Motion Graphic Explainer Video

A motion graphic explainer video helps bring concepts and ideas to life in order to grab your audience’s attention.

Motion graphics video production are often used for logo animations, product animation videos, and infographic videos.

What are Motion Graphic Explainer Videos?

Motion graphic explainer videos are essentially animation, but with text as a major component. In other words, they’re animated graphic design. They are a powerful medium to increasing depth of storytelling, and in terms of communicating with the viewer.

Motion Graphic Explainer Video: Benefits


Graphics and Animation: A Powerful Combination

First of all, motion graphics video production is conceived using visually-attractive methods. The power of graphics combined with animation can make products and services that require long and complex explanations easier to understand. Figures, statistics, and various numerical data can also be assimilated in a simple way through motion graphic explainer videos. They enable your business to gain access to a wider audience and make them more engaged with your content.

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Motion graphic videos can be easily understood

Motion graphic explainer videos bring static designs to life by animating them. They can achieve excellent results by awakening curiosity and interest. Motion graphic videos are thus an efficient branding solution to your business as they attract the attention of your audience.

In a world of limited attention span, they can effectively engage your audience emotionally and mentally with your brand message. As a whole, branding is all about establishing a positive image in the minds of your audience regarding your brand and the products and services that come along with it.

As per MIT neuroscientists’ research, our brains interpret visual information in just 13 milliseconds. Videos with motion graphics are brief and to the point. They contain all the essential details in a single minute (or even less). This makes motion graphic explainer videos simple to comprehend and entice their viewers to share them with people they believe would be interested in the product or service featured in the video.


Motion graphic videos work faster and are cost-effective

Motion graphic explainer videos considerably cut down costs. They can save your business the price of hiring someone to teach something that can be done quickly and easily with a few images. Live-action videos are a fantastic way to humanize your company, but they are fairly expensive and demand a location or studio as well as a large team to be produced. Motion graphic explainer videos, on the other hand, can be made on a desktop and take less time to create.

This being said and as we’ve already established, motion graphics video designers will greatly help you make a quick impact on your target audience. This type of video is among the best ones to convey specific information and are thus prone to giving you tangible results more quickly than other types of videos.


Motion graphic videos are wonderful attention-grabbers

The importance of color in attracting the audience cannot be overstated. Videos on social media platforms are automatically played but are by default muted, so the motion graphic explainer video’s voiceover doesn’t get much attention. The voice-over is only listened to if the spectator is drawn to the content.

Therefore, the motion graphics video production must be compelling enough to draw viewers in within the first few seconds. Motion graphics video designers must keep that in mind when creating such videos, and we at Verve Videos never forget it!

Motion Graphics Video Production

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