Animated Videos

An animated video is a video style made from many static images. When images are quickly played together one after the other, they give the illusion of movement.

2d animated explainer video
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Whiteboard Videos

Animated Videos have become an extremely popular marketing tool. They attract viewers, grab their attention, and are very efficient in terms of conveying a message.

Interactive Videos

When you use videos as a marketing tool, the process of maintaining your audience’s attention is of paramount importance. Interactive Videos help your business achieve that goal.

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Infographic Videos

Video infographics are in emergence. They are shaping up to be powerful tools for content marketing.

Live-Action Videos

Animated Videos can be a very efficient use of resources. Depending on the circumstances, however, your business may need live-action content to better explain and display the brand image that it represents.

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Why VerveVideos.com

We create customized animated videos for government and nonprofit organizations and for startup and accomplished businesses in all fields. We meticulously design and produce every aspect of effective explainer, tutorial, startup, and corporate videos to help you tell your story, increase conversion rates, sales, and traffic on your pages, present your corporate strategy at your upcoming general meeting, walk clients through your products or services, or introduce the world to your startup and build an audience before your launch. We have a long experience in the animated-video creation field and plenty of professional knowledge and resources that we place at our client’s disposal. We start with you from the first step of preproduction, we perfect every step of the production stage to meet your business requirements and production criteria precisely, and we maintain communication in postproduction to provide continuous edits and constant improvement.

Wondering Which Type of Explainer Video Your Business Needs?

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