Nonprofit Explainer Videos


Videos are effective fundraising tools that enable Nonprofits to acquire the funding they require to continue their critical work. Nonprofit explainer videos, in particular, assist nonprofit organizations in connecting people emotionally to their causes, and these productions could well be shared on many social media platforms, increasing people’s awareness of the NGO and what it advocates.

This makes your audience understand what to anticipate from your nonprofit organization and what your objective is. As a result, developing an animated explainer video for your project will help you meet and even surpass your targets more quickly.

As per several studies conducted over the years, campaigns that include video content are more likely to succeed those that do not because of people’s shifting preferences away from blocks of textual content.


NGOs are an essential part of society, and the main responsibilities of an NGO project manager or executive director include:




Organizing fundraising events and outreach programs

Establishing a marketing plan

Deepening and polishing all parts of communications, from online presence to external interactions, in order to build a powerful brand



Providing internal training sessions to help team members enhance their skill set

Offering external training sessions to those targeted by the project in order to assist them in developing necessary skills 

Pain Points

Being a project manager or an NGO executive director is among the most challenging roles out there, because they have to keep direct connections with the masses, the team, and the supervisors in higher positions, as well as stakeholders.

The main challenges include, but are not limited to:

  1. Onboarding skilled team members and/or researchers
  2. Spreading word of the importance of the project or study being conducted
  3. Working with under-qualified members of society, i.e. difficulty training the masses or educating them on certain topic
  4. Maintaining stakeholders’ interest in the project
  5. Setting and communicating specific goals and objectives

How Verve Videos’ Services Can Help You

An increasing number of organizations, whether non-governmental or otherwise, have been resorting to videos in their plans and work for a variety of reasons, which include: 

Graphically express the concepts guiding your organization in a matter of seconds to minutes.

People’s attention spans are shorter than usual, so using social media explainer videos or whiteboard animations are a great way to convey your message in a clear way that would grab the attention of people on social media, thus increasing awareness of the project’s or study’s importance.

This could even lead to viewers becoming benefactors and sponsors to your campaigns.

Raise funds for your organization.

With over 10 million non-governmental organizations worldwide, it can be challenging to identify potential donors and much more difficult to obtain the necessary financial support.

This being said, explainer videos are a great tool for promoting your work, as was previously mentioned, which would also grab the attention of benefactors and donors.

NGO motion graphic videos are also great to present to grant-giving parties because they highlight your points in a unique and compelling manner, which written reports fail to do on account of them being dull.

Educate and train people, whether internally or externally.

Training sessions can get exceptionally exhausting and boring to many attendees, regardless if they’re the team members responsible for the project or people who signed up for training sessions on a topic that reinforces the project at hand.

Training videos and tutorial videos are thus a priceless tool to help make said sessions more engaging and attention-grabbing, while still providing all the necessary information that has to be delivered.

Moreover, it has been proven that people retain more information when presented in an animated video, and investing in such videos can save your organization money in the long run because they can be used as many times as necessary.

What Exactly is a Nonprofit Explainer Video?

The pinnacle of explainer videos is typically 90 seconds, although they can go up to 5 minutes depending on the client’s requirements and desires. That duration is based on the assumption that shorter videos produce better outcomes due to people’s shrinking attention spans and hence generate greater interest in quick video content.

Many organizations, both governmental and non-governmental, struggle in explaining issues to their audiences, and animated, nonprofit explainer videos address this issue by using visually appealing graphics and comfortable voiceovers that quickly catch and maintain the viewer’s attention.

An animated explainer video is a type of video that is composed of multiple static pictures swiftly played sequentially, creating the illusion of movement.  In other words, an animated nonprofit explainer video production company uses animation to convey a message to the audience. 

Because nonprofit organizations often present abstract concepts, i.e. non-tangible content that cannot be physically bought, animated explainer videos are the perfect choice for generating awareness about their causes.

Why are Nonprofit Explainer Videos so Effective?

People prefer viewing videos over reading long texts with loads of details. Whereas picture or text advertising rely on language, punctuation, and visual clues to express the appropriate tone, videos rely on motion and sounds to pique the interest of viewers.

The explainer video style is more effective at presenting your storyline to your target audience with a personalized message that they can easily digest. 

Let’s examine some figures published on Verve Videos’ page:

Animated Explainer Video Process





The typical internet user spends 88 percent more time on a video-enhanced website than on a non-video-enhanced one.

Visuals are processed 60,000 times quicker in the brain than text, accounting for 95% of information conveyed to the brain.

When watching an animated explainer video, viewers recall 95 percent of the material, compared to only 10 percent when reading it in writing.

Including a video on your website’s landing page increases its chances of appearing on Google’s first page by 53%. 

Which Types of Explainer Videos Can NGOs Use?


Educational Nonprofit Explainer Videos

Educational explainer videos are ideal for communicating your organization’s narrative to a large audience. Invest in educational or “eLearning” video styles to emphasize the issues that are most essential to your cause, and use a strong call-to-action to entice your audience to discover more about your organization and potentially become funders or donors.


Live-action and Social Media Nonprofit Videos

Videos are an excellent medium for disseminating information about ongoing fundraisers or programs. These videos can be a live-action representation, a social media post, or a link on your website or fundraiser page to help raise awareness and get endorsement.


Infographic and Motion Graphic Nonprofit Videos

An infographic video is a visual depiction of facts and information, and a motion graphic video is fundamentally an animated video with text as a significant component, making it a potent medium for boosting the depth of storytelling and engaging with the audience.

Nonprofit infographic and motion graphic videos are an intelligent blend of audio and pictures that supply viewers with high-value data in bits and pieces, and non-governmental organizations have a lot to gain from them.

Given the impact that factual statistics will have on audiences, NGOs stand to greatly benefit from showcasing their important research and data in audiovisual infographic and motion graphic explainer videos.


Nonprofit training videos

NGOs tend to deliver both internal and external training sessions. The former entails skills-enhancement or how-to processes for internal team members and researchers, while the latter targets broader, external audiences to train or educate them on certain issues for them to acquire or develop new skills.

Thus, nonprofit training videos would make NGO trainers’ lives easier and would also save them money – instead of speaking for extended periods of time and using large chunks of their budget on trainers, they can leverage said videos as many times as needed to convey the exact message. As a bonus, trainees of all types would retain more information, as mentioned above.


Whiteboard Animation Videos

A whiteboard animated video is generated by creating the creative story on a white canvas in stages. Static photographs or animated drawings can be included in the videos.

The narrative is being played out in front of the audience’s eyes. Whiteboard animated videos, for example, are an excellent alternative for narrating your organization’s mission statement. Nonprofit whiteboard animated videos are a good method for conveying complete information since they provide ideas in a structured order.

In short, when utilized for non-governmental purposes, whiteboard videos will simply transmit your intended material to the audience in a way that captures their attention and helps them to interact with your ideas.

Verve Videos and Nonprofit Organizations

We have collaborated with multiple organizations for awareness-raising campaigns over the years, and these include:

  • GTA’s Polycultural Immigrant and Community Services organization for a series of 3 videos about their organization and services
    Check out the case study on their services
  • Zayed University for an anti-bullying campaign
  • Mississauga Business Enterprise Center (MBEC), though not an NGO per se, for a series of 10 videos on awareness and the different steps to follow when launching a business 
    Check out the case study on their services


We are confident that NGOs’ partnership with video production companies for nonprofit explainer videos will produce a bunch of great outcomes, particularly when the relationship is founded on mutual trust and professionalism.

As you’ve seen on this page, there are several ways for an NGO to use and profit from explainer videos, which come in a variety of types and styles.

There is seldom a shortage of types and styles of nonprofit explainer videos to pick from, ranging from the simple yet popular animated whiteboard video style to the more complex and human live-action video style.

However, selecting the proper video for your organization or project might be difficult; don’t hesitate to contact us to explore your concept and assist you in bringing it to life after receiving a free quote!