How to repurpose your video in 2021 for maximum exposure

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Here comes 2021 and with it comes new ideas and concepts, and the need to make some changes and adjustments. We all want what is best for our business of course. In this case, we want to repurpose our videos, on all platforms, so we can get maximum exposure this year.
We all know that creating content, whether for inbound marketing or video content marketing is the most powerful method to build a business in the market nowadays. We spend a great deal of time and energy, and oftentimes money, for the sake of creating the perfect customized content for our videos. Be that as it may, the important question is, are we getting the utmost exposure achievable for every video we create? Here are 5 tips on how to repurpose your videos and get outstanding exposure.

Different Platforms

Besides posting your video on your own website, you most probably resort to a YouTube Channel to promote your videos. Nevertheless, there are various social platforms that would deliver a diverse audience over different platforms, bestowing maximum exposure. Some of the most popular are Vimeo, Daily Motion, Facebook, and much more. 


Once you share your posted videos to different social platforms, your new viewers would go back to your original post, thus driving traffic to it. Share on as many platforms as you like, such as LinkedIn or Medium. Then promote on Instagram or Twitter, and it will bring the viewership right back to your initial post and therefore, higher exposure!

Alter Videos According to Platform

In order to boost viewership, you need to tweak your older videos to best suit each platform. For instance, one video might work perfectly for Facebook yet on Twitter, it might not. Once those videos are altered, depending on where they are shared, they will get much more exposure. Consequently, your purpose, notion, or campaign will remain unchanging, howbeit with an enhanced video.

Pick a cutdown style

Once you decide on the whole video revamp for this year, the first thing you need to determine is your end goal. For instance, a teaser will prompt viewers to seek out the full piece. A short video compelling a larger one will allow viewers to engage with your concept or product and hence raise brand awareness. Cutting down demonstration or tutorial videos into several shorter ones attracts viewers to watch them all, in order. They will be even learning more since you’re making shorter, visually enticing versions of the earlier ones. Try to obtain the most eye-catching, exciting, and substantial segments and cut those together. Moreover, you should include Call To Action in order to transfer viewers to your product page, or your other social channels; this will allow them to see the rest of your work and learn more about your brand simultaneously.  

Publishing and Promotion Strategy

You are now ready to publish your new adjusted and cutdown videos online as your new 2021 campaign.
It is extremely handy to create an organized promotion schedule, broken down by each social platform you will be utilizing. Accordingly, you will be able to know what is going where and when. A schedule also helps see how publishing time affects video performances, so you can start to perceive your audience’s habits better. If a certain publish time is not working, you can consider another. If one social media platform isn’t getting much traffic, drop it from your workflow and concentrate double on another channel instead.
Keep in mind when you’re creating any video, it is essentially important to always be thinking about how certain aspects of your product can be utilized for social channels. This kind of repurposing makes viewers connect with you and your story, ergo maximizing exposure to your video. 

Last year you created some stunning videos and shared them all over social media, waiting for the views to blow up! Whether they have or haven’t, don’t stop there. As seen throughout the 5 tips, attaining creative techniques to alter your videos will provide you with maximum exposure, and develop endurance for your work. Present this year’s work now with this new advanced and compelling content, and watch your viewership boom.

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