Live-Action Videos

Animated Videos can be a very efficient use of resources. Depending on the circumstances, however, your business may need live-action content to better explain and display the brand image that it represents.

What is a Live-Action Video?

A Live-Action video is a video format that relies on photography instead of animation. In other words, it’s the kind of videos shot with lights, cameras, actors, sets, and directors shouting “Action!”. These types of videos are omnipresent: they’re seen on broadcast TVs, in cinemas, and on the Internet.

How is Live-Action different from Animation?

Live-action videos involve a drastically different process than animation. Although a script is needed for both types, you need to take into consideration multiple factors for a Live-Action format. For instance, scouting for locations, the time of day to shoot the video, the weather, the actors, the bits of dialogue, who gets to say what etc.

What are the benefits of Live-Action videos?

Shooting a Live-Action Video may be a stringent process, but can also yield positive results through its potential benefits.

Live Action is about real people, real locations.

Live-Action videos have a humanizing effect. They showcase real human emotions, which is essential in terms of forging a connection with your customers and potential consumers. After all, humans are social creatures that rely on interaction and cooperation to survive and thrive. Live-Action videos provide a tangible and a genuine interaction with viewers.

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Live-Action videos tangibly showcase the product

Secondly, Live-Action videos showcase your product or your service in a very powerful manner. You are actually showing the product in action, and not just an image of it. Combining techniques such as using zoom-in shots to highlight the product can increasingly persuade the viewer to make a purchasing decision.

Live-Action videos are a powerful tool to cement trust and credibility

Thirdly, using a Live-Action video is a powerful medium to build trust with your consumer. For instance, filming a testimonial of an actual client, or a brand ambassador to promote a product or a service increases the credibility of your business. In certain moments, seeing is believing. And what better way to address that problem by shooting a Live-Action Video?

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