How To Create Whiteboard Animation Explainer Videos

How To Create Whiteboard Animation Explainer Videos

How To Create Whiteboard Animation Explainer Videos

Creating an animation explainer video is crucial for any brand or business these days if they want to get on a wider radar and optimize their traffic. Creating sensory content with strong animated visuals and sound gives a brand the ability to have influence over their potential viewers or clients and firmly grab their attention, resulting in the optimization of website traffic and qualified leads.

However, you should also think about what style of animation explainer video you want to do – a whiteboard animation explainer video would be a good way to go. There are almost endless possibilities to what you can translate with a whiteboard animation style video.

whiteboard animation explainer video
How To Create Whiteboard Animation Explainer Videos

What is a Whiteboard Video?

Whiteboard animation videos are a creative way to tell a story and relay a brand’s mission in a clear and precise manner.  Its purpose is to draw the viewer in right away by using compelling visual and audio content. If you’re a business looking to get ahead as fast as possible in your specific line of work, look no further because Verve Videos’ very own whiteboard animation services have got you covered.

We provide high-quality quality animated storytelling content to effectively communicate your brand’s ethos to help you reach your predicted business goals successfully and beyond.

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Why Use Whiteboard Animation Explainer Videos?

By utilizing storytelling whiteboard animation to explain their brand and its services, businesses get a huge advantage in their respective industries, such as having a vast reach towards many potential clients and users.

Whiteboard animation explainer videos create an emotional and sensational impact that sticks with the viewer even after they’re done watching it, and if they won’t be able to forget the video, then they won’t forget about what’s being conveyed in the video either. 

In addition to being expressive and entertaining, a whiteboard animation explainer video is a very affordable and practical technique that allows you to turn complex ideas into simplified graphic narratives that are easy to follow. When done correctly, your business can make a lasting impression that optimizes your awareness and visibility.

Verve Videos is committed to helping out many brands of several different industries to achieve their desired goals. Speaking of different industries, another valid reason to utilize whiteboard animations is because it’s a versatile vessel to help translate just about any type of videos, such as corporate, training, or marketing.

Lastly, the most important and valid point to be made here is that many businesses, especially the ones that provide synonymous services to your brand, might not be using the most current and engaging content, or might not have a keen attention to building lasting relationships with their clients.

Whiteboard animation explainer videos are your long-life business friend that will automatically get you ahead in the competitive race in your industry because it gives you the chance to portray creative and personalized stories that your target audience can relate to and will make them want to be in your business corner instead of that of your competitors.

How to Create Whiteboard Animation Explainer Videos

When creating a whiteboard animation explainer video, your initial point of action is to know what the topic is, what you want to promote, how you want to say it depending on your style of communication, and what personality you want to get across. 

Keep in mind the process of building one video from scratch takes time and it isn’t the easiest process, but at Verve Videos, you’ll get the best quality whiteboard animation explainer videos. Here’s a brief blueprint of the production process, from start to finish:

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Step 1: Getting to Know You

The first answer to your concern, “how to create whiteboard animation explainer videos,” is to get to know the client.

Verve Videos is committed to giving our clients exactly what they envisioned for their whiteboard animation explainer video, merging our artistic vision with their concepts to bring the most engaging and thoughtful video to life.

We want to get more acquainted with your brand and your target audience in order to have a point of departure for what choices we’ll make together in terms of color schemes, illustrations, scripts, audios, and graphic motion. In addition, you will of course be overseeing everything with us throughout the entire process to make sure that all your needs and wants are being met.

 Step 2: Planning the Script

The second step in how to create whiteboard animation explainer videos is writing the script.

The script is made by melding the minds of our creative team with our clients’ to produce the best content that satisfies both parties, but that ultimately pleases the client’s audience more. 

Once the whiteboard animation explainer video’s script is developed, we make proper edits to ensure that the tone of the script matches that of the concept and storyline and that the 3 main components, which include the hook, the core, and the call-to-action, are present to attract the audience.

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Step 3: Developing the Storyboard

The third step in how to create whiteboard animation explainer videos is developing the storyboard.

A storyboard is a board of illustrations where all our ideas are meticulously placed in order to come up with the best look and mood for your whiteboard animation explainer video. It helps us decide the style of the illustrated characters, the colors, the fonts, and icon design. In addition to that, we also provide comments to help viewers understand what is going on in each scene.

At the end of the day, the storyboard is a journey that goes through a lot of feedback, editing, and collaborative effort of the clients’ perception with the creative helping hand of our team to allow the whole vision to come full circle.

Step 4: Recording the Voiceover

The fourth step in how to create whiteboard animation explainer videos is recording the voiceover.

Audio sound is the main component of any whiteboard animation explainer video because it’s what’s going to keep the viewer engaged as well as literally communicate your brand’s message in the short amount of time of the video.

Every brand and its products has a specific mood, and when communicating that mood, you’ll want to make sure the tone of voice is without a doubt the perfect marriage to every aspect of your client’s brand, product, and services. The tone should fit into the same box, otherwise the whole vibe would fall apart.

Besides that, there are also a lot of technical aspects to take care of after creating the audio file, such as removing unwanted background noise and re-record the screenplay adaptation in a variety of intonations to make your video seem much more professional. We also consider recording in isolated spaces and utilize noise canceling headphones and pop shields to keep any unwanted noise from invading the audio we’re curating.

If you keep a scene frozen for too long, it’s going to give off more of a powerpoint vibe than a video and that’s not the goal. The drawing time is the amount of time you set the program to color in the illustration for you, which is only the case if that’s the concept you want for your video in terms of storytelling.

Step 5: Creating Animation

The fifth step in how to create whiteboard animation explainer videos is creating the animation.

During this step, an animated hand creates graphics in parallel respectability to the audio. It’s a process of layering all of the images, sounds, and messages together to create a finished animated video that is structured and cohesive with the narrative.

That is what is known as an animation. In certain cases, we create a collision between whiteboard animation explainer video features with elements from other genres and aesthetics to add more freshness and a unique perspective to the video to highlight the main parts of the storyline.

Step 6: Getting the vibe right

The sixth and final step in how to create whiteboard animation explainer videos is getting the vibe right.

Music is a vibe, and while it’s not fundamental to a whiteboard animation explainer video, it certainly does have a certain power to provide immediate stimulation to the viewer. The choice of genre should always be thought out carefully and should be aligned with the rest of the videos’ elements.

Whiteboard Animation Explainer Video
Whiteboard Animation Explainer Video

Final Thoughts

To sum up, creating whiteboard animation explainer videos is a long, but doable and worthwhile process because it will end up helping you maximize your business goals, and ensure that you make a strong impression, as well as create real connections with the audience that you are targeting. 

It’s all just about being true to who your brand is, conveying that in a clear and honest way, all while following a blueprint that consists of mixing visually and sonically appealing elements in animated form.

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