How to Find the Best Explainer Video Company?


With a large amount of explainer video firms breaking into the digital market, it has become harder to find the best explainer video company for your business, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the top indicators that can help guide your choice as you look for an explainer company that is best suited for your needs.

The quality of their informative work; do they make the best whiteboard explainer videos?

The best explainer video company should be able to create the best whiteboard explainer videos. When done properly, this type of marketing video can show off an explainer company’s ability to do extensive research, and inform people about the product or service of their clients in an entertaining and effective way. The best explainer video company’s previous work with whiteboard explainer videos should serve as an effective indicator of their dedication and commitment to their craft.

Adaptability; a powerful indicator of a quality animated explainer video maker.

Part of the process of looking for the best explainer video company is trying to find one that can create content that is specifically tailored to the product or service or even the business that you are trying to advertise. One way you can tell that an animated explainer video maker can achieve this is by looking at the diversity of their previous work.

If they have made a variety of different explainer videos on different topics while still maintaining a consistent production quality, it indicates that they can produce a more personalized, higher quality video for your company. You don’t want a one-trick pony running the whole circus, and a company that can adapt to the rapidly evolving field of explainer videos is one that is the type of company that you should be looking for in your search for the best explainer video company.

Successfully appeal to different types of businesses

Building on the idea of adaptability, the best explainer video company should be able to understand the different types of markets that their clients are trying to reach. Not all businesses are selling the same kind of products to the same type of client.

This client video below is for a company security firm is an example of the best B2B explainer videos that manage to adjust the traditional consumer-focused explainer video to fit a B2B company’s need to advertise to other businesses. The best explainer video company is one that is able to create videos that target any type of customer; whether they were individuals or other businesses, effectively.


Consistency is key for an explainer video company

While being dynamic is definitely an essential characteristic of a good explainer firm, a consistent style and approach to production is an important lead in your search for the best explainer video company. Regardless of how large their repertoire of clients is, a specific mission statement along with the presence of a unique style of animation in all their content, from quality B2B to their best SaaS explainer videos, presents a focused feel to the explainer company’s work.

This means that you have a general idea of what you are getting with this company, and you aren’t jumping in blind into a jumbled mess of disorganized and inconsistent explainer videos. With over 84% of marketers looking to increase their video marketing budget over the next year, the best explainer video company needs to be a reliable source of high-quality content to maintain long term relationships with this wave of new clients.


With so much competition for the position of the best explainer video company on the web, companies need to set themselves apart from the sea of competing explainer content creators. In order to do that, companies need to set themselves apart via experimentation with new explainer video formats and styles.

This can be risky as it might jeopardize the quality and consistency of the work, so explainer companies should explore new forms of explainer video production with creative projects separate from the video content they do for their clients. This type of creative experimentation is essential for a company’s longevity in this field, and It can keep the explainer video production team excited and motivated to work.

It is also a good indication that the explainer company is capable of and willing to go the extra mile to create the best explainer videos that are different than anything else you can get from any other run of the mill explainer video company.

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