Heartfelt Holiday Animated Videos For Your Business

Heartfelt Holiday Animated Videos For Your Business!

Christmas is just around the corner, so what better way to beat the rush by bringing joy to potential clients through creating a festive animated video! Your business has a fabulous convenience at this time of the year.

Videos are one of the best holiday marketing strategies. Above 88% of marketers all around the world assert that videos, let alone animated ones, grant them a positive ROI.

How to go on with it

Even people who are unaware of your business will be, via your video. Get your hands busy, work with a storyboard, consider a voice-over, include your company’s logo, of course, have fun designing the whole thing.

Upload it on your webpage, blog, and please do post it on all social media platforms. Let it be unique! Not your typical cliche Happy Holidays kind of video or greeting card. People want originality! These sorts of videos generate a great reason and an excuse to touch each and every client’s heart, regardless of your business relationship with them, be it a bank, an insurance company, a radio station, a retail store, etc.

Your animated video

3 ideas to make your holiday videos inspire clients

Deliver your message in a lively manner

As mentioned above, your video needs to be unique and well-crafted that explains your story. Social media today says that the recognition rate for visual content can reach 65% while text-based data is only 10%. These outcomes can be increased if both are joined, and that can happen in an animated video. Especially a merry one aimed to engage with potential sales.

Set up conversation during your video

Again, upload your video on your webpage or attach it to your emails, and watch them do the magic as your brand ambassador! Videos can convert interested newcomers into trusted customers.

Fun Fact! Did you know that 57% of online shoppers are more trusting in making a purchase and less expected to return the product if they have watched a video of that product before? I know it’s true because I am one of those online shoppers. The goal behind all this is simple: animated videos boost interaction and trust for your brand and thus, growing your sales. They align their expectations to yours. 

Increase your holiday brand awareness

The most straightforward way of thanking your clients is by sending them a brief Christmas message via your animated video; that will make them happy and brand loyal.

These are just a few wonderful presents an animated video could give your business this Christmas.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, in advance!

Awesome! Let's get started.