Our marketing videos help promote your website and boost your sales.

Let us help you increase your website visitors, generate more leads, and sell more products and services quickly and effectively.

Our video marketing agency supports and reflects your brand’s values in the marketing videos we create for you. This collaboration ensures your message is delivered clearly and concisely in your own voice.

Marketing Video Production

In the era of globalization and global supply chains, sales can be an extremely competitive game. Meeting certain revenue targets and profit margins is an extremely daunting task. Additionally, another major challenge lies in understanding the buyer. 

The digital age enabled consumers to become more sophisticated than ever, as they rely on the internet to conduct research about products and services that can adequately cater to their needs.

In that respect, marketing video production can directly boost sales and revenue. Did you know that 85% of consumers are more likely to buy a product once they see it in a video?

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How Video Marketing Services Work

Marketing videos can speak volumes about your brand’s credibility and the trustworthiness factor. However, your business should not just sell for the sake of selling.

Customers have a knee-jerk response to sales videos that are trying to push and peddle products. You should instead  resort to teaching them how purchasing a product or a service like yours solves a particular need of theirs. 

Here’s how video marketing services enable you to do that:

  1. A video marketing agency focuses on involving your customers

Another way to boost the trust factor is to include existing customers in your marketing strategy. If an established consumer can discuss the value your product or service brings to the table and promote your brand in their voice, they will connect with viewers more easily as they will see “one of their own” reviewing the product or service instead of a sales associate.

  1. A video marketing agency helps you stand out from your competitors

Marketing video services fulfill every criteria you need to pitch products and services to your audience and educate them about their use and their value. Marketing videos can help you stand out from your competitors and leave a good and lasting impression on your viewers in terms of making a purchasing decision.

  1. A video marketing agency knows how to keep it brief

Compelling marketing videos should focus on one product or service at a time, and should concisely explain how they solve a customer’s problem. It’s easy to get lost in wanting to explain everything at the same time, but we can help you properly separate your ideas and products into short videos that present a well-rounded idea. 

  1. A video marketing agency must make you authentic

Video marketing services walk hand-in-hand with authenticity. It’s our job as a marketing video production company to create unique videos that perfectly capture the spirit of your brand. 

You should know enough about your prospects and customers to identify what their pain points are and how you can genuinely be of service to them. 

Once your audience’s pain points have been identified, an enticing marketing video providing them with solutions is guaranteed to drive conversions. 

Example of Marketing Videos

Types of Marketing Videos – Video Marketing Services

There are different types of explainer videos that can support marketing and sales objectives (attract, engage, close, delight), both animated and live-action.

Tutorial Videos

A tutorial video is a great educational video to have when launching a new product or service, as it walks your target audience through the steps you need to take to get the most out of your purchase. This is basically a tutorial on how to fix a problem with the solution you provide. It can be a live-action video or animated, based on your preference.

Demo Videos

Demo videos show you the product or service in action. It’s like someone’s testing the product for you from afar. Product demo videos are a great tool to simplify complex products and reveal their true value. What better way to convince you of a product or service than to see it working?

Knowing Your Target Audience

In any marketing strategy, specifically Inbound Marketing, knowing and understanding your target audience is crucial. This is why the first step is always to build your buyer persona, the fictional representation of your customers. 

You build that profile by knowing what their interests and expectations are before you can market to them. Armed with that information, our video marketing services and marketing video production in general will succeed in speaking with and engaging said audience.

Knowing your target audience determines what type of video they need (corporate, tutorial, training…) as well as the style of that video (animated, motion graphic, infographic…). What type and style do they respond better to?

The audience’s interests also help you define the length of the video by tracking the content they consume. Do they interact more with videos less than 60 seconds long? Is 90 seconds too short or too long for them?

All of these questions can be answered by studying and defining your audience before opting for video marketing productions — before designing your marketing strategy as a whole, actually.

This will ensure that you get the best results from your campaign and ultimately boost sales.

Marketing Videos Creation Process

Our marketing video agency follows the same creation process as all our explainer videos. We customize every step of the way to fit your brand’s image and voice. This process ensures that we deliver quality videos every time.

Our job is to first determine the right type of video for your product or service based on your goal. Our video marketing agency will then be ready to launch the mission! 


Pre-production phase

First, our video marketing service begins by writing the script. It is important for us to reflect your voice and your values in the script, which is why our video marketing agency gets together to offer different perspectives for a well-rounded finished product.

Next are our storyboards, visualizing every scene to make sure they highlight the product or service you are marketing. This helps us realize what resources we need and determine our deadlines.


Production phase:

The first step of the production phase with the help of our marketing video production team is creating the illustrations, or, for live-action videos, filming. Our guide throughout this process is the storyboards we previously created, whether they describe and outline the illustrations or the camera and filming angles and frames.

For animated videos, voiceover recordings are next followed by animation, bringing the characters to life. Whether live or recorded, the voiceover defines the video’s personality and must be chosen carefully.


 Post-production phase 

Video editing comes last. It is our final opportunity for our video marketing agency to make sure the product or service you are promoting is the star of the video and cannot be outshined.

All that remains is launching it and watching your sales skyrocket!

For Custom-Made Videos

We at Verve Videos create all of our illustrations and animations from scratch for a strong marketing video. We believe that your brand deserves our full attention and creative force. Our marketing video production team is innovative and ensures fresh and unique ideas for each video.

We understand the importance of our videos reflecting your brand correctly and uniquely for you and your clients, and we want you to be proud of the video you are putting your name on and stand behind it. By making a marketing video that is unique and true to your image and represents what your brand is about, we allow you to fully embrace your new marketing video.

Our video marketing service sees boundless possibilities when conceptualizing your video, creating the theme, the tone of the message, and the video’s overall personality and mood. This is why we carefully design our illustrations to align with your brand identity and the voiceover artists.

At Verve Videos, we don’t believe in generic, cookie-cutter templates and will create something as special as you are.

For Enhanced Search Visibility

At Verve Videos, creating the perfect marketing video is simply not enough by our standards. Our video marketing agency’s goal is to ensure that your video – and thus your brand – is easily searchable and shareable.

As we familiarize people with who you are, we are building brand awareness and encouraging customer engagement. In order to do that and build loyalty and intimacy, our marketing videos are optimized to reach new and larger audiences.

The cost of investment in a marketing video is very low in contrast with the return it provides. We create videos that boost client traffic, improve sales, and build trust and loyalty. Inbound Marketing, the marketing methodology that we follow, prioritizes longevity and retaining customers, which reduces your cost of investment and maximizes your yield because it’s much cheaper to maintain old, loyal customers than it is to acquire new ones. We as a video marketing production company are playing the long game, and so should you.

For Simplified Complex Ideas

A marketing video is the perfect example of how explainer videos in general can simplify your complex ideas and make them easier for your audience to understand. Through marketing videos, you can demonstrate your product or service to your prospects, walk them through how to use it, and showcase its value.

While we simplify your concepts for your viewers to grasp easily, we do not limit creativity or undermine your message. It’s quite the opposite. The bigger your idea, the more memorable your explainer video will be.