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Making of: Why Explainer Videos Are Taking Over?


Great, memorable explainer videos require a great deal of time and effort to look as amazing as they possibly can, and we take that mantra to heart.

For us, the process of creating explainer videos is very similar to constructing a building. You need to create the blueprint, build a strong foundation, design its architecture, and lay down the bricks.

Process of Making Engaging Animated Explainer Videos

First Step: Creating the Blueprint for Explainer Videos

An explainer video works best when its script is well-written, comfortably paced, and easy to understand. The script is your blueprint, and its purpose is to define what your video is all about and what its purpose is. You also need to define what your key message is, and what your goals are.

This video is meant to create awareness and educate people about our company, showcase what we do best, and how we can help you with our expertise.

In creating the blueprint, our team dedicates plenty of time to brainstorming. It is a vital part of our creative process, and we conceptualize by tossing around the room our ideas and insights so we can create a good video that is true to our purpose. We do not stop brainstorming and tweaking our ideas until we are all happy and satisfied.

Second Step: Designing the Architecture of the Explainer Videos

With a solid concept and a well-written script, the next step is to create the concept art. The concept art dictates the visual elements of a video, very much like a building’s architecture.

Visualizing explainer videos’ looks can be difficult at times, but that’s where concept art comes in. With preliminary illustrations, we share with each other our visualized outputs, which enable us to determine whether our ideas are meshing well with each other or not.

See more of our creativity by clicking on motion graphics examples.

A video’s artwork often goes through many iterations before they get the stamp of approval. Here at VerveVideos.com, we don’t shy away from numerous revisions because we want our art to be the best that it can be. Just check out the evolution of this video’s principal character, Jay:

Once the artistic elements and the illustrations are finally set, the team takes the project to After Effects to animate it.

explainer videos - jay-after-effects
Explainer Videos

Every minute movement and each tiny detail is given utmost attention until every frame is pixel perfect. Slides, pops, and transitions are adjusted to make sure that the timing is just right. A movement being off by even a quarter of a second is unacceptable; our team takes this very seriously.

Final Step: Laying Down the Bricks for Awesome Explainer Videos

The last part of the process is when the video is already looking seamless. It tells us that it is ready to be rendered with elements that will complete it. The team adds sound effects and music to round it all out nicely.

Explainer Video

After we apply these elements, we again review the video and see if there are more revisions required. We use this time to make some final adjustments. For this particular video, we decided to change some colors and adjust some scenes to bolster its Verve Videos identity.

Explainer Video

VerveVideos.com is an animated explainer video agency which works in close coordination with our clients to create a video whose elements seamlessly integrate with one another. The result? A quality video brought to life with verve!

VerveVideos.com is an explainer video agency, we have created over 30 animated explainer videos for all types and sizes of organizations. Are you ready to discuss your next animated explainer video project? We’d love to hear from you! Call us at +1-647-948-9393 or drop an email at connect@VerveVideos.com.