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How Explainer Videos Help Businesses

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For over a decade, we’ve been creating animated explainer video content for marketing, corporate explanation, as well as training and educational purposes. Video explainers will help you drive sales and increase market presence, among other benefits.

Why are B2B explainer videos important?

Explainer videos pull together the various components of your label, story, products, and culture. This is significant because it enables you to make an educational and in-depth explanation of your company and what it offers, with all relevant information in one location.

One of several best parts of an explainer video is that it is a canvas waiting to be transformed into precisely what you want and need it to be in a distinctive manner.

Explainer videos may therefore be ideally placed to communicate your message, fitting as well on your website pages, social media pages, and video websites or apps such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Your content is boosted by a professionally-crafted screenplay, on-screen text, narration, artwork, and animation, or actors and filmed footage, based on the type or style of explainer video you pick. At Verve Videos, we specialize in explainer video animation services on account of us being an animated explainer video company.

These convey your content using four communication foundations, allowing you to connect with your audience regardless as to whether their learning inclination is visual, auditory, or kinesthetic.

The aesthetics of an animated explainer video significantly increase its effect. 

If you work in marketing or communications, there are several arguments to convince you that you need an explainer video as detailed below.

Be sure to read more about the video marketing funnel while you’re at it!

Types of Beneficial B2B Explainer Videos

B2B explainer videos simplify complicated topics and translate dry material into something that engages and retains audiences.

This type of corporate storytelling has several extremely practical uses, and B2B explainer videos can aid in a range of scenarios, which include:

As the appeal of videos grows, so is the importance of tailoring your business content to the demands of your target audience. Businesspeople prefer it when all relevant information regarding a particular product or service they want to acquire is presented in the quickest and most succinct way achievable. They are extremely busy, and each minute matters.

So, if you use an animated explainer video to describe your product, you will be praised for using only a few minutes to convey your message to a potential client or superior you’re pitching your idea to.

Your company’s success and survival are dependent on aggregate client happiness. Every recommendation, reference, and online review has a direct influence on the development, prosperity, and sustainability of your organization. You have a business to run.

This suggests you’re busy, and your most important resource is time. Explainer videos help reduce the time spent on customer service for both you and your team by passing information in a succinct, consistent, and repeatable manner. Thus, providing answers to customer concerns in explainer videos  is wonderful because it lets the relevant information be reviewed on a frequent and large scale basis. With the time saved on answering questions through in-web messaging or phone calls would give you space to focus on further developing and improving your services.

Companies utilize corporate explainer videos to successfully connect with their staff and consumers. They may be used for everything from staff recruiting to informing clients about the company’s philosophy and future plans. These videos can improve the effectiveness of your internal and external communication initiatives by making them more interesting. They assist you in avoiding information overload caused by the large volume of information that must be delivered.

The positive onboarding process you provide may greatly affect your company’s image. When training new employees, you need them to grasp your company’s policies and processes so they can follow them appropriately. When onboarding clients, you want to ensure they are comfortable with your product so they can get the most out of it. Animating your orientation and instructional videos gives you additional content flexibility. By incorporating video content into the onboarding process, you can make it more engaging and efficient. An onboarding video, when utilized for training, will enable your employees to picture the issues that may arise throughout their employment at your company and demonstrate how to deal with said issues effectively and efficiently.

This is related to the training and onboarding aspect – demonstrating processes in explainer videos makes conveying the information simpler and the video can be accessed and viewed as many times as necessary. The same goes for existing policies or policy changes, as well as how a product or service works. By using explainer videos, your B2B will not only make things easier for yourself and your employees, but also for your viewers and prospects because of how straightforward and clear things would be.

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B2B Explainer Video

Why B2B Explainer Videos Matter in B2B Marketing

An explainer video that is well-crafted and appealing should raise conversion rates by up to 80%. This should go without saying that explainer videos have assisted more than 76% of marketers in boosting sales.  Nevertheless, the benefits of explainer videos for B2B companies go beyond simply increasing conversion rates. Let’s take a look at some of the other grounds why many B2B companies are investing in animated video content. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a hundred pictures (#math).

How B2B Explainer Videos Help Businesses

Our world is saturated with businesses of all sizes, types, structures, and in all industries. Therefore, standing out and allowing businesses to acknowledge your business from the vast expanse of similar ones can be a challenge regardless of your expertise. However, there’s an easy-fix for this issue – B2B explainer videos. So, how do explainer videos help businesses?

  • They showcase your company’s identity. This allows the audience to quickly become acquainted with your brand and have a better understanding of how your product or service can solve their present problem. Creating interesting and captivating explainer videos will help you establish your identity in the minds of your target audience.

  • Clearly convey your point. The most successful kind of content marketing is video. Video can convey a message in dimensions that writing and images simply cannot. People develop a stronger connection to the information they are seeing by following a narrative that fascinates and resonates with them. To strengthen this connection, explainer videos frequently utilize characters who mirror the viewer.

  • Capture the interest of your audience. When a buyer visits a website, it is critical for a company to entice them to learn more. Videos immediately attract your audience’s attention and also provide quicker answers than through writing. Videos are also crucial for the stage preceding them visiting your website — when buyers are in the awareness stage, they’re looking for answers to their pain points. What better way to guide them to your brand than through short, engaging videos answering the questions they have before they even ask them?

  • They garner the audience’s trust. Explainer videos will earn your audience’s trust by providing them with useful knowledge that they can recall and implement later. And what follows your audience believing in your brand? They’ll almost certainly shop with conviction.

  • They boost information retention. Psychologically, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster by the human brain than plain text format. Furthermore, visual information accounts for most of the content received by the brain. Explainer videos help people absorb knowledge by combining the visual and auditory senses. As a result, audiences recall at least 95% of a topic when they watch an explainer video, leaving them more interested in the information you give.

  • Boost your SEO ranking. Having an explainer video on your site is expected to boost your SEO ranking, which means more people will find your website. That’s because videos enhance audience engagement and hence increase the time they spend on your website. Both of these are valuable to Google, since their algorithms can detect when people’s search queries have led them to you. Google (and other search engines) would then boost your page, which also substantially increases the likelihood of you closing more deals.

  • They can be easily shared on various platforms, from social media to emails. B2B explainer videos are typically between 30 seconds to 2 minutes long, which is the ideal duration for both attention spans and postable video content on the majority of platforms and means of communications. The more your B2B explainer video is shared, the more people will be aware of your brand. In this instance, reaching out to a larger audience and increasing your consumer base is considerably easier.

B2B Explainer Videos and Inbound Marketing

There’s a form of marketing known as Inbound Marketing which is taking the world by storm, and for good reason. Inbound Marketing leverages “soft” marketing techniques to help businesses reach their target audiences with more ease and yields numerous efficient results. In addition to written content, inbound marketing involves the use of videos, notably explainer videos, because they are non-intrusive and also garner considerable engagement — as has already been established.

Thus, if your B2B company is trying to stand out and isn’t successfully reaching its goals, you should consider investing in a B2B Inbound Marketing strategy – or at least in animated explainer videos that support the stages of the inbound marketing funnel. In other words, invest in videos that attract your audience, engage them, help you close deals, and even delight your customers post-purchase to increase the likelihood of retaining them and ultimately turning them into brand ambassadors. 

How Much Do Animated B2B Explainer Videos Cost?

Animated explainer video companies typically charge anywhere from 3,000 USD to 50,000 USD for an explainer video, depending on the type, style, duration, timeframe, and content. However, less costly does not always mean lower quality. There are several video production companies that deliver videos for around 5,000 USD that outperform others that have cost a company 20,000 USD, but the general indicator of professionalism and expertise is explainer video companies’ portfolios.

Take Verve Videos, for example. The typical price for their explainer video services is, on average, 3,000 USD for a high-quality, 60-second animated video. This means that if you need a 90-second video, which is the length that most B2B companies opt for, then the animated video would cost you around 4,000 USD. This is a very competitive price, especially since this video production company hasn’t failed in delivering high-quality videos. Check out their portfolio for animated explainer video examples!

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