Explainer videos are the most cherished tool for hospitals and health care providers. Health care is generally a hardly ever exciting service.

However, healthcare explainer videos bring a power unmatched in reaching out to prospects and potential target segments in healthcare marketing.

Explainer videos guarantee the health care provider a memorable impact that differentiates them from all of the other choices out there. It’s no surprise the health care sector is reliant on health care explainer videos.

Healthcare Explainer Videos

A strong online presence will strengthen a health care provider’s marketing but to attain strength there must be an enticing element to attract an audience.

That’s where explainer videos come into play as health videos keep the service provider in the back of people’s mind.

Healthcare explainer videos are currently the biggest trend for hospitals and clinics. Video sharing sites such as YouTube or Vimeo have witnessed a heavy increase of health videos.

Healthcare videos have noticeably increased during the pandemic; health care explainer videos went viral with health and safety information on COVID-19.

Explainer video companies stepped up, and the pandemic proved how dependent the healthcare service is on explainer videos.

Healthcare explainer videos can cover a variety of health topics while providing useful and accurate scientific information about any illness, preventive tips, safety measures, healthy habits, etc.

If the health video is liked and receives high engagement from viewers, there is a high possibility that it will become viral on social media.

A viral video will familiarize patients with the brand and attract potential patients to the practice.

Healthcare Explainer Video
Healthcare Explainer Video

Healthcare Explainer Videos Strengthen Your Online Presence

A hospital’s online presence influences a patient’s perception of their healthcare service. Healthcare explainer videos must be detailed, precise and specific enough to be informative yet still simple enough that all patients understand it.

Research has shown that 57% of people take a hospital’s connections on social media into consideration in their decision to seek treatment there.

An explainer video company helps healthcare providers in creating a health video that emotionally touches decision-makers.

An emotional connection encourages social media users to share explainer videos with their friends and family. Higher share rates bring in more prospects, more connections and a wider reach.

Explainer videos also improve a hospital’s SEO. Videos increase traffic, thus the page will prospectively rank higher.

Also, according to Wistia videos drive people to spend more time checking a website by almost threefold.

Conversion rates are also directly influenced by videos. Inter Retailer reported that more than 50% of consumers said watching an explainer video made them more confident in their online purchase decisions.

Healthcare Explainer Video
Healthcare Explainer Video

Explainer Videos: Hospitals and Security

A healthcare explainer video isn’t just a marketing tool. It’s a shareable knowledge gem that can spread via email or social media.

When creating a health video, explainer video companies are raising awareness among the audience.

An explainer video company is in a unique position when creating a video for the medicine and healthcare industry.  Health explainer videos aren’t only a “fun” element in a marketing campaign, but they’re also tools for improving public health.

Thus, crafting content for health explainer videos is rewarding.

However, Hospitals benefit extremely from explainer videos in all departments. Hospitals help people out while helping themselves by spreading valuable content in a responsible way.

Health explainer videos educate and inform people, making them a social cause and not merely marketing.

If you want to create an explainer video that will impact you and society as a whole, don’t hesitate to contact us. Together, we can make it.