products safely and effectively. Pharmaceutical businesses and other healthcare institutions can leverage medical explainer videos as a resource for patient information.

Healthcare explainer videos have several advantages in addition to what was discussed above, and these include:

  • Describe how medications interact.
  • Improve doctor-patient relationship by explaining how illnesses may be monitored, managed, and prevented.
  • Make it easier for patients and doctors to understand how medical technology and equipment function.
  • Reiterate the company’s central focus – corporate training.
  • Deliver several messages in a shorter period of time
Explainer Video
Explainer Video

Types and Styles of Videos that Your Healthcare Institution Needs

There are many, many types of explainer videos out there, and finding the right one for your healthcare institution can be challenging. However, this list of 5 most efficient types of explainer videos is here to help, so read on!

Corporate healthcare video

Videos have become an essential component of a comprehensive marketing plan for both SMEs and large, multinational corporations. Corporate videos are the favored video format for all businesses of any size. This is due to the fact that corporate videos are a clever and effective method for a company to expand. Most of the time, video information is easier on the eyes than articles, books, eBooks, and whitepapers.

There are several types and styles of corporate videos, and these include:

  • Healthcare promotional videos. Healthcare promotional videos, as the name suggests, is centered on promoting a product or service that your healthcare institution offers. Healthcare promotional videos are able to convey concepts to both the medical team and patients alike. This is because corporate videos in general are quite informative and can be produced in different styles, ranging from animated explainer videos to live-action videos.

  • Social media healthcare video. What’s fundamental here is to accentuate the identity rather than the service or product being delivered. Social media healthcare videos are typically brief and emotional, enticing viewers to watch the full video and even share it. This leads to increased awareness of your institution and the issue (s) being discussed, improved engagement rates, and hence a rise in the number of potential patients. Social media healthcare videos  can also come in many styles, ranging from live-action to motion graphics.

  • Communication healthcare video. With communication healthcare videos, you can explain your institution’s philosophy and culture, improve medical staff onboarding, or even reflect on a milestone. Healthcare communication videos are also effective in explaining medical advancements or initiatives that your healthcare institution is planning. Internal healthcare communication videos help to ensure that your medical staff and patients stay informed about important details regarding the healthcare industry as well as best practices and preventive measures.

Explainer videos

Explainer videos have recently gained major popularity, with 96% of internet users preferring them over textual formats. Healthcare explainer videos  are an excellent tool for rapidly and effectively communicating the value of your offerings to your target audience. 

The educational sector, much like the healthcare or medical industry, can also greatly benefit from such videos. Wondering how? Check out our article about animated educational videos to find out!

A healthcare explainer video is a short, informative video that uses clear and succinct language to describe a service, and the bulk of them are animated since they are the greatest choice for showcasing abstract concepts. There are other sub-categories and styles of explainer videos, which include:

  • Medical whiteboard animation video. Whiteboard animation videos represent a creative narrative and static graphics on a whiteboard or a whiteboard-like medium. They are frequently accompanied with narration that attracts the audience in and guides them through the storyline that is unfolding in front of their eyes.

    When used in the healthcare industry, medical whiteboard videos are ideal for detailing the process of how things are done, whether regarding paperwork processes and general healthcare institution guidelines. A medical whiteboard video also works to improve patients’ compliance with their healthcare practitioner’s advice, thanks to this style’s ability to break down complex subjects.

  • Customer service videos for healthcare. Follow this train of thoughts for a minute: you’re a medium-sized hospital currently accommodating around 100 patients. Each of these patients is bound to filing paperwork for their stay and inquire about the different services available for them, as well as doctors on-site. 

    Customer service videos for healthcare are a great substitute for hotlines – they reduce the need for calls because they deliver the appropriate information and can be viewed over and over again for an extended period of time. We did mention that whiteboard videos are good for processes, but whiteboard animations are a style – customer service videos are a type. Thus, they can take the range from medical whiteboard video style to infographic video style.

Sales videos

Video marketing for healthcare sales is a highly effective and efficient strategy to promote and sell your medical equipment. There’s no doubt that certain medical equipment, like catheters, for example, are extremely necessary to certain people. However, getting the word out isn’t always easy, especially when targeting a specific demographic. This is where sales videos come in – and yes, there are sub-categorical types of healthcare sales videos as well as different styles.

  • Demo videos. Demo videos that show products in action are conclusive proof that they will work. A demo video will help your company convey its value proposition to present or prospective clients in a variety of ways. They begin by addressing prospects’ particular product-related issues, perhaps eradicating any preconceived assumptions or inaccuracies based on market chatter.

    They also pique patients’ attention, build a sense of control in the product, and eventually encourage them to buy your wares, thus transforming them into paying customers. Medical demo videos can be either in the live-action style, animated explainer videos, or a combination of both – this combination increases credibility and explains the process and benefits in effective ways.

  • Medical testimonial videos. Testimonial videos and reviews add a lot of credibility to your brand or institution. This is because people tend to believe what other people are saying about you and your offerings, since reviews and testimonials tend to be honest. There are several ways in which a testimonial video can be. First, you could create an animated social media video showcasing written reviews. You could also ask for live-action videos with real people talking about your institution, product, or service. The world is your oyster.

Final Thoughts

Videos are highly-efficient weapons in your arsenal when used correctly. You can use your healthcare explainer video on your website landing pages or homepage, on your institution’s internal TVs or monitors (so that visitors and patients can see them on a loop), on your social media platforms, and even in the emails you send to your contact list. The versatility of videos is unmatched, and they can be your best friends. However, not everyone who claims that they are the best are actually good, so make sure you check a video production company’s portfolio before contacting them.