Interactive Videos

When you use interactive videos as a marketing tool, the process of maintaining your audience’s attention is of paramount importance. Interactive Video helps your business achieve that goal.

What is an Interactive Video?

Interactive video is a form of digital video that takes user input to perform an action. User interaction can take many forms, such as clicks, touches, taps, etc. It is a video that goes beyond simple play and/or pause buttons. It requires viewers to actually participate in the process of content creation..

What are the types of Interactive Videos?

Interactivity is the name of the game when it comes to an interactive video. There are several ways to increase it through multiple types of interactive videos.

BRANCHING: Viewers have to make a series of choices in order to uncover a possible outcome of a story.

HOTSPOTS: An interactive video that includes clickable links to further information. They could be highlighted with a visual tag or be hidden away, so viewers can find them by exploring.

MULTI-VIEW: A video that is shot from several viewpoints, so the story can be seen from a set of different perspectives.

What are the benefits of those video?

These videos are most commonly used to learn and acquire a new skill set, within that learning scope, interactive videos have numerous benefits.

The word “interactive” is self-explanatory!

For starters, they are highly engaging. Keeping viewers, or learners, engaged is a high priority when it comes to learning something. Interactive videos provide an active, hands-on experience that relies on storytelling to maintain your audience’s engagement.

b2b explainer video

Interactive videos allow users to determine how the viewing experience unfolds.

Secondly, it is a very rewarding experience. Since Interactive videos are gamified, the audience is in control and they’re the ones that make decisions about what happens next on the screen.

A chatbot agency such as uses interactive videos to better help explain how chatbots are created. 

Interactive videos can easily be accessed from multiple devices.

Thirdly, Interactive videos are easily accessible. They can be accessed across multiple platforms: smartphones, tablets, desktops, you name it. Ultimately, Interactive videos make your audience the priority in a concrete and tangible manner. They are the ones in control. This leads them to become more invested in your business and the products and services that you offer.